Jon Gosselin Extorted Money From Kate

“You may call me, The Blobfather.”

According to his ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin reportedly extorted money from Kate Gosselin numerous times by threatening to report her to child protective services for allegedly yanking on Mady’s arm. (I just assumed for exposing the kids to her tits in public. But what do I know?) On top of that, he apparently documented all this in hand-written notes because he’s a moron who bangs women on ATVs with promises of free Ed Hardy T-shirts. RadarOnline reports:

The blockbuster documents are Jon’s hand-written notes that he used to keep track of points he wanted to make during phone conversations with Kate.
Hailey told that Jon often refers to himself in the third person, and the notes reflect that. In one of them he wrote: “Jon giving Kate ultimatums. He privately extorts Kate. If you don’t do what I want, I’ll do this…”
He also wrote: “24/48 hours or I’ll go to DA (district attorney)”
“He always referred to himself in the third person,” Glassman told exclusively. “I found it so strange. It was almost like he thought he was still on camera.”
Hailey explained to that Jon hatched a plan to get money out of Kate by threatening to report her to Child Protective Services, claiming Kate hurt daughter Mady’s arm by yanking on it.
“There were so many times I witnessed it,” Hailey said. “That’s how he works. We would literally be in bed and Jon would call Kate, or Kate would call Jon to talk about custody and he would put her on speaker phone. She didn’t know I was there. …. Kate would get upset and scream at Jon but she’d always give in, because he’d tell her, ‘I’m going to go to the news and tell the world how you treated Mady,” Glassman said. “I would say to him, ‘How can you do this to people?’ I’d say, ‘What are you doing with TLC? Just do what they want, stop hurting Kate, stop blaming her.”

While all this sounds fucking awful and should launch an investigation by itself, the man actually goes on to make a valid point about his actions:

“Later when he got off the phone I asked him, ‘What are you doing? Why are you doing this? This is the mother of your eight children!’ And he told me, ‘Oh, you don’t know what I went through with her, what I had to deal with.’

I don’t even know how you argue with that. On the one hand, yes, the safety of the children. On the other, have you ever seen the show? She practically wore his testicles around her neck then chewed on them when he didn’t dress the kids in alphabetical order. “You started with Joel?! Jesus, it’s like I’m raising another child! *nom nom nom nom*

Photos: INFdaily