John Travolta targeted in extortion attempt over son’s death

John Travolta has been targeted in a $20 million extortion plot that TMZ has confirmed revolves around the circumstances of his son Jett’s tragic death just weeks ago:

We’re told several people have allegedly demanded $20 million from John and cops are on the hunt. We have now confirmed that the alleged extortion attempt does not involve pictures of Jett as he was dying. As for what the extortion attempt is about….no one will say.
We’re now told by police sources they got the complaint approximately a week ago and their investigation will be concluded “very shortly.”

Authorities in the Bahamas have confirmed toUs Magazine that there’s only one person involved in the plot. So, is anyone going to fault John Travolta for finding this hollow shell of a douchenozzle, killing his son, then bilking for him 20 mil? I’m certainly not. In fact, are there any laws against mailing someone a chainsaw for the express purpose of using it to commit a felony? They don’t really make sympathy cards for this kind of occasion, so I went with the next best thing.

Photos: WENN