John Travolta makes emergency landing

April 4th, 2007 // 112 Comments

John Travolta made an emergency landing in his private Boeing 707 after it experienced engine problems. He was flying by himself from Germany to New York after a TV appearance when he had to make an emergecny landing at Shannon Airport in Ireland. A source says:

“If he hadn’t made it to Shannon, it could have been the end of him. You could tell that he was very relieved.”

In case you’re curious, his Boeing 707 has three dining rooms and seats 179 people. So, yeah, it’s a good thing he took it out to fly all by himself. Can you imagine if he was seen flying a reasonably sized personal jet? Man, that would’ve been so embarrassing.



  1. Dory

    Actually people… he didn’t have to buy himself the uniform he is an ambassador for Qantas- Australia’s main airline, thats why theres a Q on his hat. It’s not the official uniform though, its the show one.

    Smaller personal jets COULD fly from Germany to New York and he couldn’t have been by himself cause you can’t fly a 707 by yourself you legally need 3 crew members.

    Travolta is tops, he may be old and he may be gay but he owns his own 707 and lets face it… thats totally cool!

  2. GIGGI11

    I am just happy he left Germany again. I watched the show and John Travolta looked like a giant hippo with greasy hair and a pale face…and I thought Scientology keeps you healthy…..and in shape….vitamins and working out wasnt that their way to go…I guess if thats the case John is a part-time scientologist

  3. nitsua

    there is something about him I DON’T like about him he the antichrist?

  4. anothershityear

    #100 i’ve never heard an episode of Rush, could you please tell all of us what he says about things?

    tell me if i’m mistaken, A.Gore took efforts to convince his fellow tobacco farmers he was one of them, in a speech held years after his sister had passed away (i am not mistaken)

    i will watch Gore’s take on the science of the environment, right around the same time i’ll watch a George W lecture about Quantum Mechanics and String Theory (namely never)

    is that a leader, only realizing something is bad when one of ‘his own’ is affected?

  5. Superbee

    Quick he better inflate “Buddy” the autopilot..hmmmm maybe that is why he is flying alone…..

  6. squirrel

    #87 It doesn’t. I wasn’t saying that he was IN a small personal jet. I was responding to the original post suggesting that he should have been in one instead. I was pointing out that a smaller plane would not have been a reasonable choice.
    You are very critical. It’s just celeb gossip. Lighten up.

  7. Zoey

    Why does that man have a Compaq logo on his hat?

  8. He needs to emergency land into Tom Cruise’s asshole…seen one, seen the other, heard one, heard the other…these freakin people are aliens (really real ones), better protect you ass from their ass-probes…

  9. marie

    John doesn’t even have a commercial license (despite the uniforms) He couldn’t pass the commercial checkrides. Let alone the Airline transport ratings. He’s VFR restricted on his jet type ratings, can’t even be the PIC on a Citation in the clouds. He’s a private pilot. . and ya right. . .he flies it all by himself (under the guidance of a VERY experienced copilot/flight instructor) databases. . He’s a PHONY

  10. Joey

    ..and when he finally landed, the mechanic went into the cockpit, restarted the engine (which was working fine), to which Travolta exclaimed, “what the F!@# is that noise?

  11. Spurwing Plover

    What did he run out of the HOT AIR to keep himself aloft? the all mighty JOHN TRAVOLTA? screwball

  12. good idea,i like it

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