Johnny Depp & Marion Cotillard premiere stuff

June 29th, 2009 // 64 Comments

Johnny Depp and Marion Cotillard attended the London premiere of Public Enemies this afternoon, and they’re probably the most attractive thing going on in the celebrity world right now thanks to Michael Jackson breaking the goddamn Internet. So, you can sift through the minutiae of a dead pop star’s missing (or not so missing) will, or you can look at people more beautiful than anyone you’ll ever sex with. You know where I’ll be: I bet he hid it in a giraffe! Right here.

NOTE: NSFW gallery of Marion I completely forgot about here.

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  1. What a combination, johnny depp and Micheal Mann,,,ill go see it!!

  2. Rachel

    I love sexing with people. There are so many people I want to sex with.

  3. AnnaMonroe

    I’m not even kidding when I say I would fuck Johnny Depp, even if he had 12 kinds of Herpes.

  4. AnnaMonroe

    I’m not even joking when I say I would fuck Johnny Depp even if he had 12 kinds of herpes.

  5. Suzie

    Wow…I cannot even begin to tell you the things I would like to do to Johnny Depp.

  6. juniper

    tell asshole liberal piece of shit depp to move to france. ill personally kick his faggot ass halfway there myself. and no, im not jealous of him fangirls, i just dont like phony assholes.

  7. juniper

    anna and suzie it appears you have the same scruples as kellie std pickler.

  8. me 2

    Johnny Depp is so improbably sexy. He’s so weird looking but he’s so sexy at the same time, it never fails to perplex me.

    This girl is cute and unlike 95% of the talentless bimbos who end up on this site, I bet she can actually act worth a damn. Still, she probably won’t be to the liking of any of the douches who read this site because she’s visibly classy and her boobs aren’t hanging out.

  9. juniper

    anna and suzie it appears you have the same scruples as kellie std pickler.

  10. Amy

    Eh, he’s starting to show his age :-(. And while I think he’s a great actor and all, let us not forget “Crybaby.” Go ahead, pop that little gem into the ol’ VCR.

  11. uh

    This is the only movie I want to go to this summer. Seriously, Transformers 2? THAT’S the summer blockbuster? Why did movies decide to suck this year….

    Where are pics of Christian Bale? That man his H-O-T even though he’s a temperamental ass hole, or maybe because he is…

  12. Albin Bainbridge

    I don’t get why people think Johnny Depp is so physically attractive. He’s starting to get weird and leathery looking, and he has the absolute worst taste in clothing and hair. The guy tries to be bohemian and ends up looking like an insane gay man.

    Marion Cotillard, however talented she may be, is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist and thus totally lame. She also didn’t deserve her Oscar.

  13. Delgo

    He def fucked her

  14. Alessandra

    Wow, does Johnny Depp ever age?!

  15. bribios

    @ Juniper

    Actually I’m pretty sure asshole liberal piece of shit Depp already lives in France.

    Marion Cotillard usually isnt my thing but she looks friggin HOT here.

  16. Kathleen

    thank-you, Superfish!

  17. RtSS

    Marion Cotillard is a hot POA here… I’d like to climb into that red dress, and have my way with her. Now, on a more serious note… Why the F’— do all the movie premieres all happen in the bloody UK before they do in America? WTF is up with that?

  18. kelly

    Can’t wait to see Public Enemies! That movie is just to drool over Johnny Depp then the girls and I are going to see The Ugly Truth so that we can get tips on getting that Johnny Depp. Oh how I love facebook movie profiles!

  19. jamie

    he might look like an insane gay man, but hes ORIGINAL. all A-list celebs have personal stylists who tell them what to wear so its refreshing to see something different once and a while. plus, why is he phoney? because he lives in France with his French girlfriend?

  20. gee


    The Oscar is given for talent so yes she did deserve it. So what is she’s a 9/11 conspiracy theorist? Half of Hollywood is crazy and believes in Xenu. We don’t look to celebrities for medical advice so why do we care what their opinions are about everything else?

  21. gigi

    C-A-T-A-P-U-L-T lucky girl, she chose wisely

  22. uh


    Why is it okay to make fun of scientology and call scientologists crazy? Isn’t it a religion? Shouldn’t we respect it as long as it doesn’t promote hatred and violence or something?

