John Travolta’s 16-year-old son dies

January 2nd, 2009 // 141 Comments

John Travolta’s son Jett passed away today after suffering a seizure at a vacation home in the Bahamas. Authorities say Jett struck his head on the bathtub and died on the scene after attempts to revive him failed. TMZ reports:

We’re told 16-year-old Jett was vacationing with Travolta and wife Kelly Preston.
There have been reports that Jett was autistic, though Travolta has denied it, saying he suffers from Kawasaki Syndrome, a condition which often leads to heart disease.
Travolta’s attorney Michael Ossi says Jett suffered a seizure at his family’s vacation home at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel on Grand Bahama Island. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he died on scene.

Wow, that’s horrifically sad and especially right after the holidays. My sincerest condolences to the Travolta family and Jett’s loved ones.


  1. bongie


  2. bryanwhitefanforever

    Wow… sad. My condolences to the family….:(

  3. jayne

    very sad, hope the media doesn’t make it worse.

  4. Danklin24

    Wow. Holy shit thats sad. My condolences go out to the family as well.

  5. pirate kuhnbeard

    aw. that’s sad. terrible after the holidays. i hope the media doesn’t make it worse as well :( condolences go out to the family and friends.

  6. Code Monkey


    This is just like that scene in Never Back Down where John Travolta was posing as a hip and cool street dancer to infiltrate a rouge gang of break dancing terrorist but only ended up becoming part of the very group he was meant to take down after a nasty slip in the tub gave him amnesia. Luckily, Sam Jackson showed up before Travolta was sent out on his suicide mission to stop the Antichrist as potrayed by Barack Obama.

  7. Sadly

    No amount of money or fame could buffer someone from the loss of their child.

    Let this be the year that it becomes sport to hunt paparazi.

    I’m so fucking serious.

  8. Bella

    im shocked… very sad for this to happen to anyone to lose a child.

  9. niptuck

    Very sad news.

  10. Phallics

    Good call on laying off on this one. My deepest sympathies go out to the family.

  11. Phil

    Maybe Scientology can cure him!

  12. Code Monkey

    see you guys later, i gotta JETT!

    see what i did there? lulz

  13. Code Monkey

    see you guys later, i gotta JETT!

    see what i did there? lulz

  14. Dan

    Karma for about a decade’s worth of shit films?

  15. Moon Unit

    We deserve what’s coming.

  16. mike

    No father should ever bury his own son. My sincerest condolences to the Travolta family.

  17. Buzzkillington

    Jett deserved to die and I shat down his throat and stuck my dick in his eye.

    U guys are nipplefags.

  18. jesus

    look at that fat pig, and at his age. butt ugly like his dad also!!!!

  19. niptuck


  20. Buzzkillington

    Nipplefags. That mean u like nipples and also u is fags.

    Also he was too fat and ugly to live. Only pretty people r good. And people that smart like me.

  21. woodhorse

    I am suitably impressed that they had him on vacation with them and not locked in their basement. My condolences to them as even they must be reflecting on the sadness of that child’s life.

  22. Obama

    I laughed when I read Kawasaki syndrome.

  23. jokester

    Wow I can always count on tasteless and infantile comments from the members here. You didn’t disappoint. On a different note, this story is all kinds of shady. Scientologists are fucking scary people. John never admitted that his son was autistic and was ultimately embarrassed by him and now he’s dead.

  24. CJ

    So sad. Thoughts with the family.

  25. MBResident

    I can’t believe the vile comments that get posted. If you don’t have a heart, and don’t care, then why even post on something tragic like this. I’m just glad that the family will hopefully be shielded from garbage like some of you spew. There is nothing funny about losing a child, and fame and fortune can’t keep it from happening, nor take the pain away.

  26. Buzzkillington

    jokester- I stuck my dick in your mom’s infantile comments

  27. Buzzkillington

    MBResident- there’s nothing funny about losing a child unless he’s a fat fuck

  28. This Poster

    Anyone posting after This Poster sucks on John Travolta’s Greasy penis and swallows the lubricants from his pipe.

  29. Sarah Silverman

    I’m fucking Jett Travolta!!!

    I’m so SHOCKING that it’s funny!!!

  30. IbePiglet

    You have to wonder about some people’s mothers when they post some of the crap above.
    That aside, I don’t get the “Kawasaki Syndrome” claim. That syndrome has no symptomology that resembles autism. As for the fat and ugly statements, well, again, apparently you people were not raised by a human being.

  31. Mike

    What is really crazy, is that scientology didn’t do either of two things:

    1) Predict said event
    2) Stop it from happening

  32. LandingGear

    Too bad. I hope my kids live a long and happy life. This is horrible news. Travola has a home in our area, glad it didn’t happen here.

  33. sunshine625

    For years it pissed me off how John Travolta denied Jett had autism because Scientologists haven’t accepted autism as a disease and now Jett is gone…how sad….my heart goes out to the family. RIP Jett.

