John Travolta makes emergency landing

April 4th, 2007 // 112 Comments

John Travolta made an emergency landing in his private Boeing 707 after it experienced engine problems. He was flying by himself from Germany to New York after a TV appearance when he had to make an emergecny landing at Shannon Airport in Ireland. A source says:

“If he hadn’t made it to Shannon, it could have been the end of him. You could tell that he was very relieved.”

In case you’re curious, his Boeing 707 has three dining rooms and seats 179 people. So, yeah, it’s a good thing he took it out to fly all by himself. Can you imagine if he was seen flying a reasonably sized personal jet? Man, that would’ve been so embarrassing.



  1. schack

    #50. please don’t get touchy. nobody’s going to judge you for being a fool. in fact, that value system is actually what needs to change if the planet stands a chance. i just honestly think that you would LOVE the al gore movie! okay? that’s all i’m sayin’

  2. jackspratling

    Sources reveal that the Boeing 707, once called the “Greased Lightning” was recently re-christened the “Lubed Crankshaft.”

    When asked to comment, Tom Cruise stated that he flies the Lubed Crankshaft every chance he gets.

  3. daηielle™↵



  4. schack

    very nice, 52

  5. Douchebag

    Recent findings indicate temps are increasing not only on earth but throughout solar system. Stupid greenhouse.

  6. schack

    can i get a little spritz, douchy mcdouche? it’s hot in here.

  7. Jimbo

    Who is your secret admirer?

  8. flatearth inc

    I suppose it’s possible that we’re in a new cycle, one that’s unprecedented in the year-by-year consistency and magnitude of warming, with an impact of industrial gas emissions that’s five times greater than the measured effect of solar output variation (the primary source of natural variation in global temperature over time). You know, that type of cycle. We just have to live long enough to see this full cycle several times to know it’s natural. But we won’t. Dang.

  9. daisy_if_ya_do

    I think he should take his own advice and go live on another planet. He should take Tom Cruise for companionship.

    Free Katie!!

  10. anothershityear

    #51 i have no idea what you’re talking about, schack, at this point – you’ve used “fool” often enough, not sure why
    all the arguments for-and-against the topic are to be found outside of the film, i choose not to have Moore’s or Gore’s slant on subjects, big whoop

    yesterday i remarked on the obvious, that Jimmy Kimmel is an unfunny hack, and someone started on about Sarah Silverman! WTF???

    i guess that’s why this site only covers “safe” people and topics, L.Lohan and the like, some people here get awful offended over nothing

    having not ever seen M. Moore’s movie, how could it possibly have even 1/1000 as much information as other documentation does? same goes for Gore

    is it foolish to know that anything in Gore’s movie can be found elsewhere, and with less of a bias and slant? or, is it foolish to refer to someone who realizes that as a “fool”?

    i do watch propaganda films occasionally, but only as humor or history, not as a source of information – clever and insidious intermixing of facts and lies

    Al Gore’s film is propaganda

    Al Gore is a corporate tool
    Al Gore is a proven lying hypocrite and elitist
    Al Gore is responsible for “An Inconvenient Truth”

    it is easy to call someone a “fool”

  11. schack

    wow. that sounds almost poetic.

    those are all very interesting arguments, but ultimately ad hominem arguments. if you haven’t seen the movie, though, you can hardly have an opinion about it, and if you’ve done so much research on the topic, you would be able to actually cite a few of these alleged anti-global-warming scientists.

    the al gore movie is what is called a presentation or a lecture. it’s an event in which usually educated people participate, in which extensive facts are compiled, and arguments are presented. his arguments were all perfectly sound.

    yours are based on delusional paranoia.

  12. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    I hate this mofo. He wigs me out. If there is an end to civilization, he will certainly be at the helm of it, along with old Tommy boy. And there are no Thetans in his plane, remember he paid a shitload of money to “cleanse” himself of them?? Freaky antichrist SOB.

    #1,12 & 52–best comments of the day!

  13. greeneyed_girl

    Thank goodness Xenu was his co-pilot.

  14. caljenna

    @ 36 – I did give the movie a shot…he lost me when he turned it all political and started whining about Bush stealing the election…okay, okay, we KNOW and it sucks but wtf does that have to do with global warming?

  15. flatearth inc

    schack it’s cruel to continue playing with the mouse if you’re not actually hungry.

