John Stamos has the weirdest belly button ever

May 18th, 2007 // 46 Comments

John Stamos may or may not be a demon. Judging by his belly button I’m going with may.


  1. Redswipe

    Do I get a prize if I’m first?

  2. Parrish

    His belly button, maybe.

  3. KatieKates

    I know someone who has a baby with a freaky belly button like that. Only it is bigger. And on a baby? Wayyyy creepier than even John Stamos’s demonic navel.

  4. Binky

    I don’t think I can stomach that

  5. Redswipe

    ‘His belly button, maybe.’ – Well that sucks, you can’t sell body parts on Ebay.

  6. Stamos: Uncle Jesse in the ER? OK, I got nothin’.

  7. In the event of a water landing, his belly button can be used as a floatation device.

  8. BarbadoSlim

    John Stamos? How does it feel like there in ….1988? why don’t you post a link to that Kokomo video while you are at it.

    yikes, you suck.

  9. Dirty Sanchez

    Tom Selleck is fucking HOT

  10. Anything that involves Tom Selleck makes me happy. I want one of those mustaches.

  11. I think I’m gonna puke

  12. Thank god my work blocks video streaming and I can not see something this gross so early in the morning.

    Good Morning FRIST

  13. DancingQueen

    That is just nasty! EW!!! I’ll take Tom Selleck over that douche Stamos any day. Tom’s what 60 or something probably? And he still looks damn fine!! GO TOM!!! Love the dimples!

    On a side note: Could Conan BE any hairier or more freckled??? He and Ho-Han need to get together and between the two of them and all those fucking freckles the kid would just be one gigantic freckle.

  14. Aww….sure Jimbo…:)

  15. The_Squizz

    I thought this asshole was dead.

  16. yrmomlovesme

    Reminiscing about Full House… he’s still hot.

    I need a pic of his belly button with that mustache. Wtf…



    Stamos is promoting ER, which apparently is still on. So instead of making 1988 jokes you should be making 1994 jokes!

  18. Guy

    If I shown my bellybutton live on TV people would gasp at my rib cages poking out.

  19. yrmomlovesme

    And I will marry Conan one day. He’s awesome.

  20. captain obvious

    Yipes! What the hell was that?! It looked like 2 belly buttons were going on there. I will never be able to think of John Stamos now without thinking also of his bellybutton. Not that I ever even think of Stamos to begin w/…well, maybe 15 years ago when he was super hot…but not anymore.

  21. robo

    That was worth it just to see Tom Sellek lift his shirt. God, that man is sexy! I am so horny right now. I will jump on top of him and ride, sall,y ride…..

  22. redsonja1313


  23. forget john stamos…..aaaaaaahhh Conan. he’s so fucking awesome.

  24. sharr

    I’d still do him.

  25. Okay belly buttons in general gross me out, I mean if anyone comes near mine, they get slapped. I have no idea it’s some weird thing of mine…you know how some people think clowns will eat them…well with me belly buttons ewww. LOLLLL I should find a catchy phrase about that..

  26. meee

    EWW! fucking sick. i almost puked when that other guy stuck his finger in his. uuugggh

  27. lostpoem

    I *want* to make a nasty comment, but I can’t help it– I have to applaud Stamos’s bravery– and the way he called out Conan & Selleck to join in on the striptease. I would NEVER have gone on there to show post-operative deformities, major skin abnormalities, excessive hair growth, or anything else that would make me the source of mental anguish and possibly nausea for viewers. That boy’s got moxie! Now, if he would only have stuck to his standards and kept that bulbous mini-me under wraps…

  28. elizabeththewellread

    ALL THREE STILL ADORABLE!!!! Actually, I hated Uncle Jesse. Stamos is hotter now.

  29. ginger

    selleck had a “stiffy”!

  30. Hollywood Chick

    That clip was fucking hilarious!

  31. jmp13

    thats a lipo scar… or a bad nose job. you think with as much money as stamos makes he can afford a surgeon with enough brains to not put a nose on your stomach

  32. skyhydragonfly

    You have to admit that was funny…..

  33. Access_Denied

    Good grief – you guys are so superficial. Get over yourselves!

  34. these old guyz suck
    who would want either
    one of them? they r
    probably secretly gay.

  35. theyareallidiots

    Those guys were all being cool…and REAL…not in a gay way either.

  36. Tina

    That was so much more hair than I’m used to seeing…

  37. clare

    Stamos’ belly button is like a big intertube..The entire Brangelina clan can fit in there and float down the Nile.

  38. phillip

    bellybutton, shmellybutton – i’d blow him.

  39. Michelle

    Why didnt he go for plastic surgery and get that fixed. He doesnt even take his shirt off, it’s not like anyone would’ve known.

  40. I can’t believe that John Stamos would actually do that in front of everyone…

  41. Summer

    Oh my gosh. It looks not like a little nose but a big ugly, horrible one. More horrible than having hair surrounding it.

  42. add some eyes, and you have a human being!!!!
    that’s funny, but not for him I guess.

  43. lacey

    How funny.Stamos still looks great even with his button…and my God is Selleck still one sexy hunk of man for his age?

  44. hey snowgirl here yah i love your show but why does it have to end so wuickly please dont let it end please by love you

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