John Mayer still making out with dudes

October 14th, 2009 // 43 Comments

Because Perez Hilton obviously wasn’t enough, John Mayer is making out with dudes again. RadarOnline reports:

John was having a great time at the club, going wild to The Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling – being the center of attention as he downed beer and toasted his fellow revelers, men and girls alike.
But the jaw dropper was when, according to an eyewitness, a fellow male patron approached John and planted a big kiss right on his lips – and John seemed to enjoy it! The eyewitness says that that was when the whole place erupted and cheered.
It’s not the first time John has locked lips with a guy, John has confessed in the past to making out with gay blogger Perez Hilton on New Year’s Eve 2007. “You’re damn right I made out with him,” Mayer told a crowd in April. “I was thinking about going gay!”

And by “thinking about” John Mayer meant “already there, sillies!” Look, I’ve filtered an obscene amount of liquor through my liver and not once have I ever drunkenly thought “Hey, let’s make out with a dude.” Now, I’ve done all kinds of other crazy shit like driving around in my boxers, starting fights with midgets and having sex with women who ended up being swamp creatures, but at least they had vaginas. Or some sort of non-gay equivalent hole, you get my point.

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  1. masquerade


  2. first


  3. Annie Loves Anal

    The douche bag was thinking of going gay and picked Perez Hilton? That’s not going gay, that’s going blind.

  4. Scott the fag

    I’m one of the biggest gays that has ever gayed and I can honestly tell you without hesitation: I would rather fuck Courtney love with the lights on than make out with Perez Hilton in the dark.

  5. Aly

    NOBODY in their right mind would make out with Perez unless they had a serious vision impairment. John’s not gay, he’s just the biggest douche the world has ever known. And an attention whore.

  6. Chris

    Hey, didn’t you use that obscene alcohol liver-filtering comment in another post recently?

  7. i cant believe no one is talking about the time when perez hilton and john mayer blew each other on webcam!!

    its probably on youtube or something

  8. Gosh, Jon Mayer will do anything to get attention…I’m so over him…what was jen thinking?

  9. Amy

    I wish I were a dude so he’d make out with me.

  10. Dread not

    I guess we know why he’s, “waiting on the world to change”.

  11. Danklin24

    The Perez thing was a joke you moron.

  12. Sport

    Cris Angel loan you some clothes?
    Fucking dickbag.

  13. Jen Aniston and her PR camp must be just dying right about now knowing she went to the Academy Awards with this guy after he shit and probably pissed all over her. She must be dying!

  14. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    He really doez drezz gay, zo he muzt like to zmoke the pole. Peres Hilton? He iz not only gay, he iz zeverely retarded.

  15. what is the real right identity? as long as you like the role he played , it is ok.

  16. Suzi

    What a disgusting douche bag! He is so gay. He is forever talking about screwing guys. Why don’t his manager let him come out of the closet then he won’t be so angry all the time.

  17. Lauren

    His new video is so crappy. Yeah we get that you screw as many fans as you can male and female. Guess he wanted to make sure we knew that about him. Wonder does he have aids yet.

  18. O gosh..!! John Mayer is looking so stunning! His dress sense is really cool!! Awesome!

  19. WOW awesome jacket and superb hair style with superb gogs.
    Is he is cool boy trying to impress others.Looking dude.

  20. blew

    just simply disgusting

  21. Gerald_Tarrant

    “John was having a great time at the club” and “The eyewitness says that that was when the whole place erupted and cheered.”

    The story fails to mention it was at the Abbey (a gay bar in WeHo for those that don’t know.)

  22. dude_on

    If some random dude plants a kiss on me there is going to be a throw down. It isn’t that I’m a homophobe, because I totally respect that gay guys can coordinate a fashionable appearance and do all of those various things with glitter, I’m just saying that an uninvited kiss from a dude is going to result in someone going to the hospital.

  23. Ben

    Clearly gay. Funny all these women got the hots for a gay guy lol.

  24. Pickles The Drummer

    In his defense, he was listening to the Black Eyed Peas; even Chuck Zito might feel like kissing a dude after listening to that horseshit.

  25. John Mayer is clearly a joke. The dude is a tool and a douchebag. Why the hell, anyone would pay attention to anything that idiot has to say, baffles me.

  26. lucykate83

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  27. cookiepuss

    I’ve heard gay rumors about him for a very very long time. Apparently he has a serious gay porn addiction too. I won’t be surprised if he comes out of the closet some time soon

  28. PostmortemG

    Je$u$ Chri$t. I´m not gay (John Mayer obviously is), but should i ever choose to become gay, i sure-as-fuck won´t be exchanging saliva with an ugly fuck like Perez Hilton. Eeeeewwwww!!!

  29. Rancid

    Lol #4

    Though I think a lot of straight men would make the same claim

  30. Ben

    Clearly gay. Funny all these women got the hots for a gay guy lol.

  31. Darth

    All i can say is ewww! On the other hand i wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out he’s gay.

  32. Nero

    Does he like ATM’s?!

  33. Gando

    I’d agree that he’s a bit George Michael like from a distance.

  34. Galtacticus

    Is that a public restroom in the background?

  35. Erica

    He may be a douchebag, but you have to admit his music is good. I would pick his music over anything out there, except maybe the Beatles.

  36. Erica

    He may be a douchebag, but you have to admit his music is good. I would pick his music over anything out there, except maybe the Beatles.

  37. Erica

    @ 35 and 36

    Sorry for the double post. I didn’t even click the button twice..

  38. Jeff

    His music is NOT good. It’s sorry that’s why he needed to pull all the CAA pr stunts and try to pick up Aniston again just to sell that horrible music.

  39. I am big fan of him.I like his video alot.I dont miss any of his video.Thanks for sharing such a great article here.

  40. stupid fucking imbecile

    the dude plays a mean guitar but he’s a dip shittin’ dumb ass too

  41. Love that jacket.

  42. John Mayer’s so cool..

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