John Travolta targeted in extortion attempt over son’s death

January 22nd, 2009 // 26 Comments

John Travolta has been targeted in a $20 million extortion plot that TMZ has confirmed revolves around the circumstances of his son Jett’s tragic death just weeks ago:

We’re told several people have allegedly demanded $20 million from John and cops are on the hunt. We have now confirmed that the alleged extortion attempt does not involve pictures of Jett as he was dying. As for what the extortion attempt is about….no one will say.
We’re now told by police sources they got the complaint approximately a week ago and their investigation will be concluded “very shortly.”

Authorities in the Bahamas have confirmed toUs Magazine that there’s only one person involved in the plot. So, is anyone going to fault John Travolta for finding this hollow shell of a douchenozzle, killing his son, then bilking for him 20 mil? I’m certainly not. In fact, are there any laws against mailing someone a chainsaw for the express purpose of using it to commit a felony? They don’t really make sympathy cards for this kind of occasion, so I went with the next best thing.

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  1. The extortion attempt is happening because Travolta cornholed his son into status epilepticus. You have to admit that’s pretty impressive.

  2. p0nk


    /still relevant to this thread.

  3. simplicity

    some people need to get a life..

  4. Barack Obama

    Anyone posting after Barack Obama sucks on John Travolta’s grieving penis

  5. Jrz

    hmm….what’s worse? Making jokes about the Special Olympics or trying to extort money from someone and using their child’s death as the means to do it?

  6. Phil

    depends on whether you get the money

  7. Andrea

    I bet it’s Renfield.

  8. jewdozer

    sciencetology is to blame for all this

  9. Right Fury

    I thought being a Thetan level 7 made you immune to this kind of thing.

  10. It's Me Fuckers

    That’s just fuckin sick. Yes he is John Travolta but he IS a grieving parent who LOST HIS FUCKIN KID. What a bunch of cunts to do shit like that to a grieving parent.

  11. hair of samson

    I’d say the “extortionist” story is a way to gain sympathy for Travolta since there is a lot that is fishy about Jett’s death. Anyway, Travolta has been the willing victim of extortion from Hollywood and from Scientology all his life. If he stopped feeding the Scientological machine, the very next day there would be all kinds of embarrassing stories about gay orgies in the newspaper.

    If you want the JET maybe you have to sacrifice the JETT? Whenever someone ends up prematurely dead that’s related to a celebrity, like in the case of the Hudson murders, or Ashton Kutcher’s sliced-up girlfriend, or Keanu Reeve’s decapitated pregnant fiancee — call me crazy, but I just get that Sharon Tate feeling.

  12. testing


    “US magazine has confirmed with Bahama officials that there’s only one person involved in the plot. So, is anyone going to fault John Travolta for finding this hollow shell of a douchenozzle, killing his son the bilking for him 20 mil.”

    WTF DOES THAT MEAN? Does this site even have an editor anymore?

  13. yawn


    Why don’t you take your stupid ass somewhere’s and GROW THE FUCK UP. Everyday you bring your silly immature ass on here with that same bullshit, only sometimes I notice you use the name “me”. Well “me” or “Barack Obama” or “WHOEVER the fuck you’re gonna pretend to be tomorrow”….THIS is a GROWN UP site, meaning it’s for MATURE people, so that leaves YOU out.

    Now get your geeky freckle faced immature ass OFF your mommy’s comp before I give her a phone call and let her know you’re back on here today with that third grader posting bullshit, that ONLY YOU seem to find “amusing”…

  14. Josh

    There is no extortion plot. TMZ is a legit news outlet like Paris Hilton is an actress.

    This nonsense was cooked up by a publicist to gain sympathy for Travolta because no one gives a shit about his son’s death since its by and large been shown that he caused his son’s death due to negligence.


  15. BunnyButt

    Whispers, “13, if you ignore it, it’ll go away.”

  16. authorego

    so some guy is demanding $20 mil hush money to not tell the world that Travolta didn’t give his son seizure medication?

    We already know.

  17. missywissy

    I think the extortion is probably about John Travolta’s wherabouts while Jet was dying.

  18. I don’t understand what this is about. Maybe it is some ex-scientolist who wants to make up stuff about travaolta.

    This is a “DANGEROUS” ass-kisser, folks!!

  20. Min

    I like his goatee…and his eyes are really blue here!

  21. blp

    I have a feeling this is gonna be a Scientology scandal of the likes we’ve never seen before.

  22. devilsrain

    All of Hollywood has to die, right now

  23. Hellbound

    Jett Travolta’s corpse LTC.

  24. Bickus Dickus

    His son with the ridiculous name is dead because of a pathetic made up religion that wouldn’t allow him to take medication to stop his seizures.

    Hollywood douchbags who live in alternate reality’s get what they deserve. The kid’s better off in the hands of god than in the hands of a couple of jerk-off’s who pray to a science fiction writer……

  25. Where’s the compassion, the guy just lost his son. People to do this type of thing are just low lifes. I dont wish this on my worse enemy.

  26. Tightening the society is that the status epilepticus Travolta cornhole child. You have to admit that is pretty impressive.

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