Johnny Depp: ‘I Was Married?’

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s divorce has been the big story for the past 48 hours, which Johnny Depp would now like to point out is way longer than he was even married to her. Us Weekly reports:

“Given the brevity of this marriage and the most recent and tragic loss of his mother, Johnny will not respond to any of the salacious false stories, gossip, misinformation and lies about his personal life,” his rep tells Us in a statement on Thursday, May 26. “Hopefully the dissolution of this short marriage will be resolved quickly.”

Wow, Jesus. Apparently, “I hardly even know the bitch” would’ve been too subtle. In the meantime, Amber is now working overtime to prove she deserves all the money she sucked out of Johnny Depp’s penis and bailed because of his drug problem. Via Lainey Gossip:

Both PEOPLE and TMZ are citing sources close to Amber who insist that she actually had a good relationship with Johnny’s ma, Betty Sue. Apparently she went to visit Betty Sue often in the hospital and was also responsible for managing her nurse schedules. She’s supposedly close with Johnny’s son Jack as well. No mention of Lily Rose though.
Through the lower tier tabloids, it’s been suggested that Amber did what she could in the marriage but eventually had to tap out because of Johnny’s drinking and partying, which isn’t hard to believe all over his face. And, curiously, I heard from three separate people yesterday who wanted me to pay particular attention to Johnny’s appearance in London last week at the Alice Through The Looking Glass premiere.

If you click over to Lainey, that looks a hell of a lot like cocaine all over Johnny Depp. Which is weird for a guy who dresses like Snoopy’s cousin Spike, right? Does this look like a drug addict to you?

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