Johnny Lewis Was A Scientologist

September 28th, 2012 // 36 Comments
Drugs Are Bad, Mm'Kay
Johnny Lewis Half-Sack Katy Perry
Half-Sack Kills Old Woman, Dies Falling Off Her Roof Read More »

Or was I? XENU MIND-GAZE ACTIVATE. You too, blondie.”
“Right! Neeeeeeeeooooooooowahhhh…

Yesterday, the Internet learned that Johnny Lewis, the dude best known for being in two seasons of Sons of Anarchy and then getting killed off after having “creative differences,” randomly murdered his 81-year-old landlord and dismembered her cat before falling off a roof and dying all while high on PCP and/or meth. Which makes all kinds of sense now because it turns out he was a Scientologist and everyone knows cat’s armpits hold the juiciest Thetans. Or am I thinking about men’s penises? Anyway, after apparently forgetting he was one of theirs, the Church of Scientology like any good religion inconvenienced by facts and reality, immediately began erasing all evidence of Johnny’s involvement with the church, most notably the fact he was touted as a successful result of Narconon, their space-age drug rehabilitation program that I’ll just assume involves being chained in an engine room to dry out for four months. TMZ reports:

In 2004, Johnny is seen (above) speaking at a substance abuse prevention event in the O.C. on behalf of Narconon. The reason Johnny spoke was because he was in a new show, “Quintuplets,” and Scientology posted on its website that Johnny’s mother used the principles of Narconon to keep him off drugs, and it worked.
Ironically, it didn’t work because — as we reported — Johnny was in rehab this year (not Narconon) and eyewitnesses say he was clearly on drugs at the time of the murder.
Interestingly … after we contacted Scientology about this story, they removed the photo of Johnny from all of their websites as well as the story about his appearance at the O.C. drug abuse event.

Of course, the most likely scenario was after Johnny brought his then-girlfriend Katy Perry into a Scientology center he was immediately ex-communicated and labeled a suppressive person for violating Starfleet Directive 626 which explicitly states “all church members must maintain a minimal titty environment in communal centers at all times to prevent nipple rays from inflicting Supreme Chancellor Cruise with their toxic space spores thus clouding his ability to wield the Sword of Omens in the final battle against Darth Vader.” – Book of L. Ron, Chapter 6 Verse Watch, These People Will Believe Anything, It’s Fucking Hilarious.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, FameFlynet, Splash News


  1. USDA Prime McBeef

    Just when I thought I couldn’t care less about someone I’ve never heard of on a TV show I’m peripherally aware of existing, it comes out he was a scientologist too?

    whatever, TCLTC

  2. XGL

    It’s kind of funny to say that about narconon chaining people in a room, because Scientology HAS gotten in trouble for that (Look up Lisa McPherson). But Narconon really just gives you vitamins and has you sit in a sauna, and you are magically cured of your addictions!! Yayy!! After years and years of research about a disease that affects millions, it turns out vitamins and a 30-minute session in the sauna cures you!!!

    Actually, I shouldn’t make this a joke, because it’s actually quite dangerous to give detoxing addicts vitamins and put them in a sauna because their liver has a hard time breaking down the vitamins and the sauna could elevate their already raised blood pressure.

    Or you could just want to leave the treatment center and kill your landlord and dismember her cat. Always a risk of that, too.

  3. Hedgehog

    The girl on the left is cute

  4. Skink

    Where do I sign up at? and are the Scientology courses pertaining to the beating and dismemberment of cats and presumedly other household pets free?

    • XGL

      fuck no, nothing in Scientology is free. They literally squeeze money out of you until you are broke, and then they abandon you- kind of like they have done to this guy by pretending he wasn’t one of theirs.

  5. Skink

    Another winner at Scientology, lets see there Tom, 3 failed marriages,
    John, come out, come out of the closet Travolta and this guy. Nice.

  6. Never heard of him. Next!

  7. Katy Perry Bikini
    Buddy The Elf
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow Katy Perry was also in SOA?

  8. XGL

    Scientology really, really does ruin lives. This is one example, but there are countless others. And yes, moreso than the general population. But they get to ruin lives cheaply, because they are tax-exempt!!!!!

  9. Roan

    The conspiracy to denegrate Scientology has reached epic proportions. You all should educate yourself and figure out how helpful and uplifting the religion is. He obviously didn’t follow the tenets of Scientology. He probably took anti-psychiatry meds, and look what happened. All you need is your mind to overcome drug addiction and any other psychological condition.

    • Care to put the descended from space beings theory in context for us, oh enlightened one?

      • Roan

        You should visit your local org. It sounds like you need some spiritual help. If you study the levels, you can advance along the bridge to total freedom. OT3 materials that you are asking about can only be understand if you complete OT1 and OT2 which I am assuming you haven’t.

        If Johnny would’ve stayed on his Scientology track, this wouldn’t have happened. He most likely started taking antidepressants or antipsychotics, and look what happened.

      • DanS

        read: down payment required before we talk about our crazy cult beliefs.

    • XGL

      I feel so bad for you. When you need your “religion” the most, they are going to shut you out just like they did Alexander Jentzsch and this guy here. You are looking for something Scientology cannot give you.

      Thats the nicest I can be.

      • Just my opinion, but I think you handled that rather well. My immediate knee-jerk reaction was “Oh shut the fuck up. There must be a cross-burning you’re running late for, right?”

      • XGL

        I have a loved one stuck in the cult. Of course I’m angry, but as it is most of the time with anger, it all stems from sadness. I try every day to get through to him in a gentle manner, because if I’m not gentle, he won’t even listen. So I have plenty of practice.

        Doesn’t mean I don’t want to freak out and take all my anger out. But it’s like talking to a wall. Brainwashing is a powerful thing. My loved one is now $50,000 in debt from the “bridge to total freedom.” I legitimately think we’d have better luck if he was a drug addict or alcoholic.

  10. Put It In

    The prick did that to a cat? I hope he fries in hell.

  11. Score another one for organized religion.

  12. Katy Perry Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Someone should tell her that’s not how you do a cock push-up.

  13. A $cientologist with an untreated mental illness? NO FUCKING WAY! :O

  14. Schmee

    See for yourself the shocking way the Church of Scientology slanders and ridicules people in their own “Freedom” magazine.

  15. Katy Perry Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    how is that a little girl’s body??? Not sexy? you’re some bitter fat chick aren’t, mrsb?

    • Either that, or maybe blind, or perhaps simply dumber than an overcooked pot roast!

      Excuse me. I’m going to head over to the grammar school to pick up on some white chicks…

  16. Disgusted

    You guys (this website and the commenters before me) are pretty sick. A guy kills an innocent lady and mutilates a cat and you decide to attack a religion? Makes sense.
    I suppose every religion is to blame for every heinous act then.
    I couldn’t give any less shits if he were a Scientologist or not, nor do I think it has anything to do with anything. The fact is he went psycho and committed a gross crime. The blame is on him, no one else. Idiots.

  17. baja

    so this is why he passed away?

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