Jon Gosselin Wants Full Custody Of One of His Kids Now, Just One

“Goddammit, this is way too many bookbags. Alright, at least six of you have to go back to your mom’s. Seven if I’m being honest.”

Kate Gosselin has a new millionaire boyfriend, so if Jon can maybe get full custody of just one of the kids, he can go back to only working part-time at Chili’s, I’m guessing is the logic here. Us Weekly reports:

Will it soon be Kate Plus 7? Jon Gosselin, the former reality star and father to Kate Gosselin’s eight children is seeking custody of his 11-year-old daughter Hannah, a source tells Us Weekly.
There’s no word yet on why Jon, 38, is specifically seeking custody of Hannah and not his other children. The ex-spouses raised all eight of their kids on the TLC show Jon and Kate Plus 8. Since their divorce in 2009, Kate, 40, has had primary custody of her kids and her own TLC series, Kate Plus 8.

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