John McCain: Heidi Montag is a ‘talented actress’

April 3rd, 2008 // 63 Comments

John McCain is seriously, I can’t fucking believe it, actually running with the Heidi Montag endorsement. Clearly he’s never seen The Hills despite exclusively telling Time’s Swampland Blog yesterday that he never misses an episode. To prove my point, McCain called Heidi a “very talented actress” on Morning Joe today. Us Magazine has the rundown:

“We were extraordinarily impressed at your ability to look right into the camera and lie about the fact that you’re a huge fan of The Hills,” host Joe Scarborough said. “Heidi Montag on your side – you got that going for you.”
“That was pretty good wasn’t it?” McCain replied. “Well, she’s a very talented actress.”
“He did it again!” Scarborough remarked.
The presumptive Republican nominee for president then noted his other celebrity supporters: Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood and Jon Voight (not to mention Angie Harmon).

Wow, and what I thought was just the random, vapid babblings of a fake-titted reality star has now become a national debacle. Heidi Montag could possibly influence who is the next president of the United States. I’d put a shotgun in my mouth if my face wasn’t so goddamn beautiful. We’re going to need people like me to comfort the women in this time of crisis. I’ve set up shelter in my jacuzzi as our our forefathers would’ve wanted. Right, Thomas Jefferson’s ghost? High-five!

NOTE: Video of McCain after the jump. Good/What the hell? stuff happens around :48 second mark. We are so screwed.


  1. Princess

    I’m voting McCain, but this girl supporting him makes me kinda worried.
    she probably picked the name she could spell and was like “didn’t this ‘Clinton’ guy already run? that’s just crazy!” as she open-mouthed giggles and twirls her hair around her finger in a “candid” shot by the paps with her BF Spencer holding her other hand “affectionately”

    this country is really screwed when good people are punished for killing (or at the very least, stoning) people like Heidi

  2. Dame Cooked

    Of course, McCain likes her, she looks like his (trampy/overdone) wife.
    McCain is a crook.

  3. Erica.

    McCain is the best chance we got. Obama will make us go poor. Hillary is a stupid bitch. Oh, Heidi needs to go to some third-world country and STAY there.

  4. lisa

    #15 you’re hilarious. That’s right. I’m loaded right now because of the Republican administration who has been in office for the past 7 years. All the houses on my street are in foreclosure and it costs over $50 to fill up my car. I spend twice as much at the grocery store, pay more in sales tax, and a lot of people I know have lost their son in Iraq or their house, car &/or job in America. We are in the throws of a recession. Quit regurgitating crap you hear on t.v. and form an educated opinion. I personally don’t think you have a clue what you are talking about, and instead have adopted what some talking head said on television somewhere and have passed it on as your own “clever” remark.

  5. hahahahahahahahahaha

    this picture cracks me up

  6. ratto

    As a british person, the only thing we have to go on is the war in iraq (barely anyone mentioned it!) n i blame the republicans cause i reckon the bulk of them supported it…

    which WOULD be cool except for the fact that up to now i don’t know why we’re in it!!!

  7. Aryan Nation

    What do you expect from a blonde?

  8. Natascha

    Another reason to hate Republicans.

    And Heidi Montag.

  9. Donkey Punch

    If American votes Obama some hate-filled southern republican will shoot him. The country will descend into riots and chaos.

    If America votes McCain the country will descend into a police state followed by a deep economic depression in which Asia benefits.

    If America votes Hillary 5 days out of every month will be absolute hell.

    Seriously though, McCain is a coward. Watch the following videos from real heroes:

  10. hg

    so are these dorks paying you to keep writing about them or what?

    has superficial jumped the shark? I say yes, and with that goodbye

  11. Dumbfounded that Some People Can Be So Dumb


    Sweetie, you need to get more education so you wouldn’t be so easily impressed. Oh sorry, I forgot, your idea of education is the bible. I keep forgetting that some people actually have to be told the ten commandments without realizing they are just common sense that even a little kid (with normal intelligence) find obvious.

  12. Arielle Henman

    I’m so sick and tired for this fake bitch with the bad boob job and her gay ass boyfriend. I wish that she would get married, move to a red state, promote family values, have lots of kids and live like a real Republican. She’s a tragic mess! I miss the crazy Britney Spears. It would save our eyes from seeing this Target knock-off of a celebrity 24/7. She’s tired!!!

  13. no please

    Please, please, please, this goes to show you that YOU DON’T HAVE TO VOTE FOR MCCAIN. Please DON’T VOTE FOR HIM, or it’d be America’s downfall.

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