John Travolta & Kelly Preston did what now?

May 18th, 2010 // 180 Comments

Because Thetans aren’t going to E-meter themselves or however the fuck Scientology works (Internal combustion?), John Travolta and Kelly Preston have announced they’re geniuses and put a baby inside a 47-year-old uterus:

It’s impossible to keep a secret…especially one as wonderful as this. We want to be the first to share this great news with everyone that we are expecting a new addition to our family.
- John, Kelly and Ella.”


So do they want another mentally handicapped child to replace the last one? *ducks*

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  1. suprgrl

    so if Lindsay Lohan died tomorrow, none of you would makes jokes about her anymore? AS IF!

    Okay I agree, even I gasped when I read that but I didn’t get so offended by it that my whole day was ruined. Fish says the things other people only think about.

    Don’t take life too seriously….you’ll never get out alive.

    and p.s. – when I read the post, I did think hmmm isn’t she a little old to be having a child since the odds of the baby having some defects is really high?

  2. suprgrl

    p.p.s – who the fuck is the one posting all the bullshit shoe monologues??

    I’m offended by that.

  3. suprgrl

    p.p.s – who the fuck is the one posting all the bullshit shoe monologues??

    I’m offended by that.

  4. suprgrl

    p.p.s – who the fuck is the one posting all the bullshit shoe monologues??

    I’m offended by that.

  5. Jodes

    So not funny. I’m done too, time to move on. It used to be funnier here anyway.

  6. Kodos

    Damn, Fish, that was harsh.
    But I’m still laughing, because it WAS one my first thoughts. Not THE first mind you, but still.

    Did the accidental dog murder at the airport the other day affect things, I wonder?

    Not that I blame ol’ Horshack, I wouldn’t be able to keep my dick out of Kelly, either. Looks DAMN good for 47.

    Or perhaps Xenu commanded it, who knows…

  7. @145 What is it with people and anecdotes?. Anecdotes are worthless.
    @ suprgrl triple post moron.

  8. asdf

    hot damn.

    kelly is a fuckin MILF !

    and john is gay

  9. blank

    Gotta fully agree with the writer on this one.
    Seriously what is with old woman thinking they can have children in later life. does no one consider what its going to be like for the child?? Sure they might have money but it’s not the point. Who wants to be 10 and look like you’re being picked up from school by your nana?
    The writer has a point, being 47 and having a baby- you are running all sorts of risks of having a “handicap” child.

  10. Bowman

    Wow, when did making fun of retards become NOT funny? It’s only offensive if you pull them aside ans -s-l-o-w-l-y explain the joke to them. Seriously, do any of you people think that Travolta is reading The Superficial to begin with? Relax. Good comedy means sometimes someone has to take a punch.

  11. V.v.V

    ok ok… all those people who are offended by that joke about them having another handicapped kid to replace the one that died are right. fish is sorry. it was really a terrible thing to write. you win the moral argument. your prize – the internet.

  12. Gweb


  13. What a brave and logical thing to do.

    A Child is no more than their fathers wishes, maybe Jett wasn’t wished, for reasons belonging to the couple.

    They lost a son, a troubled son, and they’re going to try it facing the risk with pride and joy (in her case) in his case, well, he’s in doubt, but in time, for the world Change,(the death of death), so, maybe Travolta will get in the hands of our generation (I’m 32) the knowledge to properly educate emocionally a son.

    We can’t even train well our dogs in the cities in terms of barking, we even think that it’s ok for a dog to bark.

    Let’s give them the benefit, love requires decision, desire and risk, and there you go!

  14. suprgrl

    @157 – Thanks Douche yeah cause obviously I did that on purpose.

    Do you have anything intelligent to say about the actual topic or are you just hear to make retarded comments?

  15. Patsy


  16. Athina

    To those writing those long posts – no one is going to read them. Too long.

    To the tactless and downright mean douche who does the writing for this site – shame on you – totally uncalled for. A couple of sharp raps upside the head would not be a bad idea in your case.

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  18. @164 The purpose was to mock your error… I commented about the topic in posts 135,36,37. Depends what you consider intelligent, which is probably anecdotes.

  19. dawn price

    whoever wrote this article is a bunch a fucking idiots.

  20. dawn price

    whoever wrote this article is a bunch a fucking idiots.

  21. dawn price

    whoever wrote this article is a bunch a fucking idiots.

  22. Bowman

    Whoever posts the same thing three times in a row and still doesn’t correct their grammar is a fucking idiot. (One person can’t be “a bunch”.)

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  26. YouDumbAmericans

    After reading these comments here, all I can say is: Wow. Just, Wow.

  27. cecy

    el estupido resentido que escribe aqui contra el talentoso travolta no hagas caso de los cerdos que no tienen vida pobres desgraciados fuerza john

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