John Stamos ordered the fish not the crazy

November 14th, 2007 // 72 Comments

The FBI was called to investigate a “verbal altercation” that occurred on a flight between John Stamos and an unidentified woman on Monday. John was asleep during the flight when the woman, also a first class passenger, decided to wake him up. E! Online reports:

The woman then persisted in trying to get the actor’s attention after he told her he wanted to sleep. Then, when he got up to use the restroom, she informed him she would wait in his seat until he returned.
After Stamos got back to his seat, the woman persisted in trying to chat with him, refusing flight attendants’ urging to go back to her own first-class seat and repeatedly tapping Stamos on the hand.

John Stamos opted not to press charges. Wow, what a nice guy. That’s good though. This lady is in enough trouble as it is. Just wait until her husband finds out that she was on a plane and disturbing a man’s slumber. Cleary she doesn’t pay any attention to the rules he wrote in black marker on that sheet over the bed. See what happens when you don’t stay at home and cook a hot, delicious meal while folding laundry? Yeah, the FBI shows up. Thank God we live in such an awesome country. Now you see why I salute the flag every morning. You know, besides being drunk.

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  1. MindRiot

    Nice shoes. Asshat.

  2. craigj

    Almost first!

  3. anna garzia


  4. anna garzia


  5. Frist how many times have I told you desperation never works

  6. Bert

    Maybe she just wanted to know why he’s considered an “actor”.

  7. I guess you can call that first degree stalking?…lol At least he didn’t press charges. Imagine what might have happened if he did talk to her?

  8. AnneB

    I think she wanted to touch his sleep-woody.

  9. steve

    Hey Anna Garzia!
    Take a clue from MindRiot, who not only took the higher ground by not proclaiming “first” (which, I’m assuming Anna, is what grade you’re in) but made a funny joke.

    And Anna Garzia! We’d like to take every single goddamned annoying motherfucking cock-eating shit-licking ass-rimming old-man-feltching fist-fucking piece of fucked up pathetic diarreah coming out of the ass of an old syphilis infected boxcar hobo motherfucker who types “FIRST”, and rip their intestines out their asshole and make them eat it.

    Have a great day Anna Garzia!

  10. MindRiot

    I never understood the FIRST bullshe-it.
    Why be as lame as the photo I’m making fun of?

  11. who cares, steve

    You’re a douche. Say something funny about the story or shut the fuck up. Only posers try to be moderators on a blog they don’t own.

  12. jerkin

    MindRiot…….. not only was your statement NOt funny, but don’t pat yourself on the back afterwards, ok?

  13. Vince Lombardi

    Apparently the way John Stamos stays so thin is, rather than eating those little chocolates they leave on this $500-a-night hotel-suite-for-talentless-actors pillows, he uses them TO POLISH HIS BOOTS.

    John, it’s called KIWI and it takes about 30 seconds and a brush, dude.

  14. @5 Hey Troll, then why are you so desperate to be someone else??

  15. We should be careful with MindRiot, bashing him might be a hate crime (gays)

  16. Great comeback, Jimbo! I’m surprised, I didn’t think you had it in you. Seriously, because you’re kinda dumb (no offense).

  17. Stamos is the only reason I watch ER. Before he went on the show, I never tried to masturbate to it. Ok, once or twice, but only because they were showing dead bodies.

  18. I love the middle picture. It’s like he’s finished sucking my cock and getting ready to brace himself against the wall as I get behind him. Awwww, who am I kidding? I’m always the one doing the bracing

  19. Jimbo

    I just fucked my troll’s mom.

  20. jerkin

    that’s nothing. I just fucked my own mom.

  21. jackin

    Quite pathetic that people on here have NOTHING funny to say so they post gross things with other peoples names. Sad really.

  22. jerkin

    aww, mindriot, did I hit a nerve? you’re a dumbfuck.

  23. Doomhammer

    Shit like that is exactly why I bought my own jet and stopped using public transportation.

  24. veggi

    Stamos is the guy you fuck when you’re really really hating yourself.

  25. Mary Kate Olson

    I am a troll. What’s the problem?
    PS I fucked jerkin’s mom. Jerkin helped. A little.

  26. steve

    I hope Fish comes up with another post soon, this has really degenerated. Plus I really want to be first!

  27. veggi

    24- shaaaad aaap eeeedeeot!

    Seriously, this guy doesn’t age, does he… maybe he should give some tips to the olson twins..

  28. MindRiot

    Easy Jerkin.
    Not patting anything there pal. Is recess already over for you?

    What a bunch of desperate teens on here. You dont drop the obligatory ‘first’ and get bashed. Oh well.

  29. Doomhammer

    You guys lay off the shoes. Ive been told that John had just returned from stomping out some hot spots in the hollywood hills before this shoot.

  30. veggi

    He gave a tip to me once. Right out of my butt. He’s a nasty boy. Anyway, I really wish I hadn’t had two bowls of Muesli that morning…

  31. veggi

    30-that doesn’t even make sense… and what’s your deal with butts? yer weird man..

  32. p911gt10c

    #9 atta boy Steve!

    Now that’s the kinda passion to erradicate all the losers that claim “first!’ I like to see!!

  33. Geoff

    I’m first!!! No really folks this is a first. I’m going to slander the idiots who bitch at people for proclaiming themselves first. Let’s call them first-fags. I’m find and dandy with the people proclaiming themselves “First!” but I really think that the people who bitch at them, like they are going to stop them or change their minds, are the real retards here. SO everyone join me in welcoming in the new term first-fag and christen in by laying into Steve. Congratulations Steve your are the first first-fag! Yaaaaaay!

  34. @15, 17, 18, &19 Wow I have at least two troll.

    Hey Veggi how many trolls do you have??

  35. Binchia

    Q. What did the leper say to the prostitute?
    A. Keep the tip.

  36. RENEE Z...

    He used to be so hot. Now he’s just nasty. And that was some lame commentary, fish guy; lame-O.

  37. Geoff

    f7f17-08 Ha ha! You are the second place first-fag! Way to shine!

  38. p911gt10c

    You’re a loser.

  39. veggi

    HA! steve is p911gt10c’s little bitch. You really shouldn’t have taken a man’s name, steve.

  40. p911gt10c

    Looks like he’s got one at #39.

  41. veggi

    39- go. find. your. own. name. dickfuck.
    And jimbo, I’m sure I have serveral trolls, but their collective IQ is embarassing.

  42. Rand

    I’d have to agree that the obsession with “first” is gay, both for the people who write it and the people who care that they write it and hiss at them like flamers.

  43. 23apples

    What is with the huge glittery ring on his hand in the middle picture?

  44. Raquel

    I agree with #11. It’s pathetic to try to police other commenters on a blog that’s not yours, according to some rule you made up. It’s something kids would do on the playground.

  45. Geoff

    #43 if you look closely its a ring that spells out “FIRST” in little, tiny, diamonds.

  46. veggi

    “embarrassingly high!!!” I meant to say (I hate it when I misspell a key word when I’m trying to bash somebody’s intelligence).

  47. veggi

    46- actually, you imbread twat, I meant to put the ASS in embarASSing.. get it? you’re an ass?

  48. M

    I’d rather deal with that than someone’s fuck trophy screaming the entire flight.

  49. veggi

    lmao@ “imbread”

  50. veggi

    when i make you a sammich, do you want the imbread toasted?

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