Real World’s Johnny Bananas Sues ‘Entourage’ (Subtitle: Working is Hard)

August 3rd, 2011 // 55 Comments

Everything about this makes my brain shit blood. Apparently this clown Johnny Devenanzio, who proves my theory that Penn State main is a secret government douchebag academy, was nicknamed “Johnny Bananas” by his Real World castmates and feels that appearing in basically every single Real World/Road Rules challenge since 2006 instead of getting a job is legal grounds for him to sue Entourage over a storyline where Drama voices a cartoon monkey of the same name. TMZ reports:

Johnny was out at Beso in L.A. last night … and told us, “It’s not like I spilled hot coffee on my vagina and I’m trying to make a buck off of it … my identity has been stolen man.”
He adds, “I’ve been on television for the last 5 years, acting like a jerk-off, creating this name, making it a household name, and I’ll be damned if some half-ass gorilla is gonna come by and steal my thunder.”

It gets even better, Johnny also claims his lawyer sent HBO a cease and desist because, wait for it, he owns the rights to the name “Johnny Bananas” and that HBO is attempting “to capitalize on the name recognition which I’m solely responsible for creating.” So, he’s the famous 1940s gangster? It all makes sense now. Or at least does after this quote:

A spokesperson for HBO tells TMZ the folks at “Entourage” have not received “any correspondence regarding this matter.”

But the reality star just said he sent the letter. How can this be? Next you’re going to tell me Kim Kardashian is a liar leaving me no choice but to slap you in the face with my glove and demand satisfaction. TV chose these people to dictate reality. How dare you?

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  1. what?


  2. Turtle

    This guy is f’ing douche nozzle, know what I’m saying .

  3. Clueless

    Everyone references that woman who spilled coffee on her vagina and no one has any idea what they are talking about. She got 3rd degree burns for gods sake. The coffee was served at 180-190 degrees. It was so hot the cup collapsed when she took the lid off.

    • Keith

      Damn straight…that woman had to have skin grafts because of those injuries–not to mention McDonald’s having several hundred similar cases they tried to keep under the rug.

    • Kaitlin

      That’s what I was thinking too. Her labia was FUSED to her leg. Though I suppose to Mr. Bananas it should have been explained as “Her hoo-hoo got a really bad ouchie.”

  4. Johnny Bananas Entourage
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    I would be more sympathetic to this man’s sad tale of stolen entertainment industry name/identity if I hadn’t seen this photograph.

  5. Venom


  6. LJ

    John “Johnny Bananas” DiFronzo (born December 13, 1928) is a Chicago mobster and the reputed boss of the Chicago Outfit.

    Devenanzio stole the name.

  7. the one

    he is smiling like a CREEPY LIZZARD, folks!!
    ………an american one.

  8. “…acting like a jerk-off…”

    Uh-huh. “Acting”. Riiight.

  9. Facebook Me

    Fish, you had me at Johnny was out at Beso in L.A. last night, ” as in was he bussing tables?

  10. Facebook Me

    Oh and Fish, you “stole” my name. When I was in high school, I had a tuna hoagie for lunch and someone called me “Fish” for eating it. So there.

  11. DogBoy

    As the amount of “celebrity” involved becomes progressively more questionable… the level of desperation and general douche-fueled asshattery gets inversely magnified. Its science, look it up.

  12. OnTheRealThough

    This guy’s crusty teeth & lips always make me think his breath stinks.

  13. Ana

    “…making it a household name”

    Maybe I’m just not hip and with the times like all those youngsters out there, but …who?

  14. Ness Starwen

    i am going to have to say that being over the age 17 makes it so i have no fucking clue who this guy is.

  15. Johnny Bananas Entourage
    Commented on this photo:

    Never even heard of this idiot, but it seems pretty clear he deserves sterilization. And to be ignored by the world.

  16. WTF

    Is he aware that people have not watched the Real World since the mid 90′s?

  17. Penn State Sucks

    Penn State Sucks! Penn State Sucks!

  18. Nadia

    Who is this pathetic fuck?

  19. I don’t know which confuses me more…that I’ve never heard of “Johnny Bananas” but apparently should have, or that “Real World” is still on TV.

    • That Bastard Tony

      I would have figured they’d done every city at this point. I stopped watching when it became obvious that it was somewhat scripted unlike the first 8 or 9 seasons.

      • I stopped watching it after it became PAINFULLY obvious that Puck was put on the show to deliberately create drama where none otherwise existed. I don’t remember what season that was, but it was early.

      • TomFrank

        I think that was 1994ish. San Francisco.

        I’m not looking it up.

  20. I believe he DID send the letter. But I also realize that the HBO staff that handles all the mail sent to Entourage would automatically round-file any correspondence written in crayon.

  21. bing

    Dear unknown pseudo-celebrity, please shave yourself because you look like an idiot kthnx.

  22. Uncle Phil

    What’s the story with this…John Chimpo fella?

  23. Red

    at least he admits he has a vagina

  24. Ed

    If he’s been working to create a household name then he’s failed miserably. Hopefully HBO has the balls to take it to court and set a precedent that prevents future douches from trying this bullshit.

    But let’s be honest . . . he’s already won just by the fact this is the most press he’s gotten in years.

  25. kimmykimkim

    The biggest travesty about this story is that the Real World and Road Rules are still on TV.

  26. Johnny Bananas Entourage
    Commented on this photo:

    Sexist piece of shit.

  27. Fixati0n

    I’m sorry, but who is this guy? Why is he even being mentioned on this site? Household name my ass.

  28. Seriously

    I’m sorry, who the f*ck is this guy?

  29. boxer

    no idea who he is but i’d hit it.

  30. Next up on the docket, Your Honor, the case of Douchebag Vs. Douchebags.

  31. Johnny Bananas Entourage
    Commented on this photo:

    Four plastic tits and one asshole in this picture. Is that a new record?

  32. PSUGrad

    As a Penn State graduate I would just like to say that yes, there are a lot of douchebags, but I promise the whole campus of 42,000+ is not as bad as this stupid asshole. I can probably guess what fraternity he was in though . . .

  33. jaz

    Not that it matters — oh, well, heck, for all I know maybe it does matter, legally — on Entourage it’s Johnny’s Bananas. Which is not the same thing.

  34. TomFrank

    Oh, I recognize this guy. He’s the one from that Axe Hair Gel commercial where his spiky ‘do spears all the fish. Right?

  35. Melissa

    Umm… is it a coincidence that “Johnny Bananas” also used the term “brain shit blodd” on his twitter last night? hmm…

    (from twitter)
    MTVBananas Johnny Bananas
    Christ, if I have to see this fucking Final Destination 5 commercial one more time, my brain is gonna shit blood!

  36. apples

    i know who he is…and i know he is a douchebag.
    he should get a real job instead! he and the rest of them.

  37. hysterical

    Today I’m claiming the name DEBRA…so no one use it as of this moment or I’ll sue!!!!!

  38. Stef

    The 1940s mobster was Joey Bananas…

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