Johnny Depp Thanked Doug Stanhope For His ‘Honesty’

In the immediate aftermath of Amber Heard filing for a restraining order against Johnny Deep, comedian Doug Stanhope wrote a column that accused Amber of being the abusive one in the relationship who “manipulated and fucked with” Johnny for years. Except Doug Stanhope’s now being sued for that column, which probably explains why he suddenly doesn’t know how a post on his blog magically became an exclusive on The Wrap all by itself with the world “blackmail” in the headline. But more importantly, OMG, you guys, Johnny totally texted him about it! SQUEE! Via Just Jared:

“I put it on my website. The title was ‘At a Loss for Words’ … whatever it was. TheWrap got it as an exclusive, however that worked, and said, ‘Amber Heard Is Blackmailing Johnny Depp — This Is How I Know.’ I didn’t write that f–king title. I didn’t put that stupid tabloid title in there. I’m a better writer than that, so I don’t know if it’s hinged on that, I don’t know how much of it is spite,” Doug said.
“I had no contact with [Johnny] until he texted me after that went out and said, ‘Hey, thanks for being honest.’ He didn’t know that was going out. I was a little petrified because it kind of made him look like a bitch. ‘Cause he was kind of a bitch,” Doug added.

What’s interesting is once again, you have Johnny Depp letting other people do the talking for him while he floats around on a cloud of money that he’s already in the process of breaking a chunk off to give to Amber Heard, so it’ll be like the whole thing never even happened. And then when he beats another woman, there goes another piece of the cloud, because apparently if you play a drunk, possibly gay pirate and make weird faces in Tim Burton movies, America will let you do whatever the fuck you want. Shit, we let people shoot up entire nightclubs, and the next day we’re like, “So if you buy this car, I’ll give you a free gun?” #USA

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