  16. JollyJumjuck

    I love reading stories like this after reading about how Travolta lectures people on stopping global warming and saving the environment. Just goes to show the rampant hypocrisy of the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do crowd like Travolta, Gore and Suzuki.

  17. Sheva

    If Travolta dies then all the focus on carbon abuse shifts to Al Gore. You know Al, the guy who told the nation at the Democrat Convention that his sister died horribly to lung cancer, which should in no way stop him from taking tobakie money. Oh yeah it didn’t but who’s counting?

    Besides Al Gore flies smaller jets and has at least two aides to service him so he’s much less wasteful than Travolta.

    And of course, the search for Al Gore votes continues. (Even if a bunch of recounts keeps coming up short.)

  18. anothershityear

    #62 wrong, my diatribe in #43 was one of the most extreme conspiracy-theories on the topic i’ve come across, i’m just starting to research this topic and don’t know a hell of a lot about the science behind recent phenomena, i’m learning – the fact is that Al Gore is not going to be one of my references, ever, through that process.

    i cannot even entertain the possiblity that you took #43 seriously. please tell me you did not, or, do you really think i seriously think John Travolta’s BDSM home-movies should be shown in public?

    i am becoming certain something serious is happening to and on planet Earth, it is a question of causes and solutions of course, humans definitely contribute a tremendous amount, but i’m starting to think a tremendous amount has nothing to do with us either.

    is peak oil inevitable? does oil really come from dinosaurs? will access to oil only be afforded elites such as Al “Private Jet” Gore in the near future?

    they were not ad hominem arguments. Al Gore is a tool. an untrustworthy tool.

  19. squirrel

    A smaller personal jet can’t fly from Germany to New York. It can’t get at the right altitude and there’s not enough fuel. Granted, no one else was in the plane, so it’s still kinda douchey.

  20. I had a dream once where John Travolta crashed and burned into a mountain and 3 years later, I was the assistant manager at Carl’s Jr. I winked at his wife Kelley and me and her ended up going back to her house and fornicating on a pile of Swordfish dvd’s!


  21. bobo

    Back in the day, the 707 required 3 flight crew members – pilot, copilot, flight engineer. He would most likely need at least 1 other person to fly the thing with him – to operate the engines from the engineer panel at least. When they say he was by himself they probably mean nobody other than the crew was on board.

  22. appolloblu

    I like how they made a special note to say he was alone, ya right Tom Cruse was chained up in the back somewhere dressed up as another character from the Village People.

    Oh ya and love how he

  23. PunjabPete

    But in his defense he does own a Prius…..

  24. iamsosmrt


    Don’t believe that “flying by himself from Germany to New York” shit. The douche was trying to go see his alien friends just like L. Ron told him too, from the grave. Tom will be so disappointed; no alien postcards from Travolta’s intergalactic vacation, maybe this summer.

  25. almostfamous

    i’m so glad he gets to criticize everyone else for what we’re doing (or not doing) to help the environment, but he flies long-distance trips by himself in a ridiculously large plane. i don’t care if he owns a prius, from now on he doesn’t get to criticize anything i do. yeah, i drive an SUV, but i don’t fly around the world in planes the size of a house.

  26. ruth666

    I sure hope he was on his way to deliver another lecture about the dangers of global warming.

    What a piece of shit he is.

    Does he think no one’s watching?

  27. Lowlands

    It was more political correct if he was flying with an hangglider from Germany to New york.

  28. ambrosia

    i heard it only cost him 3 million at the time he bought it. Even an upper middle calss person could afford that. Its like sir richard branson who bought his island for $300,000 and rent it out for more than that a month know.
    I dont hate travolta he keeps scientology to himself majority of the time. He does not preach trys to stay out of the spotlight most of the time

  29. Lowlands

    The difference between boys and men are the prices of their toys?That’s why i’ve the letters XL (extra luxury) behind the brandname of my car on the back of the trunk.

  30. dumbphuck

    stop wishing he’d crashed. its a qantas plane. qantas never crashes.

    p.s. im gonna have to agree with #79, travolta may be a douche, but at least hes not tom cruise.

  31. fritobandito

    Nice hat. Is he flying for quief airlines?

