John Travolta’s cross-dressing upsets Scientology founder

March 10th, 2006 // 36 Comments

travolta-dancing.jpgIn an article that could have easily come out of The Onion, MSNBC is reporting that John Travolta’s decision to play middle-aged mom Edna Turnblad in a remake of John Waters’ classic Hairspray is causing a controversy in the Scientology community. Why? Let’s just say that the religion’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, wouldn’t be a big fan of this year’s gay Oscar theme:

A recent Rolling Stone article about Scientology reports that its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, felt that gays


  1. Grphdesi23

    I guess Travolta is living out a lifelong dream of becoming an effeminate “straight” male/cross dresser.

  2. Grphdesi23

    Wow, did Travolta get fat or WHAT?

  3. jb

    Oh for God’s sake. Just come out already.

    Everyone at the Ladder 49 wrap party knew this one was inevitable.

  4. Like they’ll say anything to their cash cow. Other than Tom Cruise that idiot has put more money into their bank account than an entire Army of Girl Scouts selling cookies for a year (Which by the way if they sold them all to Travolta would explain that weight gain)

  5. Zanna

    How ironic that Hubbard’s Earth Bound Enforcer is gay and that he is contributing to the detriment of our social order because we have not removed him from our midst.

    God, he’s such a selfish bastard.

  6. Kevin

    It’s funny, I feel the same way about Scientologists. And Proctologists. But mainly Scientologists.

  7. Xanthia

    WOW, no wonder TC has a lifetime supply of turkey basters and has to show everyone how “UN gay” he is at every opportunity……. wouldn’t want L. Ron hauntng him and taking him out now would he??? Bleeck.

  8. L.ronhubbard

    Actually John Waters’ films always gave me great pleasure, but I always saw Travolta as more of an Edie the Egg Lady type from my favorite movie, “Pink Flamingos”. There’s also a little rumor going around the compound that my favorite son Tom Cruise learned all about artificial insemination from watching “Flamingos”.

  9. Mary45

    #8 – funny I though it might be all that shit eating.

  10. Foxbase Alpha

    C’mon, girls! Let’s all gangbang L. Ron Hubbard’s rotting skull!

  11. CheekyChops

    I guess as long as you stay in the closet and don’t show your gay side, its okay. Right Tom Cruise?

  12. not-one-of-you

    tom and john are even more sad than I thought: not even their cult wants them as members……I’m with Groucho, I wouldn’t join a club that would have me, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be in when I am so clearly not wanted…….pathetic emo beggers.

  13. bakismaki

    I thought I read somewhere, L. Ron Hubbard was a closeted homesexual. Maybe I’m wrong, anyone read the same thing?

  14. that-dog-is-shifty-eyed

    That is why Tom Cruise is so insane now. Everybody knows he was gay and when your religion supresses that and makes you stick your penis in vaginas instead of butts, something is going to get screwed up internally (**snicker**).

  15. eringirl

    L. Ron’s gay son committed suicide after years of denial while working for the cult.

    Where would Scientology be without the proof of homosexuality to hang over the heads of their major donor/celeb mascots?

  16. eringirl

    Bakismaki – Haven’t heard the homosexual rumors but he was a polygamist and practiced Satanic worship during the 30′s/40′s when the Occult was rather popular.

    There’s a website run by Operation Clambake that has an absolutely fascinating Biography on the freak. I burned a good week and a half of work reading it.

  17. krisdylee

    So anyone else want to write a few science fiction books and become the figure head of a wack-a-doodle religion and have famous people spout off about thetans and whatever else? I know I do. I know, I shall write about my clitoris and call it Clitology, and they shall bow before me. And I shall be the queen of all clits. Truly the source of all power.

  18. that-dog-is-shifty-eyed

    Please krisdylee, teach them proper operation of the clit, that be just jammin’! Thanks! All hail the queen.

  19. jida

    #17 – Maybe I was wrong about the posters that get all excited about posting the first post were 12 year olds.

    Queen Krisdylee … probably not 12. The Queen displayed a fair amount of wit there.