  34. kelly

    that’s pretty fucked up to say all that mean shit about his son. yeah, john travolta is a shitty actor. but this kid just died, have some respect. otherwise karma will smack you in the face with it’s fat, meaty cock .. then we’ll see who’s laughing. faggots

  35. Mike

    On a side note, why is it that a ‘caretaker’ discovered Jett’s body? I thought that mere mortals weren’t allowed to associate with those of the ‘pure’ as to not contaminate them.

    I ask, what were John and Kelly doing at 10AM to require a ‘caretaker’. Hmm.

  36. Danklin24

    I just love the sum sucking douche nozzles that come in here and say he deserved it. You must really feel like men saying something so callus and cold behind the anonymity of your fucking computer. Pussies.

  37. Danklin24

    To the people that think Travolta is a terrible actor, i’d like to know who you think is a good actor.

  38. kellycasselman

    It’s so sad that people are so jealous they have to demean those with more than them. I am saddened by the loss of this family. As a parent, I cannot even imagine burying one of my children, that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. My hear and my prayers go out to the entire family.
    As for those of you who say he is not a good actor…….what films have you been watching? Face Off, Basic, Pulp Fiction, The General’s Daughter, Swordfish, and the list goes on! What amazing movies! Not to mention Kelly Preston’s movies too! Talented people who are sure to be hurting, no matter what their religion.
    You are in my prayers as are those of you who are bitter and disgusting enough to post filth and hate on this site.

  39. Mike

    Should be ‘nozzle’ from what I read, but there was another worried about their property value dropping below the already ghastly low that it is, so maybe that is two. Most here are going to be mocking the parents, the kid is a victim here, and was for the past sixteen years..

  40. Mike

    Should be ‘nozzle’ from what I read, but there was another worried about their property value dropping below the already ghastly low that it is, so maybe that is two. Most are going to be mocking the parents, the kid is a victim here, and was for the past sixteen years..

  41. somethings strange here

    The child went to the bathroom and was discovered at 10 the next day by a caretaker, this was an autistic kid with seizures, where were the so called loving parents, if this was joe bloggs in bohickey town ACS would have been involved, this kid should have been on medication to control the seizures but john was as in deep denial about his condition as he is about his own sexuality witness the pics of the deepthroating on the steps of the plane, he lied about the kids medical condition for years, its like these stars either refuse to admit that they have ‘imperfect’ children or else blame the childs condition on something else entirely, its a tragedy but maybe it could have been prevented, scientology has a lot to answer for

  42. kellycasselman

    I will say this, however, I am saddened that John and Kelly won’t admit to the Autism though. I researched Kawasaki Syndrome and it happens to most chilren between the ages of 2 – 5 and in it’s 3rd stage the symptoms go away. This is not a progressive disease and it is treatable. Also, most of the children who get it are Korean or Japanese.
    Why doesn’t Scientology aknowledge Autism as a disease? I don’t get that one.

  43. twzzlrgirl

    Heartless, disgusting comments aside, I’m confused by any religion that would prefer to see a child suffer than admit a problem and treat it. What kind of god or deity or whatever would give us the knowledge to remedy a situation, but ask that we turn a blind eye? I would never be a part of anything that would deny care to my child…never.

    And I, too, am confused how a child could be in a bathroom long enough that a caretaker would find them dead the next morning. If he was autistic and had seizures, wouldn’t you keep an eye on him? Where was everyone? And, no…Kawaskaki’s disease does not pose any long term problems other than possible heart ailments — and then only if it is left untreated.

  44. Balack Obama

    Well, at least they will be able to use him as a write off on their 2009 taxes as well.. they will need it with Balack Pajama in the White House.

  45. twzzlrgirl

    #42 — Scientology does not recognize any disease for which there is not a proof-positive test. Autism cannot be diagnosed by x-ray or blood test, etc., so it “doesn’t exist.” It’s like when Tom Cruise denied the existence of postpartum depression.


  46. ym

    piece out tard, i wish your dad went with you

  47. Jim Watt

    I’ll bet if they had let Dr. Freeman work his magic he’d still be here, just like Caroline Kennedy.

  48. missywissy

    I didn’t know kids could die of Autism or that Autism caused seizures??????

    All I got to say is shit happens. I mean, he could had been a healthy kid, and son of a Baptist, and died in a motorcycle accident. Although, if he died of something his parents were in denial of, that sucks for the whole family including the deceased.

    These punk bastards on this blog berating Jett Travolta and John Travolta…. these idiots need to get lost. I wish there was a way to track these fools and some group would swoop in these’s kid’s parent’s homes, kidnap them and drop them over the ocean with cement weights tied to their feet. I can’t believe the shit I’m reading in here.

    Also, John Travolta’s acting has absolutely nothing to do with his loss. Fuck all of you who have no life.

  49. woodhorse

    @35 check out the links from Fox news. The “caretaker” is the self-same person photographed kissing John Travolta on the airplane. Caretaker is as good as a word as any for knob gobbler in polite company.

  50. woodhorse


    (photo won’t paste)

    Jeff Michael Kathrein is the man who police say found the body of Jett Travolta. Jeff is the caretaker of the Old Bahama Bay condo owned by John Travolta and is seen here in this 2006 photo kissing his boss in Canada.

    from radar online

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