John McCain picks a lady to be his Vice President

August 29th, 2008 // 574 Comments

It’s a Friday before a holiday weekend, so what the hell? Let’s talk about John McCain (Hey, he’s a celebrity too!) and his sans penis vice presidential pick today: Alaskan governor Sarah Palin. Here’s the word from Reuters:

Palin, 44, a self-described “hockey mom,” is a conservative first-term governor of Alaska with strong anti-abortion views, a record of reform and fiscal conservatism and an outsider’s perspective on Washington.
“She’s exactly who I need. She’s exactly who this country needs to help me fight the same old Washington politics of me first and country second,” McCain told a roaring crowd of 15,000 supporters in Dayton, Ohio.

So what do you think: Awesome? Bad? We’re straight fucked? She looks like Tina Fey? Cheap political ploy? Where’s Alaska? I’d hit it? I’ll let you guys handle the deep intellectual discourse. And people say this site isn’t informative. In your face, entire mainstream media!

Photo: Associated Press

  1. wat



    obama wins bye

  2. I’d hit it, but she looks too much like my mom………Yeah I’d hit it

  3. First:

    And she’s not Tina Fey. She’s Dr. Melfi.

    Go on with your bad, political self, The Superficial.

  4. rough daddy

    forget it superfish youre not going to see any sign of her pendulous tatas, now that shes on stage!

  5. beth

    McCain is skeeerewed. Now its time for the battle of the hair ! Cindy vs. Sarah. READY….. FIGHT!

  6. syn

    I think she’s fantastic. I would have put my money on Romney so I was pretty surprised when I heard!

  7. Mike

    V P I L F

  8. mc

    she’s hot but too conservative.. pretty random pick. i guess mccain’s pulling out all the stops. it’s a shame the only woman still in the game is an uptight republican (not that i ever actually considered hillary seriously).

  9. rodger

    Doesn’t matter, I’m still voting for Obama. I did do some research on her though, she is ultra conservative, recently she has been pushing to remove government protection of polar bears because it hinders the oil companies trying to develop in alaska.


    Polar bears?

    What a bitch.

  10. ding dang

    I’d fuck her so hard her vice pussy would pop out.

  11. Harry

    Methinks McCain didn’t make this pick with the big head.

  12. DGOhio

    She’s definitely a GILF right now. Hopefully she’ll be a VPILF. So HOT!!!

  13. Wow...just wow...

    So he picked a woman who will vote AGAINST women’s rights to make it appear “ok.” I vote “cheap political ploy” and give him 1 month before he calls her a c*$t in public like he did his own wife.

  14. sirrix

    Vice pussy! Hey-O!

    No but seriously, I’d hit that too.

  15. she looks like andrea zuckerman, the 30-year old who played a high schooler on 90210.

  16. Deacon Jones

    She’s a fucking hypocrite just like the rest of them – she was in prancing around a stage in 1984 in a bathin suit for Miss Alaska, now she’s a stonecold hard bitch? Fuck her

  17. Harry

    Here’s a hot picture of her:

  18. havoc



  19. Rodgerisatwat

    Polar bears are not endangered, but they will be soon. I am making it my life’s work to shoot and kill every polar bear I see – fuck those white things.

  20. Rodgerisatwat

    Polar bears are not endangered, but they will be soon. I am making it my life’s work to shoot and kill every polar bear I see – fuck those white things.

  21. Rodgerisatwat

    Polar bears are not endangered, but they will be soon. I am making it my life’s work to shoot and kill every polar bear I see – fuck those white things.

  22. mensa

    i might have been born and raised in alaska, but there is no way in hell i am voting for her and McCain.

  23. Good lord

    Lets not forget her husband is an oil man too AND she’s ALREADY under investigation for corruption. God lord, this administration is so crooked they don’t even bother to HIDE it anymore. Voters will still be stupid enough to vote for this old sod.

  24. Site up and running already!

  25. a reader

    Deep intellectual discourse?

    This one really made me laugh

    and we all know a good laugh does the body good…

  26. Jones

    I think she’s great – wonderful kids names (Bristol, Piper, Track, Willow, and Trig…seriously), finished “first runner up” in a beauty pageant and won “Miss Congeniality” (so, by all means, she’s qualified to be Commander in Chief), became gov of Alaska and got her ex-brother-in-law fired from the State Police (maybe she can consult on the choice for Attorney General).

    Oh yeah – a few months ago, her youngest was born. Down Syndrome, needs extra care and attention. From somebody else, I suppose, not from his mom. Support family values – vote Republican!

