John McCain meets Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin

November 2nd, 2008 // 67 Comments

Before we dive into today’s posting, did everyone remember to set your clocks back? If you didn’t, congratulations, you can smoke/drink/pray to the Baby Jesus your face off for another hour because you’re ahead of the game!
The Superficial: We’re Like a Freakin’ National Treasure Over Here.

Senator John McCain stopped by Saturday Night Live last night and has to know he lost this thing. He did a QVC infomercial with Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin and this sketch had everything: Joe Biden, William Ayers, Cindy McCain (The real one!) and the infamous “Rogue Sarah.” Give it a watch then try not to build a time machine so you can jump ahead to Wednesday before you jab yourself in the eye with a lapel pin. In the meantime, I need to see a man about a flux capacitor.

UPDATE: It was a shoe. Never trust the homeless.


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  9. jennykilyy

    Numerous people are discussing her on ^^^^^^FitnessKiss. C O M^^ ^^^^. So interesting! Join us. Add your peculiar comments.

  10. Stanky

    I wonder if Obama’s illegal aunt watched this clip on her government provided TV in her government subsidized housing?

    Any more liberals want to complain about “proper vetting”? Wait, because it’s a democrat it’s OK.

  11. Dr. Otto would like to endorse Ms. Palin for the 2010 election

  12. whatarethose


  13. pete

    I would have voted for THIS McCain. It’s who I thought he was before the campaign began.

  14. Mindy

    #18 – once again, only negativity. You guys stopped talking up McCain over Obama weeks ago. Now all you do is trash Obama. Everybody can see that and all it does is spread the odor of defeat.

  15. Stanky

    #22 – The opposite of any negative thing about Obama is a positive thing for McCain. McCain doesn’t have illegal alien relatives living off your tax money. That’s positive.

  16. Matt

    This reeks of desperation. Even tina fey looks uncomfortable. I wish he’s just give up. Atleast Obama can eat solid foods. All mccain has to look forward to is Tuesday nights when cindy purees a salisbury steak for him.

  17. If Obama loses because of racism would it be ironic that maybe jeremiah wright was right that caucasians wouldn’t vote for a black man. Or maybe wright was using reverse psychology to spur white guilt. I guess its up to whether people want change or a grandpa who will sleep through the next 4 year, hah.

  18. Stanky

    #24 and 25, please see #22. Hypocritical libs.

  19. M

    I hate americans, 99% of them are stupid. i’m glad for all the misfortune happening to them and if mccain is elected, another shot in the foot. mwa hahaha

  20. StupidAmericans

    Yeah #27, feel the same way, you guys deserve McCain. If you’re fucking retarded enough to vote in another lot of Republicans, you can all go down with the ship that you call the American Empire. You’re all fucked.

  21. Marfar

    McCain’s an alright guy. I’d have a beer with him.

    I’d never, not ever, vote for him, though.

    And I’m fairly certain that I could take Palin in bare-knuckle foxy boxing.

  22. Kierin

    #27 and #28- then why are you reading and posting on an American website, which mainly discusses American celebrities?

  23. Tawny

    It doesn’t reek of desperation – it’s genuinely funny. Even if you are planning to vote Obama it’s okay to admit that the other side had a sense of humor.

  24. suz

    freaking awesome! of course i already voted for him since obama is a lying waffling moron

  25. m


    i post as “M” and its usually some smart ass anti-american jab..

    your comment is just stupid…and really embarassing because i use the same name

    99% of americans are stupid?? you met them all and conducted survey???
    you hate americans and your glad bad stuff happens to them???
    you are a bigot and piece of shit

  26. m


    i post as “M” and its usually some smart ass anti-american jab..

    your comment is just stupid…and really embarassing because i use the same name

    99% of americans are stupid?? you met them all and conducted survey???
    you hate americans and your glad bad stuff happens to them???
    you are a bigot and a piece of shit

    the problem is not america- its just certain people just like you who live there.

    you have a problem- so you find a target to take it out on (american people)…..thats not fixing anything
    in fact its exactly how Bush approached the terrorist issue…like i said , “M” –its people like you that are the problem……..

