John Mayer still making out with dudes

Because Perez Hilton obviously wasn’t enough, John Mayer is making out with dudes again. RadarOnline reports:

John was having a great time at the club, going wild to The Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling – being the center of attention as he downed beer and toasted his fellow revelers, men and girls alike.
But the jaw dropper was when, according to an eyewitness, a fellow male patron approached John and planted a big kiss right on his lips – and John seemed to enjoy it! The eyewitness says that that was when the whole place erupted and cheered.
It’s not the first time John has locked lips with a guy, John has confessed in the past to making out with gay blogger Perez Hilton on New Year’s Eve 2007. “You’re damn right I made out with him,” Mayer told a crowd in April. “I was thinking about going gay!”

And by “thinking about” John Mayer meant “already there, sillies!” Look, I’ve filtered an obscene amount of liquor through my liver and not once have I ever drunkenly thought “Hey, let’s make out with a dude.” Now, I’ve done all kinds of other crazy shit like driving around in my boxers, starting fights with midgets and having sex with women who ended up being swamp creatures, but at least they had vaginas. Or some sort of non-gay equivalent hole, you get my point.

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