John Travolta extortion plot revealed. Surprise! It’s asinine.

January 27th, 2009 // 26 Comments

Tarino Lightbourn, an EMT who arrived at the scene of Jett Travolta’s death, was charged with conspiracy to commit extortion for trying to blackmail John Travolta for $25 million. Tarino allegedly had a “refusal to transport” document signed at the scene by the actor that he thought would be damaging. It’s not. People reports:

Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Marvin Dames downplayed the importance of the document.
“The document did not apply in the Travolta case,” Dames tells PEOPLE. “It did not apply because he was very ill, and so, the only alternative would be to take him to the hospital. Refusal to transport documents are for cases involving minor injuries. If your injuries are minor and you don’t want to be transported, the ambulance driver would produce that form. It waives responsibility on the part of the hospital.”
Dames insists the Travoltas did everything possible to save their son.
“We were satisfied from all our investigations that the Travolta family and those who rendered aid to Jett did all that was humanly possible to revive Jett,” Dames says. “All did what they were able to resuscitate him.”
“There’s no evidence to support that there was any effort to avoid medical treatment,” he adds. “Lightbourn said that himself in several interviews.”

While all that explains things, you know what downplays the document even more? It’s probably fake:

For now, the police are having difficulty determining the authenticity of the document Lightbourn allegedly tried to sell to Travolta.
“We don’t know where the original is,” the senior assistant commissioner says. “We don’t know if he generated the document.”

So, Brainiac the EMT driver forged a document whose authenticity can’t even be verified and tried to bilk a grieving John Travolta whose every move is being followed by the press out of $25 million. Not to mention he went through Travolta’s lawyers who, oh I dunno, have a basic understanding of legitimate documentation. And this plan failed? Jesus, what are the odds?


  1. heather

    wooohoo! first?

  2. AmberDextrose

    Well I knew my evil plan would fail, of course. But jail is good during a credit crunch.

  3. dooley

    Also read (somewhere else) that there are more than one person involved. What are the odds that there are multiple such idiots in existence – and that they all end up in the same place at the same time? Oh, wait, I forgot about Congress. Nevermind.

  4. sadjustsad

    how pathetic.. not to mention evil.

    but i think the travoltas couldve prevented this tragedy had they sought medical help for jett’s actual condition (autism). of course, this entails admitting the fact of such condition existing. Instead, they just dismissed it as some rare japanese disease. blaming is offline but i hope this serves as a lesson to them scientologist folks denying the existence of long-proven psychiatric diseases.

  5. Right Fury

    there is a slight possibility (very slight) of the refusal being real though. Scientologists are weird. They have rules about which hospitals they will and won’t go to. Look what happened to that poor lady they “detoxed”. Drove her all over LA to a scientology friendly hospital. she died.

  6. Shep

    They should post this guys name and picture all over the media so whenever he tries to ask a chick out they can go “hey aren’t you that disgusting human being who tried to extort millions of dollars from a grieving family?”

    To which he probably would respond

    “You may also know some of my other work, Push a baby stroller into traffic?”

  7. jimmy

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  8. It's Me Fuckers

    sick mother fuckers to do this to a grieving family. The same goes with any of you cocksuckers out there who think the Travolta family is somehow responsible for the death of their son. If someone has different beliefs you people think it is wrong. No I don’t support Scientology BUT I honestly think the Travoltas did everything they thought was best for their kids.

  9. oy vey

    ok sorry the kid is dead and extortion is sick but that kid was NEVER good looking. very odd combo of travolta/preston parts that never quite meshed.

  10. scabbeus

    @9 Kind of like Rumer WIllis?

  11. Jrz

    Scum. Bags.

  12. JPRichardson

    What if it is true that Travolta denied his son the chance to be properly treated in a hospital?

  13. Josh

    Should have gotten the documentation that proved the kid was retarded. I mean aside from the fairly obvious picture up there where he practically drooling on himself. Travolta would have paid at least 25 million to cover that up. He let his kid die to cover it up.

  14. wtf

    why is that kids face photoshopped?? look at other pics of him….thats not what his chin looked like irl…wow…thats fucked up

  15. Josh

    All Jett photos are treated for “tard face” before being released to the press.

  16. BM

    does anyone else think this son looks like a girl?

  17. beep beep

    Jett Travolta had Lego teeth.

  18. Richard McBeef

    That dead kid has dolphin teeth. Hilarious!

  19. chewgees

    The guy was probably trying to recoup $$$ for bloated ticket prices and pain and suffering and mental anguish for all the years of watching shitty Travolta movies……..except for Pulp Fiction (very cool movie)

  20. Dirk

    Where’s the evidence of a $25 mil extortion plot? Sounds like something cooked up by the Travoltas to counter the world’s attention to their refusal to get their son life saving help.

  21. dew

    I have no idea what went on after the boy fell in the bath, but -if- he was so severely injured that he probably would have to be kept alive by machines, I’d never hold it against any parents for refusing resuscitation, especially if the body was already lifeless before considering resuscitation.

    But I don’t even know if this is what they were being extorted for. First stories seemed to think it was a photo of their son after he’d passed. Whatever happened, all involved with the extortion plot are vile.

  22. He messed with the scientology-movement, folks?

  23. KoT

    Does anyone really care? I’m pretty sure his kid is on the Hubbard spaceship heading to planet “Who gives a fuck about Scientologists”!

  24. chevette

    Today for the Travoltras, tomorrow for us. Lets pray for this family, it does not matter if he is a star or not, the fact is, he is a father. mAY GOD BE WITH YOU

  25. Travolta initially didn’t want Jett to be treated locally. He wanted to fly him out to Flordia. Paramedics, concerned by this, asked for a waiver to be signed absolving them of responsibility if Travolta went ahead.

  26. This means accepting the fact that the current condition. Instead, simply dismissed as a rare disease in Japan. the fault is disconnected, but I hope to serve as a lesson for people deny the existence of Scientology has long demonstrated psychiatric illnesses.

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