Johnny Depp can write his name

jdepp-signs.jpgAutograph Collector magazine has put Johnny Depp at the top of their 14th annual survey of Hollywood’s best autograph signers followed by George Clooney. And topping the list of worst signers is Cameron Diaz, who not only refuses to sign autographs but also lectures fans on how lame they are.

“Many stars become bad signers once fame and fortune hits, but not Depp. He’s even signed autographs for crowds at the airport while carrying luggage,” said Steve Cyrkin, editor and publisher of the Santa Ana, Calif.-based magazine. As for Clooney, “he’ll joke as he signs, and make fun of how he looks in photos he’s handed to autograph,” Cyrkin said. “Cameron Diaz may be a talented actress, but she’s persistently a terrible signer. Instead of just turning down a person’s autograph request, she’ll lecture them about how dumb autographs are.”

The only thing more amusing than reading about how Cameron Diaz hates her fans is reading about how a magazine called Autograph Collector magazine actually exists. I’m not saying autograph collecting isn’t a real interest, I’m just not sure it deserves an entire dedicated publication for the subject. It’s not pornography.