John McCain: Heidi Montag is a ‘talented actress’

April 3rd, 2008 // 63 Comments

John McCain is seriously, I can’t fucking believe it, actually running with the Heidi Montag endorsement. Clearly he’s never seen The Hills despite exclusively telling Time’s Swampland Blog yesterday that he never misses an episode. To prove my point, McCain called Heidi a “very talented actress” on Morning Joe today. Us Magazine has the rundown:

“We were extraordinarily impressed at your ability to look right into the camera and lie about the fact that you’re a huge fan of The Hills,” host Joe Scarborough said. “Heidi Montag on your side – you got that going for you.”
“That was pretty good wasn’t it?” McCain replied. “Well, she’s a very talented actress.”
“He did it again!” Scarborough remarked.
The presumptive Republican nominee for president then noted his other celebrity supporters: Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood and Jon Voight (not to mention Angie Harmon).

Wow, and what I thought was just the random, vapid babblings of a fake-titted reality star has now become a national debacle. Heidi Montag could possibly influence who is the next president of the United States. I’d put a shotgun in my mouth if my face wasn’t so goddamn beautiful. We’re going to need people like me to comfort the women in this time of crisis. I’ve set up shelter in my jacuzzi as our our forefathers would’ve wanted. Right, Thomas Jefferson’s ghost? High-five!

NOTE: Video of McCain after the jump. Good/What the hell? stuff happens around :48 second mark. We are so screwed.


  1. brian

    She would be a great porn actress.

  2. mimi


    Who’s on FIRST?

  3. Sara

    HAHAHAHA what an idiot

  4. ramalamadingdong

    MCCAIN IN ’08!!

  5. mimi


    … is the #1 JERK today!

  6. roastbeef

    Someone please put this tragic heffer out of her misery, I can’t stand her reched existance for one more second!!!

  7. Feel_the_velvet

    Well, what’s he going to say? That she’s as stupid as a stick?

  8. She had better watch out for his temper

    Rumor has it, he has the shortest fuse on Capital Hill of anyone!!!

    In his photos he looks so Grandfatherly like and mellow.

  9. @2 Not you BITCH!!

  10. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    @2, i would welcome the opportunity, but have not had the pleasure.

  11. Matthew

    Not surprising. Heidi has the IQ, authenticity, and insight of a typical Republican. And we know that Mark Foley and Larry Craig also have their mouths open wide at all times.

  12. Miss G Serendipity

    MCCAIN 2008!!!
    I can’t believe anyone with eyes, ears, or common sense would think either democratic candidate won’t spell complete economic disaster for US, not to mention the national security concern…. my GAWD…. Instead of being so concerned about “black rights”, we should be concerned that we are pretty much IN recession now! And don’t get me started about Hitlary! She’s a conservative nutter!

  13. I’m not even going to touch this with a 10-foot-pole. All it will do is annoy me at peoples ignorance and ineptitude when it comes to politics.
    Have a great day.

  14. Anon

    I bet she’ll pose nude if people vote for McCain. Mark my words. She’s probably that stupid to do such a thing and I’m sure a bunch of idiots would vote just for that thus pulling us farther into economic debt because McCain wants the war to go on for even longer.

  15. will

    “When liberals demand change, tell them you don’t have any.”

    “Save the seals, club a liberal.”

  16. melissa h.

    I wish that there was a world where this girl is Non-Existant. She is constantly shoving herself into every opportunity to get in front of the camera. And seriously, its starting to really piss me off.
    Aren’t her 15 minute up yet?

  17. CB

    Is it a crime to kill the creators of and anyone involved with The Hills?

  18. Auntie Kryst

    Oh crap, I didn’t get in here soon enough. The shit is already flying between the donkeys and elephants.. Can I still turn in my bracket?

  19. what's "history"?

    Reagan developed Alzheimer’s while in office. McCain will be even older. He’s already showing signs of mental confusion – over and over again, he’s said Iran is training al-Qaeda who operate in southern Iraq. al-Qaeda in Iraq is mostly Sunni. Iran is supporting Shiites in the Iraqi civil war, against the Sunni. It’s a simple distinction; there are only 2 groups to consider. And this is McCain’s area of maximal expertise. How many times do you think he’s been briefed on this? Yet he still confuses it, in public, on the record. Old dog, at a time when we need new tricks.

    Meanwhile, if old people don’t give up some of their out-of-proportion Social Security and Medicare benefits, we’re completely screwed.

    Yeah, great, an elderly guy. The exact opposite of what’s called for right now in terms of leadership.

  20. nipolian

    Man I went down this dirt road yesterday……not because I give a shit about politics…..mostly because it makes me feel good to call someone a Dumbfuck. Today I believe I will just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  21. Giomon_Rocks

    Hey now, there is no place for politics at the Superficial. If I want to read about dumbasses spouting their unsolicited political rhetoric (like #12 for example), I’ll tune into any news program on television.


