John Travolta’s 16-year-old son dies

January 2nd, 2009 // 141 Comments

John Travolta’s son Jett passed away today after suffering a seizure at a vacation home in the Bahamas. Authorities say Jett struck his head on the bathtub and died on the scene after attempts to revive him failed. TMZ reports:

We’re told 16-year-old Jett was vacationing with Travolta and wife Kelly Preston.
There have been reports that Jett was autistic, though Travolta has denied it, saying he suffers from Kawasaki Syndrome, a condition which often leads to heart disease.
Travolta’s attorney Michael Ossi says Jett suffered a seizure at his family’s vacation home at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel on Grand Bahama Island. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he died on scene.

Wow, that’s horrifically sad and especially right after the holidays. My sincerest condolences to the Travolta family and Jett’s loved ones.


  1. Alo

    I can’t believe the horrible comments from some members. Please, have respect for someone that has died. He was very young and with so much ahead. I can’t stand some of the bad comments. What about us talking like that about you or some member of your own families??

  2. Dee

    Who’s to say that Travolta was embarrassed of him? Perhaps he shunned him from the media to spare him the scrutiny he would receive! He is always very attentive and caring towards him whenever they are photographed. Shame on anyone who could make fun of such a heart-wrenching situation, dumb fucks.

  3. comment

    Apparently, Buzzprickington can only come to this site when Mommie isn’t home.

  4. Lindsey

    Yes, people are saying things that others don’t like to hear or read about the Travolta family. Yes, people are not sharing the same views on this story. Everyone has the right to say what they want, however. Last I heard, this was a free country.

  5. So, sorry such a sad tragedy. I hope ur son is in the greates hands of all. God Almighty. God Bless.

  6. Um

    I thought Scientology cures all diseases?

  7. Mike

    86. Randal’s bisexual male lover – January 3, 2009 1:38 PM

    His son died from an accident on Kawasaki jet skis? Those thinks are dangerous.

    That would be Jett Ski, by the Kawasaki Syndrome to you sir!

  8. ACriminalSmile

    Scientology/ignorance kills.

  9. Julie

    Jesus Christ. I knew I shouldn’t have read the comments on this story and I really hope Jett’s family/friends don’t see this shit. Some of you obviously didn’t get enough attention from mommy did you? As a parent to 3 small children, all I have to say to those of you that think it’s funny and cool to mock a 16 year old’s tragic death is that I sincerely hope you never lose a child and if you do, that your callous, disgusting words don’t come back to haunt you.

    RIP Jett.

  10. jrtmet

    Yes, it is a free country and people do have the right to say what they want – but my GOD, some of these posts are outrageous. These people have just lost their child – do you people get that? It’s no joke. I’m sickened by the comments of some of these posters. My thoughts are with this family during this horrific tragedy.

  11. jrtmet

    #109 – you took the words out of my mouth. Some of these posts are outrageous. These people lost their child for Christ sake. It’s no joke.

  12. jrtmet

    I should have also noted that i have sex with retarded kids. But still, its no joke

  13. terrible 2

    @ 93buzzkillington—- Go fuck yourself with your dads dirty dick. you fuckin worthless piece of shit. horray for buzzkillington! aka daddy’s little whore

  14. the real jrtmet

    I posted #110 and #111. The ass that posted #112 is one of the pathetic people that I was referring to in my post. Rot in hell fucker.

  15. Mike

    People are mocking the scientologist parents. If you can’t figure that one out then tell your caretaker to not type in ‘’ for you.

    Another news flash would be that the Ra, er Travolta’s are being challenged on the timeline they reported to the authoritaa’s (little bit ‘o Cartman there). No conspiracy theory’s here though. I’m sure this is all on the up and up.

  16. the real jrtmet

    Im still so pissed about these terrible comments, im going to go smoke some retarded pole and jerk off to Jett’s Autopsy photographs.

  17. Julie

    Yea, 115, and several other people are only mocking the Scientoligist parents – why don’t you read the replies like the one above me (and 93) – that is what I’m referring to. If YOU can’t figure that out I feel sorry for you.

    As for the conspiracy theories on the time line, I’ll wait to hear what the police have to say, but gee, thanks for the news flash.

  18. Bickus Dickus

    The kid had Epilepsy and Autism, yet received no medication for his epileptic seizures due to his parents dillusional made-up religion. His death could have been avoided, but now all we’ll see is Oprah, Tom Cruise, and the rest of the Hollywood elitist blowhard cocksmokers, publicly gushing and weeping over the “tragic” loss suffered by John Travolta, meanwhile never mentioning that Scientology killed the kid and Travolta and Preston are worthless sacks of shit. Although Kelly’s tits in Secret Admirer were truly amazing. Travolta hasn’t made a decent movie since Saturday Night Fever, which was still quite gay.

  19. Jake

    So Much for Jett co-starring with his Dad in the “Stayin Alive” sequel…..