  27. R

    Are we really looking at another president ial candidate concerned with “[himself] first and country second?” That’s just great….

  28. BrownsSuck

    She would be a breast of fresh air in Washington. She has about as much experience as Obama – probably more since she ran the State of Alaska. She had to make more decisions in a week than Obama did in a year.
    (I never thought I’d say this about a President/Vice President – but I would
    hit that repeatedly!)

  29. R

    Are we really looking at another president ial candidate concerned with “[himself] first and country second?” That’s just great….

  30. scooby

    she is hot.i love her. i’m not voting for obama anymore.

    she’s going to be the first woman president.

    this is what’s going to happen – mccain will win, mccain will die, and we’ll get our first female president. NOT YOU HILLARY. THIS HOTTY WILL BE THE FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT.

    oh yeah.

  31. Afterworld

    “Lets not forget her husband is an oil man too”

    He’s a dock worker for an oil company, you tool. Nice bias.

    “AND she’s ALREADY under investigation for corruption.”

    An investigation which she welcomed and encouraged before it was even a story. (Reason: She did nothing wrong, and knows it.)

    Obama looks like such a self-absorbed prick at this point, I can’t imagine how McCain might lose.

  32. So Right

    McCain & Palin have my vote. They say she’s a fierce competitor, a pilot, smart, holds people accountable for doing the right thing, ethical, no scandalous marks on her, and can kick Joe Biden’s arse in a debate. Good for her. I think she might surprise everyone!

  33. ha (and apparently a buzz kill, the truth hurts fatties)

    He just wants all the Hilary votes and of course most of the idiot women out there will fall for it even though his political agenda, stance and views are basically the opposite of hers.

  34. I would enjoy doing naughty things to her daughter

    uhm the one standing on the far right you degenerate sick-o

  35. ggggggg

    Wow McCain, good job on defeating the black guy, use a woman.

  36. Shes a crook

    Shes on record for being a hard core religious fanatic evangelical who believes in creationism and McCain is ready to keel over at any moment. Ask yourselves…ARE YOU READY FOR THIS WOMAN TO BECOME PRESIDENT? If you are then great, vote for her and say good bye to your rights and yes to more money for big oil.

  37. Angus

    Best part – McCain did this to win the votes of the Hillary supporters, not realizing that all those bitter pantsuited hippos have a blood hatred of former beauty queens.

  38. don

    Obamma and Biden….Naw, I think McAncient and McHOT!!!!!!!
    I”m voting HOT TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Stan

    This does nothing to increase his vote – all the compulsive masturbators were voting for him anyway.

  40. LOl

    @So Right – August 29, 2008 3:51 PM
    “…she is ethical, no scandalous marks on her..”

    O’Rly? Shes aleady being investigated for corruption and ethics violations–in her own state.

  41. Undecided Female Voter

    “Ohhhh, she has kids?? 5?? Oh my gosh, hmmmmm, well maybe I’ll vote for her then….” (typical way mid-western fat mom will decide fate of nation)

  42. stickykeys

    I’d tit fuck her.

  43. Mr. Honest

    How long before the naked pics show up? Kind of attractive, grew up during the internet boom, former beauty pageant contestant, it all fits. I guarantee there’s naked pics out there somewhere so it’s up to the Dems to find them. I bet the Voyeurweb owners have someone searching their old pics right now.

  44. veggi

    I can understand why Edwards did what he did. After breast cancer, a woman isn’t really a woman anymore, and it’s completely unreasonable to expect a guy to pretend to be interesting in having sex with the disgusting remnants of her body. But when a woman gives birth to a special needs kid and then excitedly plans to ignore him for the first 4 or 8 years of his life, she deserves to be shot. Typical conservative Republican hypocrisy – by all means, make sure the fetus-person survives until birth, then: fuck ‘em all, if you’ve got problems it’s because God wants you to suffer.

  45. Megan

    I seriously can’t stand this misogynistic hypocrite. I already foresee Biden DESTROYING her in the debates. This also makes me this much more sad that Hillary isn’t VP…because those debates would be even BETTER. If McCain miraculously wins, our country is seriously FUCKED though. Even more than it is right now. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, ANYONE BUT MCCAIN.

  46. yeah. i would hit it. and then I would hit it in the ass just to hear the alaskan scream… then I would go looking for hot eskimos.

  47. In the true spirit of The Superficial...

    #36 – nice picture, but her kids are fucking fat, especially the girl you’re talking about.

  48. kris

    Is it just me or does she look like exactly like Dr. Crane (Cillian Murphy) from Batman Begins?

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