John Travolta makes emergency landing

April 4th, 2007 // 112 Comments

John Travolta made an emergency landing in his private Boeing 707 after it experienced engine problems. He was flying by himself from Germany to New York after a TV appearance when he had to make an emergecny landing at Shannon Airport in Ireland. A source says:

“If he hadn’t made it to Shannon, it could have been the end of him. You could tell that he was very relieved.”

In case you’re curious, his Boeing 707 has three dining rooms and seats 179 people. So, yeah, it’s a good thing he took it out to fly all by himself. Can you imagine if he was seen flying a reasonably sized personal jet? Man, that would’ve been so embarrassing.



  1. serial snarkalec

    Too bad he isn’t actually on a boat like Mr. Howell instead of just dressed like him.

  2. wedgeone

    Too bad he didn’t land in the looney bin! Someone needs to unwarp his mind from the Scientology crap.

    and LRHLTC!

  3. Baroness

    I’m glad to see celebrities doing their part to cut back on CO2 output. Boeing 707 is definitely the way to go.

  4. Where did the man make all his money to be able to afford that plane??? Was it his “Kotter” money that made him rich?

  5. Nsomniac

    He actually stopped to sneak in another makeout session on the runway stairs from his closet assclown again. Plans were foiled by airport security who ran the man over with a golf cart while lighting a joint.

  6. Capitalist American dog.

  7. rrd

    there is something about him I just like.

  8. ponk

    official pilot uniform of Xenu airlines? wtf does he dress up like that to fly by himself? and good call on #3.

  9. rrd

    but that “dressed like Mr. howell” line at #1 IS hysterical

  10. allyoops!

    perhaps he needs a gigantic jet to transport the aliens that inspired his religion. i’ve heard the scientology aliens detest flying commercial…all those stuardesses are on anti-depressants you know…

  11. Hemlock Queen

    Hail Emperor Xirxon for saving this white, rich man’s life so that he may contribute more to the cause of Scientology!

  12. I wonder if the name of the plane is “Greased Lightning”?

  13. Jimbo

    No it is called the L Ron Hubbard

  14. anothershityear

    if this guy ever says anything about diminishing or preventing global warming, his house should be raided and all of the videos with him bound-and-gagged and screaming “But it’s dirty back there, Daddy!” should be released to the public

  15. LadyJane

    I could park my Ford Focus in his chin-dimple.

  16. HughJorganthethird

    The only thing worse than a douche is a fat douche. Way to help out he environment lard ass.

  17. daηielle™↵


    If only it would’ve crashed.

    While he was hosting a dinner party in those three dining rooms.

    With Britney, Lindsay, Paris and some other no namers being the “invited” guests.


  18. To add to #17:

    On Tom Cruise’s house……..while he was inside.

  19. anothershityear

    just googled it, his solution to global pollution is moving to other planets

    isn’t that the same selfish logic that got the world in this fucking shitty situation to begin with?

    way to suggest making humankind a bunch of 6-foot tall interplanetary AIDS viruses, you know-nothing untalented fuck

  20. Superevil

    It’s a shame he didn’t crash, the world could use less scientologists

  21. DiHan

    “Like oh mah god, that was a clossse call, oh mah god.”

  22. daηielle™↵


    Speaking of global pollution, how long do you think we have on this planet before things start to take a turn for the worse.

    I haven’t exactly watched An Inconvient Truth.

  23. diplodufus

    What’s really scary is that his co-pilot is actually a congealed mass of his expelled Thetans shaped into a rough humanoid form.

  24. anothershityear

    #22 not exactly the world’s expert on.. well, on anything

    just find it interesting that the “Scientific” solution to pollution, is like a one-night stand, fuck the planet then leave it before morning

    what the fuck is “An Inconvenient Truth”?

  25. daηielle™↵

    That Al Gore documentary.

  26. anothershityear

    just reread my comment, what i mean is what is so inconvenient about it? needless to say haven’t watched it, never will, it’s in the Mikey Moore pile of pop-meaningless-bullshit

    Al Gore is a corporate tool, always has been always will be

    him making a movie about science is like Dr. Phil telling people how to look good

  27. schack

    no babies, today!