  20. xenu


  21. Mia

    It’s sad to see and read a lot of the sad and disgusting comments left on a post iike this. Shame on all you disrespectful people out there. The things you write about this innocent chid will come right back to you. Karma is a bitch and we’ll see oneday when you have kids.

    All I can say is RIP Jett and my prayers are out to the Travolta family.

  22. Jon Travola

    Send your condolences (in the form of US currency or else the Church of Scientology will reject it) to

    Church of Scientology Mission of Chula Vista
    311 F Street, Suite 103
    Chula Vista, CA 91910
    United States

  23. Phil A. Sheo

    @ 95 Aja(the real)

    Thanks alot. I busted out laughing at your damn comment. Now I’M going to hell too. :P


    …and as long as I’m going to hell… Judging from the size of the melon on that kid, the tub prolly looks like a wrecking ball hit it. ka-POW !!!

  24. Gibble

    Jesus, some of the fucktards on here getting aroused because this kid has died need to be shot. Here’s a message to any of you that actually think this is funny.

    You are scum. You are a waste of time and resources, nobody wants you here. You bring nothing to this world and when you finally slowly die after a pathetic and meaningless existence, the world will be a better place. If this world had any sense, you would be tested to see how useful and/or decent a person you are at 30 years of age. If you’ve not managed to achieve anything by this point, (and I suspect there’s many 30+ pathetic cunts posting those comments) then you get taken out and shot. End of.


  25. Jake

    Hey Gibble… #125….

    Yes, I may die like that. But at least the size of my head doesn’t change the tides when I go to the beach.

    Oh… and plus my dad isn’t John Travolta.

    So no matter how “pathetic” my life is… I always got that going for me.

  26. Mia

    Gibble, I completely agree with you. And there is nothing wrong with John Travolta.

  27. SuperFecal

    @ # 125

    Settle down there, Clenchy McButtcheeks– sick humor isn’t a crime. If your corset is a little too tight, and fanning yourself doesn’t prevent you from swooning, maybe you should move on to something a little more your speed, like

  28. Moonraper

    The autopsy report is fake; a cover-up. He actually died from an advanced case of Saturday Night Fever.

  29. FutureAxeMurderer

    # 125. you sound sexy.
    A/S/L ???

  30. Gibble

    45/not in a long time, if ever/Tom Cruise’s Basement

  31. ralph

    *applause* @125.

    See what the Fish did? Ever known the Fish NOT to take the piss out of something? Maybe you could use it as a guideline for posting.

    It aint funny when your kid dies. Lets hope that none of you fuckers are ever allowed to breed so that you won’t be in a situation where you have to mourn the death of your sixteen year old son. We’ll take it as a given that IF that does happen, and subsequently your teenager dies, you won’t be publicly fucked over by ignorant twats who have too much time on their hands…because there’s no way you’ll have any kind of public recognition.


  32. Jake

    I don’t know how something like this can happen and you CAN’T believe in God.

    Hell this is just payback for:

    Wild Hogs
    Battlefield Earth
    Look Who’s Talking Now
    Look Who’s Talking Too
    Look Who’s Talking
    Staying Alive
    The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

    If I were his family, I’d be terrified.

  33. shannon verlinden

    what hairpiece did john wear to the funeral?

  34. Hmph

    Shut the fuck up. You assholes would be drilling his ass into the ground if he were *alive*,but now since he’s dead,you kiss up and get mad at anyone who doesn’t like brown-nosing. People die every fucking day and nobody gives a crap,but let them be famous and suddenly it’s “boo hoo waaaa waa”. Jett was a fat bastard and looked like an uglier version of his father. That being said,I am sorry for his death and hope he’s not in hell.

  35. I am sick to my stomach, some of the people on this site, your day will come, you will be judged and it won’t be pretty. I can only say I pray for you, you truely sick individuals. I fear that there is no hope for you. The sad thing is you may very well be someone I pass on the street each day.. YOUR TIME WILL COME!

  36. I am sick to my stomach, some of the people on this site, your day will come, you will be judged and it won’t be pretty. I can only say I pray for you, you truely sick individuals. I fear that there is no hope for you. The sad thing is you may very well be someone I pass on the street each day.. YOUR TIME WILL COME!

  37. I am sick to my stomach, some of the people on this site, your day will come, you will be judged and it won’t be pretty. I can only say I pray for you, you truely sick individuals. I fear that there is no hope for you. The sad thing is you may very well be someone I pass on the street each day.. YOUR TIME WILL COME!

  38. beep beep

    Eat a big one, Mandy.

  39. carlito

    The sooner people realise that John and Kellys marriage is a sham – she is a KGB agent who only got with John to find out how to “act cool” – the better. John can then go back to being a fag about town.

  40. I could not believe the despicable comments that get posted. If you do not have a heart, and do not care, then why even post something tragic like this. Vomiting I’m glad some of you like family hope will be shielded from garbage am. There’s nothing funny about losing the baby, and the fame and fortune can keep it from happening, nor take away the pain.

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