John Travolta & Kelly Preston did what now?

May 18th, 2010 // 180 Comments

Because Thetans aren’t going to E-meter themselves or however the fuck Scientology works (Internal combustion?), John Travolta and Kelly Preston have announced they’re geniuses and put a baby inside a 47-year-old uterus:

It’s impossible to keep a secret…especially one as wonderful as this. We want to be the first to share this great news with everyone that we are expecting a new addition to our family.
- John, Kelly and Ella.”


So do they want another mentally handicapped child to replace the last one? *ducks*

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  4. Toma

    I come to this site to be amused, and I am about as much an asshole as Fish. But even I have to say that shit aint funny.

  5. FinishinMyCoffee

    i’m more offended by the lack of funny after stooping so low, than i am about the stooping low itself.

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  7. they look nice togheter

  8. He is great actor and dad

  9. captain america

    I wonder: HE GOT SHIT IN HIS HEAD, folks?

  10. Gerald_Tarrant

    This wasn’t a jab at the retarded kid that died. It was about his retarded parents. You know, the gay guy who can’t act and was only part of two successful films (one was the ensemble and story that made it) and the chick who did full frontal in Secret Admirer and hasn’t been relevant since (besides marrying a scientologist queer).

  11. Sara

    You’ve just proven there is a LOT of fodder for jokes in Travolta/Preston’s past to use for humour instead of poking fun at the death of their child and the quite possible handicap of this child. FFS.

  12. ROUGH never sleeps

    I will support which ever side the argument tilt…Hope, you get enough of your “office” buddies to browbeat the crowd into learning sometimes (on this site) inappropriateness maybe be the law and make them swallow it. So far the outcome seems to be in your favor.

  13. turd da third

    They are just two self absobed idiots who care more about themselves than understanding what they are really doing or potentially doing to others.

  14. Jon

    That’s not very nice. I’m all for giving shit to the trashy wanabe reality celebs and the like, but what’s John Travolta or his wife ever done to anyone?

  15. Jon

    That’s not very nice. I’m all for giving shit to the trashy wanabe reality celebs and the like, but what’s John Travolta or his wife ever done to anyone?

  16. Jon

    Yes Scientology is stupid, but if I had to hold a grudge against people every time they come up with a fake religious God.. I’d be holding a grudge against hmm… NEARLY EVERY AMERICAN THAT EXISTS ALIVE OR DEAD!?!?!

    How many of you hypocritical douches boycot Christmas or Easter? *chick chingggg* Capitalism or christianity? What’s the difference?

  17. meme

    Love it! You said what people were thinking but afraid to say. WTF are they thinking – a baby at 47? That is irresponsible.

  18. Ya know, the likelihood of the child having problems skyrockets in the mothers thirties. Everyone knows that don’t they? Maybe have kids in your early twenties, ya know? Having a child in your forties put’s your baby at a staggering risk.

    But you have to prove you can do it of course. Fuck the baby’s health and well being. Women’s lib.

  19. bonhomey


    Next time, count to ten – OK, for you, maybe a smaller number – before you write something as tasteless and insensitive as this. And the same goes for all the posters who harp on the Travoltas’ “irresponsibility.” Please get on with your perfect lives, and leave the rest of us alone.

  20. Carolyn

    If this is what they want then I’m glad for them. The downside is that she’ll be 65 and he 74 when their child graduates from high school. I had my only child at 45 and now that he’s 19 and I’m 64 I realize that it would have been great to be younger when he was born so I could hope to be around as he realizes his potential. The upside is that my husband and I were settled, more patient and had enough money to do some fun things. Our son is bright, confident and comfortable with people of all ages. Good for the Travoltas and I hope that their baby is happy and healthy. Glad I don’t have to change diapers again though!

  21. YM

    #24 maybe if you buy him a new dress he’ll feel better

  22. Hugh Gentry

    anyone who has a problem with his free speech needs to fucking die. People complaining about Fish need to all get together in a giant chamber, breathe deeply, and keel over.