  28. daηielle™↵

    I don’t like to watch depressing stuff like that anyway.

    By the way, The Hills Have Eyes 2 was a waste of my hard earned money. I’m thinking about going back to the theatre to protest.

    I dunno.

  29. schack

    judging from your name, you would actually like al gore’s movie. judging from your comment, though, you’re probably too stubborn to even try it. like 4 years ago, cock-in-hand was cool, but now it’s just getting old, in my HUMBLE opinion, sir.

  30. schack

    #29 was for sir shityear, btw

  31. so…when does paris hilton get her airplane license and accidentally crash to the ground? or when does she just…crash?

  32. RTH

    You know, one of the sad things is that… he bought himself that uniform, didn’t he?

    I mean, real pilots are either issued them or simply required to wear them. He, on the other hand, bought his so he could pretend to be a pilot.

    That’s sorta like buying a firefighter’s outfit and wear it around because I like to fancy myself being a firefighter…

  33. Jillia

    Wasn’t he just on here (or maybe it was another site) preaching about the reality of global warming and how all of us should do our part blah blah blah…? What a fucking asshole. I wish it would have been the end of him. I swear, the bigger the celeb, the smaller the IQ

  34. N@ughty

    #28…I’LL GO WITH YOU! need a hand? lol
    honestly, protesting the theatre might not be such a good idea, let’s just kill the cast and see if they make a 3rd installment

  35. lambman

    #3 and #5 both make valid and true points

    people that fly in privet planes are duches

  36. decal1028

    For shityear

    If you havent seen An Inconvenient Truth, how do you know it is “pop-meaningless-bullshit”? Give it 5 minutes, see if you don’t watch the rest.

    Or shut the fuck up, either way…the planet wins.

  37. flatearth inc

    “Al Gore is a corporate tool”

    Completely true. All the greenies are on the payrolls of the oil companies, just look it up. Anyway, Gore’s movie was totally trashed when those 2500 international scientists reported that global warming is probably a hoax and if it isn’t, humans aren’t responsible for it.

  38. Truthseeker013

    Caption on pic- “Hi! I’m John Revolting!”

  39. Truthseeker013

    Re #38- please don’t insult douches…

  40. daηielle™↵


    You have their addresses?

  41. schack

    which 2,500 international scientists? god, i hope you’re kidding. i don’t think you are. luckily it doesn’t really matter what you think. freedom is the real hoax. you think you really make any of your decisions for yourself?

    but i’m on your side in a weird way. i wanna see it all go down.

  42. anothershityear

    #30 appreciate the opinion, haven’t been knighted yet so mr. another will do just fine for now

    so, we are not all in agreement that global-warming is a cyclic naturally-occurring phenomenon being used presently to make the populace feel guilt and shame for just being alive and breathing, resulting in further restrictive laws generating money funneled directly upward towards the few and the elite with an ultimate intent toward justifying wholesale elimination of the downtrodden masses?

    maybe i do need Gorey-boy to show me The Way, how much is his shitty movie?

    btw Al, way to flip-flop on Tobacco campaign-contributions as soon as it became politically incorrect, how much money did your daddy’s farms make off of other people’s lung cancer again?

  43. daηielle™↵

    What would all of you do today if the world were to end tomorrow? The million dollar question.

  44. schack

    the beauty of scientific inquiry is that it is tentative by definition, which means that the potential for denial is infinite. any claim can be doubted. the question is whether you use that feature to see the world with your eyes crossed or not.

    danielle. i would have sex with my secret admirer.

  45. schack

    and 43- you obviously haven’t seen the movie. you are just making more and more of a fool of yourself. but, of course, you can doubt that. i doubt the rest of us do, though.

  46. daηielle™↵


    Lucky secret admirer.

  47. N@ughty

    #41 unfortunately…no. i was sorta kinda hoping YOU did…i just want publicity. lmao

  48. Sure he didn’t have any humans on the plane with him, but there were thousands and thousands of thetans trapped inside.

  49. anothershityear

    #46 fool? i resemble that remark!

    i didn’t watch Gladiator to learn about Roman history either

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