John Travolta: ‘Scientology helped me get over Jett’s death’

John Travolta is apparently Tom Cruise circa 2005 because he’s been wasting no opportunity to pimp Scientology. Whether it be relief efforts to Haiti or talking about it at the premiere of his new movie last night in the context of coping with his son Jett’s tragic death. The AP reports:

“We work hard every day with our church on healing,” Travolta said, though he did not mention Scientology by name. “And Kelly and I and Ella have all been working very hard and they’ve been helping us,” he said, referring to himself, Preston and their daughter.

Look, I understand John Travolta went through a horrible loss and the purpose of faith is to help people deal with the harsh realities of our mortality. But at the same time, Scientology isn’t as much a faith as it’s a massive pyramid scheme where you basically believe Star Wars is a true story that causes clinical depression. Sure, a lot of major religions are giant cash-sucks preying on the simple-minded, but at least some of them have believable elements. Like talking donkeys. Amirite?

Photos: Splash News