  23. havoc

    Did they actually say she’s pregnant? All it says is “an addition to the family”.

    They could be getting another dog for all I know or care.

    Hail Xenu.


  24. Never again

    That last comment was way too far…’ve lost a viewer forever….bye!

  25. ambershoe

    Reallly?! I’ve read this site for YEARS but it’s going downhill. Especially with a comment like that. I love the witty asshole things he says, but that’s just plain uncalled for. if you want to go for that, then do it, but i wont be coming back.

  26. Jackson

    Let’s toast the little meat puppet. BTW, dibs on buying the thing it’s first helmet!

  27. sarah

    Yeah – this comment was sub-par. Kind of ishy actually.

  28. chuck

    not cool dude, very cold

  29. Kris

    If people don’t like your comments, they shouldn’t read the site. I thought the comment was funny!

  30. may

    I’ve always laughed at your jokes no matter how mean they were.. But this is just too far man… too far. It’s not funny

  31. Fish

    Sorry guys, I’m a loser in real life and rely on a blog for my income. What do you really expect from a degenerate like me?

    P.S. I love the cock.

  32. duh patrol

    Between the yards of cheap merchandise spam and the purely-for-shock value Fish writer this site really shits the bed now. Either start deleting this shit – and that goes for the new “writer” – or start losing readers. Then you can have a whole thread made entirely of spam! YAY!

  33. Supafish called it right, the risk for Down’s is huge at that age. Having a kid at that age is dangerous. Al least they can afford to care for one of those kids.

  34. @121 Well go about with our Biology books and stuff. Comment was rude though.

  35. Tommy gun

    Fish is Right. RETARDS should be not allowed to breed.

    I love how idiots call him the “Special” kid. Give me a break.


  36. Tommy gun

    Fish you got to limit the size of the comments to 50 words. If you can’t say it in 50 words you are a Retard.

    I get it now. All the retards have come out and are posting today.

  37. @138 Retards can’t breed, their chromosomes are not even numbered. You mean “stupid” should be sterilized. Good luck with that.

  38. Tommy gun

    Obviously all the RETARDS who are posting are Scientologists. This sick cult has to be shut down by the authorities. Miscavage needs to be arrested.

    L Ron Retard is known to be one of the biggest Retards in the history of the world.

  39. rita

    fish please stick to calling girls fat and ugly (whether they are or not lol)

    fortunately, unlike said girls, this couple probs doesn’t read this site.

    yeah, i’m a snide bitch but i’m just not into making fun of unborn kids and families that have suffered a lot.

  40. OJ's Mom

    Dear Mr. Kotter:

    Please stop making fun of Vinnie’s family. They are having a tough time.

    Epstein’s Mother.

  41. BluMizu

    A year ago you wrote this about the Death of their son: (

    “Wow, that’s horrifically sad and especially right after the holidays. My sincerest condolences to the Travolta family and Jett’s loved ones.”

    Perhaps you forgot what a horrible tragedy his death was. Does this post also include your sincerest condolences?

  42. N

    After 35, the chances of a child with deformities is much higher but I’ve known several mothers who have had healthy children in their 40s and none personally that haven’t.

  43. lb

    ok, I don’t think it’s stupid for you to say cruel things. That is kind of your job. But it’s stupid of you to say things that you know will bother the vast majority of your readers. You make your money from advertisers who want to reach your viewers, but if all of your viewers stop visiting the site because they think that your a heartless asshole, then your going to lose revenue. Everybody agrees that Lindsey Lohan is a joke, but nobody thinks that a dead child is.

  44. Queenmab

    Wow what a bunch of whiners!

  45. lisa

    being mentally handicapped is probably not such a tragedy as being EMOTIONALLY handicapped – which seems to be your case, Fish

  46. Kelly

    Like other readers are saying, I admit most of the time your comments are funny, but this was so harsh. Totally unnecessary and cruel.

  47. Amy

    Between this distasteful comment (among others), the spam, and viruses, I’m out. I hope the ads drop you and this site tanks.

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