John Travolta extortion case declared a mistrial

After John Travolta deliveried an emotional testimony in court to convict a Bahamian senator and ambulance driver of attempting to extort $25 million in the days following his son Jett’s death, the judge in the case declared a mistrial when it was announced on the news the senator was acquitted before the jury delivered its verdict. People reports:

“John [Travolta] was upset,” Ossi says. “He wants to know more.”
It’s believed one of the jurors called a politician in Freeport and told him Bridgewater had been acquitted, Ossi said. That call would have taken place at the same time the jury was deliberating.
A mistrial came as no surprise to some court observers who predicted politics played a role throughout the trial. Bridgewater had been a rising star within the PLP when she was arrested in January. One of the prosecution’s main witnesses, Allyson Maynard-Gibson, is a PLP senator and Travolta’s Bahamian attorney. Gibson’s involvement in the case caused a great rift in the party.
Prominent members of the PLP came out in force to support Bridgewater during the trial.

With corruption so deep not even the courts are safe, this leaves John Travolta with no other recourse but to bust out his Xenu Rays and wipe the Bahamas off the map. “PEW PEW PEW! Like holy gee, Mr. Kottah! PEW PEW! These guns handle like Tom Cruise’s penis! PEW PEW!”*

*Dramatic reenactment.

Photos: Getty