Johnny Depp is your Sexiest Man Alive

November 18th, 2009 // 64 Comments

After a fake Robert Pattinson cover made the rounds yesterday, People has officially named Johnny Depp as their 2009 Sexiest Man Alive only to honor him with the least attractive photo they could take of him. Unless bland middle-aged hipster is this year’s smelly vampire kid. I can never keep up with these trends.

Photos: People, Getty

  1. Laura

    i’m still a teen and i totally dig depp, clooney, pitt and dicaprio as they get older. a few years back i still fancied sean connery, and he’s positively ancient… jake gyllenhaal is sort of awesome too. i do like him younger as well, he’s a bit of an exception.

    twilight idiot and high school imbecile can go wank!

    #43, totally.

  2. Sarah

    Yes, Johnny Depp is really hot, but this picture is just terrible!

  3. NoNameRequired

    no one thinks he’s sexy. they think Jack Sparrow is sexy. And George Clooney & Gerard Butler both place before him.

  4. That picture of Taylor Swift in the corner looks like Joan Rivers.

  5. God, that is THE worst picture of Johnny Depp I have ever seen. Where did they even FIND that, he’s so hot, I don’t understand… People should be sued.

  6. steaguri

    I love sex

  7. Good.It’s really beautiful!

  8. awesome stuff! thanks for all the information.

  9. Johnny Depp is really hot, but not preety here

  10. Johnny Depp is really good looking and a incredible actor ( I m a big fan) but this picture is just terrible!

  11. I like Johnny Depp – Alice in Wonderland

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