John Mayer: The Reactions

February 11th, 2010 // 39 Comments

Here’s what people are saying about John Mayer’s controversial Playboy interview that forced him “quit the media” in a fit of tears last night:

Jessica Simpson:
“I’m a boxer!”

Richard T. Ford, author of The Race Card:
“He’s no Sarah Silverman.”

Holly Robinson Peete:
“I landed in a good part of the quote.”

Kerry Washington:
No response. Probably too busy going “white girl crazy“.

Jennifer Aniston
[Insert sound of banging Gerard Butler without feeling the need to cry alone in the shower afterward here.]

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  1. KIKI

    Ok, is that really what Simpson said? Followed by a lusty fart?

  2. Meh

    So he used the N word. Lots of people use the N word. NWA used the N word. The only difference is that he was not black. Now that, friends, is racism.

  3. Jessica, just go ahead and start doing porn already!

  4. lolwut

    @2: I think you mean “Black”

  5. KIKI

    Funny post Fish, where is everyone at? What is “The race card?” Should I put it on my reading list?


    Jessica Simpson is probably feeling proud as a peacock, for once. Jennifer Aniston should stop wearing make-up altogether. She would look younger if she just washed it all off. She doesn’t have the face to carry make-up. She’d look better just totally natural with a little lip gloss and her hair all messed up. Kerry Washington is hot.

  7. the waaaaahmbulance is enroute!

  8. Fribble

    WTF, Fish?? This is the same exact post from weeks ago.
    Shit, this site is down the bowl these days.
    “Hey, I can see turd swirls, guys!”

  9. NYC

    Damn man… who listens to John Mayer anyway!

  10. WTF

    @8: This just happened yesterday, but don’t let reality get in the way or anything.

  11. pimp

    i’d give jessica simpson the best 2 minutes of my life….

  12. stoney

    @11 LOL!

  13. If being called Sexual Napalm is a good thing, then what’s a bad thing?

  14. It's Just Me

    #2 Look up the word ‘racism’. The dictionary is your freind.

  15. Katie

    The full interview she gave after he said those things was just amazing:

    Crazy. Crazy craziness.

  16. Bobo

    John Mayer makes the dummest comments. At least Kanye is funny and amusing! Anyway, people should get over this, its not like any black women were throwing themselves at him, or really any other white guy. I don’t know any black women who even consider dating white guys, and they rarely even seem to be attracted to them. Who cares.

  17. monkey hater

    White men hate black women anyway because they are fucking ugly. Why would a white dude want to even look at one when there are all those beautiful white women all around? Hell, even BLACK guys would rather be with white women. I can’t even see how they reproduce with those smelly things.

  18. Cori McMahon

    Hey number 17, I need your address, I have a spicy Molotov cocktail I need to send your way.

  19. Matthew

    jessica simpson is an big breasted idiot

  20. Anyone see Jess’ Twitter pic? What’s that all about?

    Holly Robinson Peete is no Robin Givens. Which has its good points.

  21. Fati87

    Jessica can already be classified as a MILF.

  22. Fati87


    Really? We haven’t noticed.

  23. Damn come on people the woman is hot! sexy and gorgeous she sure looks fine, and sings like and angel so wake up and get off her back!

  24. Moose

    @2 damn right.
    @14 You could do with a dictionary yourself. Start by looking up the word ‘friend’, and learn how to spell it. Dick.

  25. douchebag nation

    If the word ‘douchebag’ hadn’t been invented, they would have had to create it just for John Mayer. On the other hand, it just goes to show you what losers a lot of women are, even famour good looking ones. Always willing to dish on what they want in a man (wit, intelligence, charm…supposedly) and, when the rubber hits the labia, they’ll settle for any sack of shit if he’s famous or rich (preferably both obviously).

  26. white people hate jews and arabs too..who knows why whites in america are afraid of blacks..stats show blacks attack themselves mostly… its because white people in america feel guilty thats why we have obama..white people in america are quickly turning into orange skinned, puffy lipped broke people in in the end the rich get richer and the whites get blacker

  27. spinal

    @2 -

    Ah yes, the familiar “but black people get to say it, why can’t weeeee?” whine.

    I won’t go into the politics of reclamation because you’re almost certainly too ignorant to grasp the concept. I will just say: no, white people don’t get to use the N-word anymore without shredding their public reputation. GET OVER IT.

    One thing that always confuses you ignorant types is the concept of the black community, i.e. FAMILY. Kind of like how you get to call your little brother an asshole, but God help anyone outside the family who calls him one in front of you. Black people who use the N-word toward each other KNOW it’s being said in a tongue in cheek way and no harm is meant. Most often when white people use it, harm is definitely meant. How do you not see the difference??

    Another thing you missed is that MANY black people hate the N-word and judge blacks who use it as low-class and ignorant. Most hip-hop artists are sellouts who do more good for white record executives than they ever did for the black community. White suburban youth are their biggest market anyway – most older black people (who experienced the N-word as it was actually intended) don’t listen to NWA. Rich hip-hop artists don’t represent the average black person any more than John Mayer’s pasty zombie-looking ass represents the average white person.

    Nigger is an ugly word with a nightmarish history behind it, and the world would be a better place if everyone stopped using it. But you guys can go first, since you INVENTED the damn thing. And John Mayer can eat a dick. A white one, of course.

  28. @26 you’ve got elin woods to blame for that…and matt damon & clint eastwood & rob deniro & matthew mchonahey(sic) & Heidi Klum & robin thicke & eva longoria & the skinny chick from greys anatomy & halle berry’s baby’s daddy and who could forget ol’ nicole brown among countless others…really though, what difference will it make when you’re dead you fuking human you

  29. Jen

    John Mayer is a fucking retard. Makes me appreciate his music less b/c he is a total douche bag.

  30. Plastic Sturgeon

    John Mayer is a despicable piece of shit.

    Jessica Simpson is a beautiful, uncultured, idiotic, person, but she doesn’t deserve someone like Mayer. He is talking like a 13 year-old. If he wants press, which he does, he is going about it the wrong way.

    He takes douchery to a totally new level.

  31. Chris Jones

    Farts be damned, Jessica Simpson can sit on my face anytime!

  32. dottie

    John Mayer really needs to take a break.
    And get some therapy.

    And Alec Baldwin seriously needs inpatient care.
    Hello handlers, get him some help.
    This family is so disfunctional.
    I just hope and pray their daughter.
    Will not use her parents as examples for anything.
    God Bless That Child.

  33. NastyHoes


  34. Although I hardly look for them, this is prob the best pic I’ve seen of Simpson. i think when celebs loosen up and be themselves instead of posing in that practiced, promiscuous way they all pose today, they can actually come off as attractive and sexy. Who’d have thought?

  35. ms martyr

    Are you sure that’s not a picture of Pamela Anderson in better days?

  36. Elle

    John Mayer needs to find himself and get an identity, he’s all over the place. The same man who sings is not the same man who speaks. So unless someone else is writing his songs he is a contradiction of sorts.

    But whats really wrong is how he goes after emotionally challenged girls like aniston and simpson, they wear their heart on there sleeves it seems, then when he’s done with them he goes after other prey like minorities and gays er go Easy Targets. Shows he is weak. He is weak and its unfortunate that he has to drag all these other people into the mix. He should go away for a awhile he’s a boy in need of help.

    BTW, Why does jennifer aniston always hold men like that, is it so they won’t walk away from her?

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  38. Anonymiss

    Racism will never end until we all start sleeping with each other and having mixed-race babies. I, for one, am already doing my part to put a stop to it!

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