  27. Melissa

    #35 – Amen.

    I’ll just be glad when all the political crap is over so all you stupid fucks with bare minimum educations (if that), that think you can hold your weight in a legitimate, intellectual political conversation of facts and facts only, can shut the fuck up once and for all.

  28. missy

    obama is for the poor who pump out the kids and expect the rest of us to pay for them through our hard earned taxes.

    i work 40 to 60 hours a week i don’t want my hard earned dollars going to stupid fucks who cant use a condom or get real jobs

    obama is also for the stupid fucks who believe his load of crap.

  29. Billo

    What’s the difference between Sarah Palin’s pussy and her mouth?

    Retarded things come out of her pussy only some of the time.

  30. VN


    Yeah, and the Republicans are the ones who don’t want to educate their kids on how to prevent pregnancies and also don’t allow for abortion which would rob Obama from allowing us to “pay for the ones who pump out kids”. Are you legally retarded because if so, let me know and I’ll retract my comments.

    On that insightful note, I must say that it’s not cool to make fun of tards (unless it’s ol Tard Baby Palin). God must hate that woman to curse her with a ‘tarded kid.

    and @38


  31. missy

    i don’t have kids it is the dems & illegals who pump out the kids to get more welfare

  32. britboysarehot

    John McCain always had a sense of humor. I respect theman for surviving 5 yearsat a POW camp. However, hischoice of a running mate is a brainwashed sheep. There needs to be a separation of church and state.

  33. kasey

    a true maverick– a republican without money.

    #18– Obama is not responsible for his aunt’s actions, sorry. he hardly even knows her. if your relatives did something illegal without you knowing (say, blow up a building), would you be responsible for what they did? if you believe in “inherited guilt’” you’d fit right in with the north korean oppressors.

  34. Republican

    Sarah Palin is so dumb …. it took her 2 hrs to watch 60 minutes.
    Sarah Palin is so dumb …. she got hit by a parked car.
    Sarah Palin is so dumb …. she studied for and failed a urine test.

  35. slimgoodi17

    I agree with 32. It’s not desperation, why the heck not. This was hilarious. I had no idea McCain could be so funny. No matter who you vote for, everyone should be able to appreciate the humor in this skit.

  36. Air Mail

    Americans are taught that they are racist. Every year, in every school and goverment workplace, we have ‘Black History Month.’ Why? because white people are racist! Why do we still have quotas? White people are racist! If you ask about the American Civil War ending slavery, we are told the war was not about slavery… So, I guess Oprah being about the richest Woman in America must be a lie, Affirmative action at medical school but not in the NFL is fine; and i guess that slavery ended because black folks just freed themselves. Historic note: After the Civil War, American and British ships patrolled and fought slavers off of the Africian coasts.

  37. missywissy

    It’s a shame our candidates for the President of the United States have to go on a late night comedy show to try to appeal to people. What’s happening to our dignity and respect? Is it that much in shitter? I bet other countries are looking at us and wondering what the hell we’re thinking. Can we only get our respect by pushing other countries around?

  38. Sid

    Jesus, lighten up. Most “enlightened” countries don’t require their political leaders to be humorless drones. Quite the opposite. If you want that, move to Iran. Otherwise, learn to appreciate politicians who can poke fun at the all the bullshit in their chosen profession.

  39. Ed B.


    It’s not funny. It wasn’t funny. It never will be.

  40. After the US civil war American ships JOINED British ships that was already patrolling looking for slavers.

  41. Mugato

    You can call 99% of Americans stupid, that’s cool. We’ll just be over here inventing virtually every piece of technology you use, filming virtually every motion picture you watch and basically driving your economy.

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