Samantha Ronson blew John Mayer

December 27th, 2009 // 38 Comments

Right before the holiday, an apparently drunken John Mayer and Samantha Ronson decided to spread some Christmas cheer to the paparazzi by letting them and bystanders film their antics including Samantha and John loudly describing a night of passion which confirms several of my suspicions:

1. John Mayer loves BJs from dudes.
2. Samantha Ronson is a bisexual man.
3. Lindsay Lohan would stab both of them for the tiniest fleck of coke.

Granted, that last one isn’t exactly new information, I thought I’d toss it out there to remind John and Samantha to tie bells to their knife drawers. I’m a helper.

WARNING: Language is NSFW.

Photo/Video: Pacific Coast News

  1. Delgo


  2. Xmas Stalking


  3. jaime

    nice, a video player.

    john mayer can go from respected musician to retard in 10 seconds…

  4. Jules

    Ew! Though knowing John Mayer’s love of publicity, I wouldn’t be surprised if he made this up and bribed Sam Ronson with half a pack of Marlboros to go along with it.

  5. jaime

    god, the video takes forever to load!

  6. Melrose


  7. Brian

    How in the world does anyone think they’re serious?

  8. Fever

    Is the pic of Ronson or Mayer?

  9. Nero

    It was obviously just a matter of time till these two got hooked up.

  10. gen

    It’s obviously a joke…

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  12. Shep

    @11, I thought you were doing a bad mastercard joke, lol. Then I realized you’re just pimping yourself out on a blog. Ouch.

    So this is probably as close as John Mayers can get to fucking a guy without coming right out and saying he’s gay so why would anybody think this is for publicity? The guy has been rumored to be gay for a long time.

  13. So this proves Ronson and Mayer are not the same person.

  14. Wat

    Wow the dude videoing this is an enormous tool.

  15. Urbanspaceman

    Say it isn’t so!!!

  16. F. Lee Bailey

    I always knew this guy was a major deutch-bag. Who would go from Jennifer Love Hugetits to Jennifer Assaton to someone with a snatch that resembles Oscar the Grouch (but greener and shaggier and with more attitude)? Who’s net on his hit parade of low-grade beave? I think Janet Reno is taking calls. Then again, so is Kate Gosselin. Game set match.

  17. bek

    like a carwreck but fortunately I was able to look away!

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  19. hefe

    Pathetic what vapid lives these moronic celebrities lead.

  20. Matrim

    I was wondering that myself #7…

  21. Nice video, so he does have a varied taste for women.

  22. cc

    hefe @19 Yes, it is.

  23. Jay

    Two nasty ass smelly douche bags. A million stds.
    He is so gay.

  24. Carlota

    Is he wearing leather pants, or are his jeans that dirty?? They shine!

    Mayer says all kinds of crazy stuff to amuse himself. Read him on Twitter.

  25. Rhialto

    She did break the Holy Lesbian Doctrines.Don’t Touch Men.Oh wait,it’s just the harmless John Mayer.

  26. vanetti

    How was anyone able to watch this video? Christ. It absolutely refuses to load.

  27. coco puffs

    this story leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Wait! What the hell did I just say?!? Ugh.

  28. coco puffs

    this story leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Wait! What the hell did I just say?!? Ugh.

  29. freedomfirst

    Why in the world would John hang out with that ugly, dyke chick? Obviously, hanging out with local drunk college chicks would be a huge step up.

  30. I wonder know what’s is NSFW?

  31. his story leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Wait! What the hell did I just say?!? Ugh.

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  35. meh, what?

    So this is what celebrities do at Christmas time?! Get crazy drunk and act like fools…??
    Shit! That does not sound like fun at all!!

    And WTF, did John actually reply to this^
    I’m guessing no, but still…

    You know John (if that’s really you), if you’re lonely on Christmas and happen to be in the southwest, you can always come to my place and help decorate the tree and bake cookies. I make great shortbread.

    ….just realized how much of a booty call I sound like, but I’m being serious. If you’re that fuckin’ depressed and need to get piss drunk on Christmas to get through it- hit me up. At least you wouldn’t be alone.

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