UPDATE: John Mayer tweets Rob Drydek’s stomach pumping

Rob Drydek of MTV’s Rob & Big got completely shitfaced with John Mayer Saturday night and ended up getting his stomach pumped. Of course, like any good friend/Twitter addict, John tweeted about it:

In triage at Cedars with @robdyrdek. When the contents of his stomach hit that silicon bag and we all saw it, we just broke into appluse.
1:49 AM Jun 14th from TwitterBerry
Applause. Shit! Applause.
1:49 AM Jun 14th from TwitterBerry.

If that’s not evidence enough of John’s unhealthy fascination with Twitter, scope out the tweet right before taking Rob to the hospital:

The ultimate live tweet: peeing in a club bathroom, but not without facing the mirror and mugging as if to say “hey, you’re doing great.”
1:08 AM Jun 14th from TwitterBerry

I’m pretty sure if John Mayer’s Blackberry would’ve fallen into the toilet, he’d have shrieked like a schoolgirl, polished it off with his shirt and then tweeted how he just shrieked like a schoolgirl. True story.

UPDATE: And this was all some lame Twitter shenanigans for publicity, according to People. Remind me to tweet that Ahmadinejad is hiding in John Mayer’s face later.

Photos: Splash News