Johnny Knoxville and Luke Wilson hit the town

*johnny_knoxville_thumb1.jpgIf you’re sorta young, and kinda rich, and relatively famous, there’s a lot of things you can do. Buy fast cars. Buy loose women. Kill for sport. Or you can party like Johnny Knoxville and Luke Wilson. Last Friday night, the two met up at Hog Pit barbecue in New York where they both “seemed completely out of their minds.”

According to a source, “On Johnny’s way out, he flipped out on a guy who called him a peach and threw the guy into a table, which broke in two. He then hit himself in his own head, as if trying to sober himself up.” On Sunday afternoon the duo went to Milady’s Bar in SoHo, where they drank and shot pool until Knoxville left with a short blond woman. Wilson looked as if “someone had slipped him a Mickey” and was “mumbling his words” as he chatted with a slinky, raven-haired “rocker chick.” After she left, Wilson wandered out of the bar but was brought back in by the bartender for forgetting to pay his tab.

I’m not sure who comes off worse in this story. Knoxville at least got in a fight, though if he gets upset when guys call him a peach he should either a) stop wearing lipstick and leather chaps, or b) stop introducing himself as Johnny Peach. But at least he got a girl. Luke gets nothing but a fistful of Luke. And who wants that? I mean, besides Luke.