    Oh good, I was not sure about how screwed we would be, but now that a guy who spends his day making sometimes funny jokes about celebrities tells me that we are I’m definitely on board with the hip black guy.

  23. Harry

    Another “senior moment” on McCain’s part, no doubt.

    “He looks like the old guy who makes keys at the Home Depot” — David Letterman

  24. Peacemaker

    I think we can all agree on this: with her giant, always agape mouth, Heidi could easily take in all of McCain’s severely shriveled cock and balls.

  25. Mick

    A friend asked me what McCain will need to be president, and I said “Depends.” He said, “Depends on what?” and I said “No…he’ll need Depends.”

  26. Chauncey Gardner

    When you’ve been forced to suck on Viet Cong dicks for five years, I guess anything with blond hair, tits, and a big mouth looks “talented”.

  27. Ellen

    Meanwhile, Spencer is daydreaming, all starry eyed, and muttering “May-December” over and over again.

  28. Cynthia

    Well…she’s plastic, leads a pretend life composed entirely of “keeping up appearances,” and doesn’t realize that her husband-to-be is gay. Pretty much the prototype for a young Republican woman.

  29. deacon jones

    She’s crying cuz she’s constipated

  30. charlie

    #26 Nobody cares how many times you scored in Viet Nam.

  31. obamasupporter

    OBAMA 2008!!!!!!

  32. Larry Craig

    Hey! What’s with all the anti-Republican coments???

    It’s filling me with foot-tapping impatience…and I was so happy that my wireless connected in this bathroom stall…

    So, anyway…will there be pictures of Spencer, also? Possibly with his shirt off, and some of those nice low-rise jeans? Because I’m so proud of Heidi for getting engaged to him and maintaining family values.

  33. ObamaRocks

    Is anyone surprised by McCain’s judgement on women.. Look at his wife.. a junkie who ripped off her own charity for drugs..

    And a blonde too.. what are the chances..

  34. Lisa

    I think this girl is an idiot! She makes herself look like a complete moron most of the time. It’s all so staged.

  35. Shep

    Good god pleeeeeeeeeease Vote McCain in. I want to see the comedy of American Government continue, lololol. I will miss the idiocy of Bush :( Come on Americans you can do it! Vote in the worst possible president a 3rd term in a row! I believe in you! :)

  36. Superevil

    Don’t worry 35 I’m sure most of the douches on this site would like to make that happen, although I doubt most of them are even old enough to vote or could even spell vote.

  37. deacon jones

    Im a racist and a sexist but Im still a Democrat

  38. grunion

    I smell a running mate……

  39. FCS

    Forget who he endorses I just want to know who’s driving Jon Voights car

  40. Eddy

    This makes me so disturbed, I don’t even know how to describe it. Something is so thoroughly wrong about this issue it makes me feel ill.

    I mean, who *cares* about Heidi Montag and who she votes for? But somehow John McCain does. And that’s just wrong.

  41. Jenn

    Talented Actress? Please.

  42. Italian Stallion

    Talented actress? So is this mouse in my hand………….

  43. Pixie

    lol nice. I love how the republicans like to toss barbs at liberal HOLLYWOOD until someone actually endorses them, then they’re all over it.

    Besides why are you so shocked that he lied about watching the hills? McCain’s got big shoes to fill if he’s ever going to keep pace with the sheer volume of lies, corruption and incompetence of the past 7 years, he’s got to start early! Iran is training Al Qaeda! We need MORE deregulation to fix the economy! Tax cuts + funding an endless war = no deficits, and Heidi Montag is a true master of the craft! Keep it comin!

  44. Rossco

    McCain ’08!
    He’s not perfect, but holy hell is he better than Hillary or Obama. But, ya know, Hillary has Ellen on her side! Ellen! And Obama has Oprah! The queen of tv and magazine! OMG!
    Gotta take your endorsements where you can get ‘em, heh.

  45. tight lipped smiler

    Everyone pretty much blew their wad yesterday but #33 and #38 deserve honorable mention in the extra drips category. Hilarious!

  46. 31 rides the short bus

    and 39 — it’s not Costanza anymore.

    i’m in love with you #15. great comment!

  47. Holly

    Hopefully he’ll die of old age before November.

  48. Sara

    McCain will bankrupt this country. Voting for him is not an option if you care about this country’s future. If you’re a turd please don’t vote (Republicans).

  49. bethany

    Um, he was clearly kidding. It was blazingly obvious, on MSNBC!

  50. Holly

    there is no way that the americans will let a NIG like obama run this country! its just not happening! maybe he should go run in africa! or go lead a colony of gorillas. hahahaha

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