John Travolta & Kelly Preston did what now?

May 18th, 2010 // 180 Comments

Because Thetans aren’t going to E-meter themselves or however the fuck Scientology works (Internal combustion?), John Travolta and Kelly Preston have announced they’re geniuses and put a baby inside a 47-year-old uterus:

It’s impossible to keep a secret…especially one as wonderful as this. We want to be the first to share this great news with everyone that we are expecting a new addition to our family.
- John, Kelly and Ella.”


So do they want another mentally handicapped child to replace the last one? *ducks*

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  1. Danklin24

    Randal you understand they didnt actually come by and write that dont you? you really are a turd. Someone needs to take your computer away.

  2. Dirk Diggler

    Congratulations Fish. In your quest for attention, ie page hits, you’ve become a complete douche. It’s sad that The Superficial has become the Spencer Pratt of websites. It used to be funny, with the occasional pictures of bikini clad hotties thrown in, but now it’s just sad, pathetic attempts to increase page views by mocking a dead mentally handicapped kid.
    So just like that vapid attention whore I’m going to ignore you. I know this means little to you, just as it would Pratt, but eventually as more people become bored with your attention whoring you’ll seek to even lower levels trying to get what you desperately crave.

  3. Danklin24

    #25 you’re a fucking idiot. Making fun of a celebs bad plastic surgery is a far cry from making a sick joke about the death of someone’s son, mentally challenged or not. Yes most of us get the purpose of this website however, the creator of it is still a human being and one would expect a little bit of decency and common sense from said human being. It takes a real disgusting asshole to make such a comment and Fish just lost another reader and FB follower…which is no skin off my nose seeing as how i’m sick and tired of seeing Spender Pratt and the Jersey shore douchebags all the time. Fish obviously has many man crushes.

  4. Danklin24

    Btw, i hope your mom dies of brain cancer.

    Oh come on, it was just a joke….

  5. John Travolta and Kelly Preston have announced that they are geniuses and put a baby's stomach for 47 years

  6. Holy hell! Wow, Fish. Don’t hold back.

  7. Danklin24

    That doesnt even make sense idiot.

  8. ChristopherX

    Don’t listen to these sandy vag d-bag. i lol’d irl.

  9. Funny how people are quick to jump on him for his comment, yet neglect the whole… oh, Travolta let his son die due to believing in a religion created by a science fiction writer who had a public statement saying outright he was making up bullshit for money. If he and his wife were innocents in the situation, yeah the comment would be too much, but in this situation that is hardly the case.

    Travolta deserves nothing less, and all the “he just lost his dogs!” in the world pales in comparison to the whole letting his son die.

    (It’s important to remember the joke was a reflection on Travolta, and not the kid who obviously was an innocent.)

  10. YM

    Hopefully the new one wears his Kawasaki helmet

  11. Lame and, most importantly, unfunny. Desgraciado…

  12. G

    Fish may have been insensitive, yes. That’s undeniable.

    However, you cannot also deny that it is irresponsible of her to get pregnant at her age. The chances of this child being born with down syndrome are greater than 1 in 30.

  13. LMAO

    Thay are hoping for another retard to replace the dead one! XD

  14. Ms Whiplash

    Wow, Sara and Danklin (and others), could you be any more gullible? If you can’t see that you’re giving Fish the EXACT reaction he was aiming for, then you’re even more clueless than I thought. I’ll ask again, what the hell do you expect from the writer of this site? No shit, he’s insensitive, cruel, and constantly trying to push our buttons. OF COURSE HE IS – THAT’S THE POINT. But, I suppose I’m wasting my breath, since Danklin for one will never be back to read this. Too bad, but no loss to the site. As the old saying goes, there’s one born every minute. Keep on pushing the boundaries, Fish, it’s why we all come here! Oh, and Sara? The early (or anytime) death of a child is the worst nightmare of ALL parents, not just those in your particular situation. And PS. calling me an idiot kind of hurt my feelings, but I forgive you…because hey, it’s the internet, and anonymous name-calling is pretty standard. Cheers!

  15. Hey is that tard in the ground yet? i want to fuck it.

  16. juaquin ingles

    #24 wow your b/f sounds like a fucking pussy.

  17. Serena

    So i’ve been a faithful follower of this website for a few years now, and I have sat and watched the slow decline of creativity and actual wit in these posts. This one however, takes the cake. Did you really just say that about their deceased son? Not only was that the worst attempt at humor I have ever witnessed, it was also; ignorant, malicious, and completely uncalled for. Somehow I find it hard to believe that they waited for Kelly to be 47, all in hoped of finally conceiving another handicapped child, call me crazy. Oh, and I love all these “hahah guys, this is exactly the response fish was hoping for”, that is such bullshit. He ran out of funny things to say, and quickly wrote a one liner that he hoped no one would pay too close attention to. Whats next Fish? are you gonna make fun of 9/11? “LOL @ the people who jumped to their deaths”, that seems right up your alley.
    I have been trying to justify for months now why I visit this site, thank you for offically turning me off it. You have lost a follower.

  18. Mmmmmm

    Usually a fan, but too far dude. Seriously. The kid died. I’d take the comment down.

  19. Mr. Mackey


  20. cracka ass

    But he’s a Scientologist, so all jokes are fair game, bitches.

  21. Morons

    I love the tears.

    People die every day. Everyone who dies is somebody’s son.

    By the backwards ass logic most of you seem to have, it is never appropriate to joke about death in any way whatsoever.

    The fact remains that it is irresponsible to try to have another child at this point in their lives. They are obviously trying to compensate for the death of their first child and this is exactly the wrong way to do it.

    Aside from the very real, much increased risks of mental and physical defects for the child, think about the logistics of it. By the time this kid is graduating high school his mother will be 66. She’ll be 70 before he’s done a bachelor’s degree.

    Just stupid.

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  29. Sport

    Relax people.
    We come to this site to read fucked up comments about Hollywood jackasses. There is no boundary for Fish to cross.

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  32. dude

    oh my gosh, sara at #6, I feel you Baby,

    I am myself a mentally handicapped child, just like you. Which is why I feel that a website called “The Superficial” is a perfect forum for hashing out socially sensitive issues. After all, there are literally thousands of websites for retards just like us, but you chose the least accommodating one, called “The Superficial”. So I commend you, fellow retard, for attacking the least libelous of all of them. Yeah. Go for it.

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  34. That One Guy

    So much rage on this site. I must harness it to pick the winning Lottery numbers.

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  38. Markus

    Best. Comment. Ever.

    People, you need to learn how to laugh at life.

  39. The CreaseMaster

    The FISH is a gutless douche.

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  42. MCake

    Geez, that was a really sh*tty comment to make – I reckon you should take it down as well. I also normally find this site pretty witty but that was incredibly heartless and mean. That was a fellow human being that died, and even though he may not have been ‘perfect’ was loved. His parents or parents of other kids like Jett, no matter what religion they follow or jobs they have really don’t deserve to hear stuff like that. C’mon – show some compassion.

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  48. Capt. Fancypants

    This is why I come to this site.

    Crass humor, faux internet outrage, with a touch of spam comments.

    If you don’t like what you read here, and you feel the need to rage quit the FISH (cause I know some of you people raged quit over the DJ AM post so long ago).. Feel free to GTFO and leave quietly.

    Nothing is keeping here.

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  50. Darrin

    I like her. Him, not so much. That said, I wish them all the best.

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