John Stamos ordered the fish not the crazy


The FBI was called to investigate a “verbal altercation” that occurred on a flight between John Stamos and an unidentified woman on Monday. John was asleep during the flight when the woman, also a first class passenger, decided to wake him up. E! Online reports:

The woman then persisted in trying to get the actor’s attention after he told her he wanted to sleep. Then, when he got up to use the restroom, she informed him she would wait in his seat until he returned.
After Stamos got back to his seat, the woman persisted in trying to chat with him, refusing flight attendants’ urging to go back to her own first-class seat and repeatedly tapping Stamos on the hand.

John Stamos opted not to press charges. Wow, what a nice guy. That’s good though. This lady is in enough trouble as it is. Just wait until her husband finds out that she was on a plane and disturbing a man’s slumber. Cleary she doesn’t pay any attention to the rules he wrote in black marker on that sheet over the bed. See what happens when you don’t stay at home and cook a hot, delicious meal while folding laundry? Yeah, the FBI shows up. Thank God we live in such an awesome country. Now you see why I salute the flag every morning. You know, besides being drunk.

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