More Evidence Johnny Depp Is A Wife-Beating Boozehound, Anyone?

While Disney parades Johnny Depp around the world like a chained up circus bear promoting the glorified video game interlude that is Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Depp’s legal battle with his former management group is growing its own dreadlocks. Turns out the court has received evidence that Depp actually pressured his assistant into claiming that Amber Heard’s “help me, this guy is abusing me” text messages were falsified… which was later debunked but it’s not like we ever believed he was innocent in the first place. The point is that his former management is playing the “unstable” card to save their ass. I’m no lawyer, but this seems like a smart move.

Johnny Depp may be an egotistic manchild with a dash of violence and alcoholism, but bringing up this old news to try and justify a seedy $40 million loan is a low blow by his former management.

Still, Depp may deserve it after all that bullshit with Amber Heard. Remember when she caught on tape destroying his kitchen cabinetry like a fussy kid who got his video games taken away? Just in case you forgot…