John Travolta: Scientologist for life

July 28th, 2009 // 41 Comments

Despite his son Jett’s death, John Travolta’s rep is making it clear that the actor and Scientology will live long and prosper together. E! News reports:

“There’s no change in the relationship between the Church of Scientology and John,” Paul Bloch told E! News. “He is a member and it’s as it was, now and forever.”
The Mail last week claimed the O.G. O.T. (that’s Operating Thetan, to the uninitiated) was questioning his faith over disappointment that the e-meter-loving sect was unable to better help his late son, Jett.

Of course, should John Travolta try to leave the church, Tom Cruise would be ordered to climb up his urethra and look for Thetans. Sure, it doesn’t sound bad because Tom would easily fit, but did I mention he’d be wearing little climbing boots with spikes? Because he will.

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  1. mtrman56

    Hear, Hear

  2. Orville

    He flies Mon thru Thurs to St Pete for his mind control…who’d a thunk?

  3. Anexio

    Anyone thats in the Church of Scientology is a turd chewer. And thats a fact, Jack.


  4. Jibbly Biggins

    Sad story. Did his kid get seizure medication before he died? After all, Scientology prescribe “vitamins,” exercise and forced seclusion for mental problems. Creeps.

  5. Miles

    Tuck in your shirt and straighten up your tie. Fucking A. Wotta beady eyed horse-face douche nozzle. Look at his head. He’s a mutant freak.

  6. Eric

    Yeah, Scientologist are loons, but no more than members of any other religion. One religion has DC14′s flying into volcanoes, another has a man ascending to heaven on a flying horse, others have women made of ribs, virgin mothers, and arks with dinosaurs living in harmony next to cows and chickens. Can we drop this childish garbage once in for all?

  7. wtf

    Except in other religions there is at least a real history. Not that it proves anything. Scientology was created within my lifetime by a coked up wack-job.

    Essentially the ‘church’ is a club for tax evaders.

  8. Religion is like wrestling!

    Wow, well said Eric and that’s rare around here!

    @ #9 – So everything that Eric posted is “real history”, like a woman made of ribs? Sweeeeeet, that’s a dream come true for most of the men around here!

  9. i don´t understand what they see on this


  10. i don´t understand what they see on this

  11. Bert

    Scientologist for life. Translation, idiot for life.

  12. Singring

    Number 8 is right, he has a right to his own dark cosmic closet when he chokes. So smarmy about religion but you have no answers. don’t whine

  13. dk

    I would be terrified to post anything negative, I like my PC.

  14. Hilton Hunter

    Anyone else think that scientologists just claim to be scietologists to take the piss out of celebrity-following websites?

  15. effyeray

    Anyone who is a member of any religion is a complete whackadoo nutjob.

  16. People who fall for Scientology are mostly uneducated people who lack common sense. Same for Kabballah. You should know how to run your own life and be a good person without religion but these lost souls don’t know any better. Look up the celeb following of Scientology & it is obvious most of them never pursued a higher education.

  17. JT disgusts me in his denial of his son’s obvious autism. Like it is okay for other people to have an autistic kid but not the superior Travoltas.

  18. Vandal

    is it me or is his face getting fuckin’ bigger? It’s HUGE!

  19. Katie

    Scientology is a sad, sad excuse for a cult. I don’t understand where the separation is b/t “church and state” when u starve infants. Did you know that scientologists are required to feed their children a honey/goat milk mixture from birth until age 6??? Not only is honey lethal for infants, but in reports of parents who got out of scientology said their children had nutrition and dental issues for most of their life..

  20. gotmilk?

    haven’t cared about this has-been douche for years. so i’m not really caring right now just because his son died.

  21. Irenee Weenie

    It is good to see John Travolta smiling. Big fan of your work.

  22. meknow

    Big smile, still a hero in his own eyes. Oh, except 1 thing. The bastard KILLED HIS SON by not getting him treated & monitored for seizures. I think Dr Murray should give him something to ” relax”.

  23. Ted from LA

    Are he and Juan Epstein still friends? I have no problem with Vinnie except that he flies his own large jet. Not a friend of planet earth. Religion is the last refuge for a scoundrel. And a dumb person. Einstein said, “religion is for the mentally weak.” Or something like that. He didn’t say much about tits, but I’m sure he liked them.

  24. Rasputins Liver



    closeted last stall toe-tapper Travolta must be one fucked up insecure sumbitch to require a now dead science fiction writer’s made up cult.

    For all his money and success as a film star, he noentheless is a helluva loser.

    Fuck him and fuck Scientology and all those that believe in that and all other “religions”, Christianity and Islam included.

    They’re all jusyt ways to control sheeple who can’t think for themselves.


  25. Rasputins Liver


    One more thing. Both he and his closeted fellow Scientolowhackjob Tommy-boy Cruise fuck ‘em both aAnd their new found cultists buddies in Will Smith and his beard Jada.

    At least Travolta makes a good movie now and then. In between slammin’ stink muscles with the other two cultists.

    Christ! I’ve had enough of all three of them and their bitches.


  26. Rasputins Liver


    One more thing. Both he and his closeted fellow Scientolowhackjob Tommy-boy Cruise fuck ‘em both aAnd their new found cultists buddies in Will Smith and his beard Jada.

    At least Travolta makes a good movie now and then. In between slammin’ stink muscles with the other two cultists.

    Christ! I’ve had enough of all three of them and their bitches.


  27. xenu

    i am coming for the earth!!!

  28. $cientology will be pwned. We are Anonymous! We are Legion! We do not forgive! We do not forget! Expect us!

  29. Fati

    Any religion is a freud! Fuck, how can people not understand this?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I feel like I am about the only adequate human-being on this planet. Well…me and that friend of mine.

  30. Among other problems, Travolta is turning into Kirstie Alley (who is also a fat Scientologist. Get rid of your Thetans and fill the space with pastries, I guess).

  31. bmose

    The “Space Cadets” have taken over Hollywood. Good luck getting work if you speak out against them. At least they don’t make you wear Nikes and cut off your balls.

  32. Galtacticus

    Good luck with his beliefs and we’d hope he’ll get over his drama soon!

  33. Hey at least he’s not

  34. Notfunny

    oh thats good, losing your son because of your fucked up beliefs and still not realizing that its just a cult that grabs at money still isn’t enough to make you re-evaluate your choices then please proceed. You still have a few other kids to go.

  35. not important

    Those who ridicule scietology and dismisses its facts does so because of their ignorance and arrogance, but when you catch a wakeup, everything will become clear!

  36. With full respect to everyone’s opinions, Mr. Travolta is not as bad as everyone thinks. He was just led into thinking that Scientology would help his son. Now I’m not saying that Scientology is bad for everybody. I’m sure it’s helped some people.

  37. Silvia Planchett

    A fucking loser that flies a fuel guzzling 707 in order to make up for his short penis!

  38. Was really hard and sad for his family i love his father so my prayer was with him now and then. The good died young sometime it life.

  39. Scientology a sad, sad excuse for a cult. I do not understand where the separation t / b “church and state” when U starving infants. Did you know that the scientologists from their birth to age 6, a honey / goat milk mixture to feed children are required? Honey is not only dangerous for babies, but parents who got out of Scientology for their children’s report of his life .. For most of the nutrition and dental were issues

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