    Yeah – when did Travolta get so fat. Going the path of Dan Akroyd a bit.

  20. Dude, he is in my favorite movie of all time…No, not Saturday Night Fever. I’m talking about FACE-OFF. I really thought he was Nicolas Cage.

  21. mamacita

    GREASE baby!!! It rocks so hard!!! That used to be my favorite movie ever (when I was a teenager), but I really can’t watch movies with him, Tom Cruise, or any of those other nutballs (he he, nutballs) who give any credence to this ridiculous religion. That makes me sad. Cause now I can’t enjoy the spectacular line, “Well, you know, rockin, a-rollin, a whatnot.”.

  22. hafaball

    That’s funny, I didn’t like the original hairspray…but poor Johnny Boy, his first film in 5 years and he can’t do it… ain’t religion a bitch?

  23. LOL – Poster # 3

    Poster # 10 – hahahaha that is hard core.

    Face Off was a good movie Poster number 20.

    I think this topic was ok but it is John Travolta. He isn’t an idiot, he is happy, does what he wants and hasn’t been in trouble, to the best of my knowledge. He is an actor. That is his job.

    Next story.

  24. xavierout

    The rolling stone article was pretty good for details about this wacky ass cult. Hubbard was an absolute joke of a human being, he’s like a cartoon character. People worshipping him is hysterical. And don’t let them tell you that they don’t worship Hubbard, cuz they do. You’re not allowed to contradict him or his teachings in any way. It’s beyond creepy.

  25. HughJorganthethird

    I just think it’s great that J.T’s wife is cool with him inviting half naked black dudes over for the ocassional dance.

    It looks like he is attempting the “Robot” in this pic.

  26. Lord Absu

    What a shame.

    What a shame.

    To think that hot-as-shit Kelly Preston went to waste as nothing but a cow to this man: getting pregnant, giving birth, producing milk, lathering and rinsing and repeating.

    She could’ve been much more appreciated in my bedroom than in John’s….

  27. gogoboots

    I think Hubbard was either joking or this was another part of the bet he lost when he made up Scientology.

  28. TaiTai

    So let me get this “straight.” Scientology has a problem with Travolta dressing as a woman but doesn’t have a problem with its biggest devotee Tom Cruise being gay? Travolta obviously isn’t giving them enough money or something. So then he must make more money to give them, by taking roles like this one….aaarghhh it’s a vicious cycle! Damn you LRon! It’s all your fault!

  29. sugarfree

    It would be funny to see John cross dressing and then he has to go political when reporters will ask about this part when he’s doing promotion…I am really interested what shit he is going to come up with…

    And no one can beat the Cruise. The enforcer is already on the job, making a fool of himself. Like Ron did.

  30. BelindaB

    PULP FICTION baby!!! It rocks so hard!!! That used to be my favorite movie ever (when I was a toddler), but I really can’t watch movies with him, William Shatner, or any of those other nutballs (he he, nutballs – I’m so goofy and a total trekkie) who give any credence to this ridiculous religion. That makes me sad and I want to cry like a little baby. Cause now I can’t enjoy the spectacular line, “Well, I’m a major retard – woo hoo.”.

  31. mamacita


    Did you finish your homework yet? I bet the other kids that are in remedial classes with you think you’re an idiot.

  32. BelindaB


    Did you finish your housework yet? Don’t you claim to have 2 kids?

    Why then do you spend all your time on this website posting retarded comments?

    I bet all the other moms think you are mentally ill.

  33. mamacita


    Uh-oh. Someone’s been reading some old posts and just gave away their stalker status. The only time I ever said anything about having 2 kids was about 2-3 weeks ago. Freak much? And, newsflash, it’s after midnight, you simpleton and my kids are in bed!!!

  34. BarbadoSlim

    BILL SHATNER!?!? a scientologist, no fucking way!
    I hope not.

    And while we are on the subject, can someone please post a link to the *cough cough* Clitologist website…I’m uh, researching, up and coming religions for a school term paper…yeah.

  35. MefromMS

    Maybe he will leave that creepy religion now that he See’s they don’t support him.

  36. this old fart still alive?

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