John Mayer starts crying during show, apologizes for Playboy interview

February 11th, 2010 // 74 Comments

John Mayer apparently broke down last night during his show in Nashville and apologized for his recent interview in Playboy where he claimed to have a white supremacist penis and a “n-gger pass.” E! News reports:

“I quit the media game. I’m out. I’m done,” a choked-up Mayer told the audience at the Sommet Center, according to exclusive footage obtained by E! News. “I just want to play my guitar.”

The sad part is, this probably got John Mayer ridiculously laid last night. Crying onstage in front of a crowd full of women? C’mon. It’s amazing he made it backstage before Taylor Swift had to fight off 50 naked groupies with a mic stand. Which is why I need to get in on this action:

I don’t have sex with black women because I’m afraid they’ll steal my fried chicken.

Oh, no, how could I be so insensitive? *sniff tear blubber* I’m so sorry. I quit the media game. I just want to make jokes about Britney Spears’ vagina.

(Ladies, I’ll be in my bedroom.)

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  1. Twisty

    Someone make an SNL skit of this please. Barf with the self-deprecating act and ego-centric rambling. No one said you had to try and be clever all the time, or did you do it to try and make up for your lack of sex appeal? I’m over this self-important Cry for Me Argentina d-bag.

  2. Emily

    This guy is incredibly fucking stupid. And his music sucks.

  3. Emily

    Oh, and he’s really, really not attractive.

  4. Lacey Thong

    I’m on my way.

  5. zuzuspetals

    What a fucking shithead- acting like he’s a victim or something: “I quit the media game.” It’s not because of a media game that you have a problem, John- it’s because you are a FUCKING IDIOT and a DOUCHEBAG and you seem to explore new areas of douchebaggery each and every day.
    And his music SUCKS.

  6. Spinal Fap

    I think saying nigger in the context of describing what someone said in an interview is ok,.. The word isn’t magic it won’t steal into your house in the middle of the night and kill you if you use it in context or in literary or definitive terms. If you use it otherwise IT WILL FUCK YOU UP!

    Using n-gger or n-word in these instances is just putting up a big sign that says “I think black people are too stupid to understand which instance the word is being used in.” I for one have infinitely more faith in black people.

    Seriously people, grow up and get some tougher skin, if you can survive slavery, police brutality, and a completely unbalanced social/justice system are you REALLY going to get that riled up over a word? Cause by textbook definition you know who would be ignorant enough to get riled up over a word…. I think you see where I’m going here.

  7. I’m half black and what he said doesn’t bother me.. I know what he was trying to say, what he meant, it just came out wrong *shrug* And at the very least, he’s still a freaking amazing guitar player!

  8. black&beautiful

    If John Mayer’s dick really is David Duck-esque, then for the good of his own well-being, he should cut it off. That would solve a lot of problems. Meanwhile, quitting the media isn’t going to happen for him until he starts caring about music more than he cares about fame.

  9. So he gave this interview how long ago? He knew all this time he said it, but it wasn’t an issue or a problem for him. He sat back and waited to see if he (like he thought in his head) would be applauded for his intellect. When people said “that ain’t so cool” he started crying and apologized.

  10. Rich

    I have to agree with black&beautiful, if he would just quit thinking he is God’s gift to women and just play guitar. Don’t even sing, get a band together where there is a good singer, because he sucks. You know the more all of these Hollywood bomb shells keep going out with him it feeds his ego which is already way to inflated. I mean come on this guy is not that good looking, he is a bean pole and if you have ever seen one of his interviews, he is agorant as hell. These pathetic famous chicks that think they have to have someone on their arm all the time and go out with this dork who think that something is going to happen as far as a long-term relationship, are just sad. This dude is taking the fame ride and all the benefits that come along with it. Sex, drugs, and mediocre music.

  11. Mayer Fan

    Mayer is an incredible musician… an incredible musician. I am a huge, huge fan of his music but over the last few years I have learned to accept all of the stupid things he says / does. I am a HUGE FAN of his music but I admit, the guy has a few loose screws. He really gets on my nerves but I have learned to ignore everything else about him other than his phenomenal guitar playing / performance…… all the while, I have to say nothing cuts me deeper than some of the negative things most people have to say on blogs like this. Give the guy a break, he’s human and all humans make mistakes — you only read about his because hes famous…… and hes famous because hes damn good at what he does.

  12. beep beep

    He’s not THAT great of a musician you guys. He’s only (in)famous because he’s a self-absorbed ass-hat who TWEETS every time he takes a dump.

  13. Brittany

    Actually, he is that great of a musician. I was a fan of Johns long before facebook and twitter existed and even then, his shows were selling out. I doubt twitter is a stepping stone for his success.

  14. theorangebox

    Hey, Mayer: Make like your dead brother and STFU.

  15. Grrlina

    He’s an ok musician, not that bright, not that cute. And he says things like this:
    “The brunt of her success came before TMZ and Twitter.” – sez the guy whose success was ALSO before TMZ and Twitter. He’s gonna be the geezer hitting on teens in a few years…

  16. Ashkenazi Watch

    Typical Ashkenazi thinking. John Mayor is an ethnic Ashkenazi! Sadly, the White House is Ashkenazi-occupied territory. Ashkenazis hide behind Judaism from the problems they create. No wonder Ashkenazis are hated by Jews worldwide.

  17. Clee Clee

    He’s a good musician but I hate the way he tries to be so urbane … the things he says are really creepy and gross no matter how suave his delivery or “heartfelt” his “apologies” are … he’s like Ted Bundy with a guitar

  18. Megan

    he is such a douche. puke.

  19. Jennifer

    …Askenazis are in this conversation?

    Since when did this website become a medium for supposed political pundits to go on about whatever point they believe they are proving? Why aren’t these people going to, at the very least,

  20. freber

    I’m amazed at the amount of people who defend this guy’s ridiculous behavior because “he is an amazing musician”. Ummm….not really. I would say that generally speaking, the people who are at the tops of their field (Bela Fleck, Dave Matthews Band, Porcupine Tree, Gojira, Opeth – and if you want guitarists – John Scofield, Buddy Guy, Jerry Cantrell are some diverse examples) are somehow able to get past their egos and just be real people. John Mayer is a sad, immature man. I really wish that womankind would band together and force him to be celibate awhile. He’s a creep – I don’t care how good he is live.

  21. John Mayer quit the “media game”?

    Who’s he kidding?

    He was never a player.

  22. Ben conducted a series of national media studies to obtain Americans’ ratings of celebrity apologies in 2009 and 2010. Results found that that John Mayer’s apology for his statements in an interview with Playboy was rated the lowest in regard to perceived sincerity levels. Also, the majority of viewers (88%) thought it was inappropriate to use the “N” word during Mayer’s interview with Playboy
    More in depth results can be seen at:

  23. Ms.Hunnay

    White Supremacist? Wait a minute….he equated his penis to a social institution/group of individuals that enjoyed actively threatening, intimidating, publicly humiliating and murdering innocent Black men, women and children? Not to mention the fact that white supremacists did the same to many NON-Black Civil Rights Activists and their families for years.

    Why was this comparison necessary? As a young Black woman, I am totally lost. Like…really? He coulda just shuddafukup and played a sweet guitar solo instead of saying what he did. Everyone likes guitar!

    He can stuff his apology up his azz, I really don’t care him or his music and now I have an even better reason not to start. HOWEVER, this article made me LOL so damn hard…I can’t seem to stop!!

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