John Travolta extortionists caught

Two Bahamian politicians and an EMT who attempted to resuscitate Jett Travolta were arrested Friday for attempting to extort millions from John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston. The extortion involved circumstances surrounding Jett’s death, but what exactly those circumstances were have yet to be revealed. TMZ reports:

Here’s what we know about the allegations — Obie Wilchcombe (a member of Parliament and former “friend” of Travolta’s), former Senator Pleasant Bridgewater (she just resigned), and EMT Tarino Lightbourne made the initial demand and then began “negotiating” with Travolta’s people. We’re told Travolta’s reps “negotiated,” not to seriously entertain a payoff but instead to gather evidence against the trio.
Sources say “the negotiations” were in the $10 to $20 million range, with Wilchcombe, Bridgewater, and Lightbourne eventually saying they would settle for something in the middle.
Furthermore sources tell us, all three would have received a cut, and Wilchcombe would have received “a significant amount” of the loot.
Sources say Wilchcombe, who appeared on Larry King’s show the night Jett died to discuss the family’s grief, was “very much involved” in the alleged plot.

TMZ also reports the negotiations were caught on tape proving these blackmailers are not only soulless but mentally retarded. I can’t even imagine what “incriminating” info they actually had: John Travolta – wears a blue bath robe! HOLY SHIT!

Photos: Getty