  23. Fati

    Do people seriously expect me to believe Johny Depp is not gay? Ha!

  24. Charlie Caligula

    @ #6 Juniper

    He already lives in France, hick.

  25. titsonsnack

    Hey remember Popozao? Heh.
    Sorry that has nothing to do with anything.

  26. Johnny Depp confuses me. He’s hot at one appearance and looks like a dog at the next!

  27. jamie

    @ #26

    its because he doesn’t care. hes been rebelling against his looks since 21 jump street. thats why he usually goes for quirky, off the beat parts.

  28. Who Knows?

    Regardless of how he dresses, which I think is usually not too bizarre at any rate, or “showing his age” HELLO he is in is 40′s now., do you really expect him to look like 20 years ago???..He seriously doesn’t look like he’s addicted to the vanity of going under the knife, which is refreshing. I just have to say it is totally rare and unique these days he is not in the news every other day as being some kind of a vain hollywood asshole, getting arrested on DUI, pounding on his wife or kids, or being know as some kind of druggie. I respect him for doing what he does, whether I totally agree with it or not, because he does not shove it in my face over the media. And yeah…he is hot….

  29. Erik

    This film was just downright awful. Avoid it at all costs. I saw a sneak peek in NYC last week. It’s terrible.

  30. keaty_

    does anyone else think the superficial writer is going overboard with the michael jackson thing? even in his death he can’t be left alone so what he was a fruit loop but he made some pretty cool music and is more talented than majority of the celebrities these days – who get famous for flashing their fannies around, doing a shit load of drugs and starving themselves..

  31. LPB

    How do the paps get the shot demonstrated in #6 every time?

    Do these women know to just present their ass with an over the shoulder look every time, or do the paps have to ask them to do that?

  32. Ryan the Canadian

    @ 31 – What ass? She’s assless……

  33. captain america

    I really can’t stand this american CHEATER, folks!!

  34. Gando

    Hola! This is quite a hottie!

  35. Rhialto

    She has a rare beauty about her.A bit category Miranda Kerr,any bikini-pics available?

  36. meme

    Good god he’s hot!

  37. Irishwolf

    Marion Cotillard is sooo hot. She is really, really beautiful. Great hair, smile and eyes. Plus for anybody wondering, google her and you will find plenty of shots from her movies in France where she is naked. I promise they will be worth it!!

  38. Ryan the Canadian

    Irishwolf – she has a nice body but plate nipples….c’mon…plate nipples.

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  40. sally

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  41. alala

    Johnny Depp is amazing. He looks better than guys 20 years his junior. Wow!!

  42. alala

    Johnny Depp is amazing. He looks better than guys 20 years his junior. Wow!!

  43. cay

    #25, I remeber Popozao. K-Fed is an idiot, but Brazilian favela-funk can be fan, see bando do role. French chicks are not very beautiful in the average, but when they are beautiful, they are simply stunning. Marion Cotillard is the most beautiful talented actress out there, and I have never seen any of her movies :)

  44. Johnny Depp looks gorgeous despite of his age.

  45. rekk

    Hey, if you guys Really want to see a guy who looks bad for his age, take a look at Brad Pitt. That guy looks like the poorly aging Robert Redford toward the end. You know, they say men age gracefully – that’s a ‘Yes’ to Depp, an emphatic ‘No’ to Pitt.

  46. mikeock

    Johnny Depp – good actor, dumb as a box of hammers. BUT – he manages to score some great pussy. I’d take his life in a heartbeat.

  47. Bubblegum

    What a good threesome Johnny, Marion and I would have!
    He’s getting hotter by the day, and she’s great.
    I was reallt flattered the other day when someone actually told me I look like her…

  48. chupacabra

    She was fantastic in La Vie en Rose, for which she won the Oscar for her portrayal of Edith Piaf. She’s very pretty, but as for the smile in particular, not so much.

    Depp is fantastically interesting. He lives in a Chateau with a French wife, and his children, and spends alot of time on his 44 acre private ISLAND in the Caribbean. So, haters, just the F up. You wish you could live a life like that.

  49. Tiger
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