  32. jaffo

    Big deal. One time I had to make an emergency landing in my private airliner due to mechanical trouble. Only instead of a private airliner, it was my 87 Chevy Celebrity. And instead of having to land, I had to pull over because my bumper fell off in the middle of town. Man, his life is a lot better than mine…

  33. fritobandito

    Make that Queef airlines!

  34. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    79 There is no way Upper Middle Class can afford a $3 million airplane. Check your figures again.

  35. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Queef airline, HAHAHAHA!! Love it!

  36. TrimSpaBaby

    #79 No, ambrosia, that’s not a plane an upper middle “calss” person could afford. It’s obvious you’re not gonna be majoring in economics when and if you ever get to college. Since he doesn’t rent it out, maybe you should research hanger fees, fuel costs and maintenance. It’s a pig for fuel. Have fun.

    #70 squirrel, how does Boeing 707 translate to small personal jet? You need to hook up with ambrosia.

  37. heyheyhey

    i’m pretty sure 70 was saying that John Travolta HAD to fly the 707 because a smaller jet wouldn’t be able to make it from where Germany to New York. but since he had so much room, he might as well have brought 10000 cases of heineken with him

  38. heyheyhey

    from Germany to New York**


  39. iburl

    He very much looks like his personal savior, L. Ron Hubbard, especially the jaunty cap’n hat that signifies nothing but eccentricity. L. Ron would be proud.

  40. ffordegroupie

    anothershityear, don’t get worked up about what schack says. He’s a douche and a troll, and evidently not smart enough to acknowledge that if the source is a liar, a shill, a hypocrite and known for changing his opinions to suit his immediate corporate backers… that MAYBE a documentary and lecture are NOT reliable enough to be worth seeing.

    Maybe when schack grows up, he can get a brain transplant from Hans Delbruck instead of Abby Normal.

    ambrosia, are you fucking kidding? Where are you living, where the upper middle class can flit around in jets whenever they want to (with all the upkeep, taxes, fuel, shelter fees, etc)? Are the streets paved with gold on your street? I live in an upper middle class area and nobody around here flies one of those tiny dinky planes, let alone a 707!

    And Travolta actually does push Scientology in a more subtle way — what other green celebs urge us to go to other planets?!

    Anyway, I imagine he had a pilot and copilot, and they were all busy shtupping up there, which is how they failed to notice that the damn plane was low on fuel.

  41. TrimSpaBaby

    #88 heyheyhey, good point, I was trying to read that another way, but it made no sense until I reread the caption’s last line saying if he was flying a smaller jet it would’ve been embarassing, so now squirrel makes sense.

    Sorry, squirrel. Do NOT hook up with ambrosia, she’s an idiot. I think her dad gives her her allowance in M & M’s. Upper middle class people do shit like that when they’re not buying massive old over-polluting jets.

  42. MickNH

    Well he BETTER have had a 2nd Officer and Flight Engineer, the 707 is NOT certified for single pilot operation. If he was flying it by himself he’ll have some splain’n to do, it’s illegal.

    He has smaller and more importantly MUCH more fuel efficient corporate jets that could make the hop from Germany to NY with fuel to spare.

  43. TrimSpaBaby

    #93 You know he made them hide in the head. Also, as much as likes to pose as chief pilot, he usually flies right seat.

  44. mythosmint

    that blows my mind that he was driving it by himself

  45. Mackey McSpeed

    Captain Vinny Barbarino….who’s the stewardess on that thing, Horseshack? What an idiot, and the Hollywood holier than thous tell us to drive a Prius when the pricks drive 707′s… Too bad he didn’t plow that thing into the Atlantic.

  46. DrPhowstus

    The only emergency landing pilot boy here makes is when he “accidentally” trips, Cialis-laden cock forward, onto some unsuspecting pool boy.

  47. wtf

    maybe he forgot the scientology aliens were in his 5..he could have called for some help without having to land..also you know what they say about guys that drive big trucks…he must have a vagina

  48. licklick

    Dried clipped toenails oven roasted.

  49. booyah

    anothershityear you sound like a dittoheaded rump swab. Do you download your answers from Rush? Learn to think for yourself, do a little research, and you will quickly learn how stupid what you are saying sounds. And Gore fipped on the tabacco issue, as did his family farm, when his sister got lung cancer and died. Tends to change a person’s perspective. So do some research, and maybe you can flipflop yourself. Or, waste your life learning about what superstars did last night at The Ivy.

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