John Mayer starts crying during show, apologizes for Playboy interview

February 11th, 2010 // 74 Comments

John Mayer apparently broke down last night during his show in Nashville and apologized for his recent interview in Playboy where he claimed to have a white supremacist penis and a “n-gger pass.” E! News reports:

“I quit the media game. I’m out. I’m done,” a choked-up Mayer told the audience at the Sommet Center, according to exclusive footage obtained by E! News. “I just want to play my guitar.”

The sad part is, this probably got John Mayer ridiculously laid last night. Crying onstage in front of a crowd full of women? C’mon. It’s amazing he made it backstage before Taylor Swift had to fight off 50 naked groupies with a mic stand. Which is why I need to get in on this action:

I don’t have sex with black women because I’m afraid they’ll steal my fried chicken.

Oh, no, how could I be so insensitive? *sniff tear blubber* I’m so sorry. I quit the media game. I just want to make jokes about Britney Spears’ vagina.

(Ladies, I’ll be in my bedroom.)

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  1. jay

    First! jon mayer is a fag

  2. SECOND! jay is a fag

  3. stupidass

    what, you think jay-z is pissed about john mayer’s comments? nah. uptight white people are pissed. i don’t beleive he meant anything racist by saying that stuff. he shouldn’t have apologized.

  4. youre a laugh riot SW!!!!!

  5. Dutch

    This guy can’t quit the media… the media to him is just like sexual napalm. Oops, that’s miss simpson

  6. Ralphie

    Wow, John Mayer has really over stepped his boundries. Tell me everyone else sees this douche weasel for what he is?
    He sputters out racial rederrick, talks shit about every girl he awkwardly mounts while rocking a white hood, and then CRIES on stage about it afterword?! Forget your “hood pass”, you just got your man pass revoked and demoted to bitch status.
    This guy might as well be a Bush!

  7. newfanzach

    He actually gained a lot of people’s respect for that interview. I’m not a fan of his music, but I respect someone who’s not afraid to just let it all hang out there. It didn’t come off as racist, maybe self-depricating, but in a humorous way.

  8. RDS

    John Mayer’s a jackass. Bullshit he “quits the media.” If HE said those things and then Playboy printed them, maybe he should quit TALKING. It’s not Playboy’s fault; it’s his own!

    And, for the record, John Mayer’s existence relies on the media and how people just eat up all the stupid stuff he says. He’s going to keep saying ridiculous things because it gets people to talk about him, even if we’re saying we hate him.

  9. Mr Hyde

    He says that he just wants to play his guitar but it took him almost 4 mins to shut the hell up and play a damn song, and I’m pretty sure the majority of the people there at that concert had no idea what the hell he was talking because it happened so recently. John Mayer has maybe 3 big hits out of how many albums? Yeah, legend my ass. Your band is there on stage with you because they’re getting PAID.

  10. Proteon

    Everytime he says mentions how witty he is you have to drink

  11. Big Buff

    #8, You think he’s faulting Playboy, here? I don’t feel he’s saying it’s Playboy’s fault. He’s just upset that people are taking such a negative interpretation of his comments and blowing them out of proportion.

    And I love how #6 paints Mayer as wearing a “white hood” and somehow manages to throw an anti-Bush joke in there. wtf

  12. Savalas

    It’s hard to believe that, in 2010, racism among our Hollywood betters is as rampant as it is.

  13. Ego

    I don’t see what the big deal is about that interview. My penis is a white supremacist but I don’t have a n*gger pass. :(
    Anyway, whoever got offended by that interview, need to grow a pair and quit being a whiney douche.

  14. Batman

    #8, you’re an idiot. That’s exactly what he’s saying. He’s not blaming the media, he’s blaming himself… at no point does he blame Playboy. It’s a sincere apology, but in your ridiculous quest to see yourself as “better” than other people you’ve decided that no matter what you’ll bring him down. We’ve all gotten arrogant at some point in our lives; the only difference is that his moment has been experienced by the entire country. Whatever. He apologized, it was a sincere apology, he didn’t make a big show of the apology by going on Oprah or whatever (a couple of twitter posts and a speech at his concert isn’t seeking attention). Let’s move on. He’s a good guy.

  15. Rougher than rocco

    I think crying only work on white chicks. What was the tally on how many soaked panties he got off stage with?

  16. Mal Carne

    You forgot the best part of the interview: when he compared Jessica Simpson in the sack to a napalm, and a drug that you want to snort over and over again. If she’s THAT good in the sack, how annoying must she be out of it to break up with her?

  17. PunkA

    John Mayer was, is, and always will be a total douchbag. Narcissistic POS. He quits he media ‘game”?? Hey, jackoff, no one made you play it, just you. You admitted as much with Aniston, now you look like a total tool. I just hope that the Playboy interview was a fake, and he got owned bu a former girflfriend trying to teach the smug bastard a lesson. That would be classic.

  18. meme

    It looks like his fly is open in the first picture. Hah

  19. wincing

    Check out Simpson’s response :

  20. Eazy-E

    To me he ain’t nothing but a BITCH ASS NIGGA.

  21. Irene Barcelo

    This guy is a complete idiot.

  22. Anna

    That fried chicken crack made have a coughing fit at my desk. Awesome post, Fish.

  23. Sport

    Quit the media?
    He is one of those self absorbed fucks that TWEETS when he takes a dump.

    Solution: Sleep with Lohan. You both die of disease. World lives happily ever after.

  24. HAh

    If his penis is a supremacist i bet that would make his ass a liberal.

  25. boo

    Is that the Black Panther salute he’s doing in the first pic?

  26. Wtf?!?

    What Mayer really means is, “I just want to play my guitar and set the world record for fucking brainless chicks.”

  27. havoc

    Does he not have a publicist? Manager? Lawyer? Bodyguard? Someone to tell him to STFU?

    However, Papa Joe agreed that sex with Jessica Simpson is sexual napalm….


  28. PostmortemG

    ¨To me he ain’t nothing but a BITCH ASS NIGGA.¨

    Damn straight, Eazy-E. =D This John Mayer guy is yet another clown I´m glad i know nothing more about, other than what this site reports. I´ve never heard his music and i never will. Bragging to the press about fucking random sluts is just laughable.

  29. Zoey

    crying is usually a turn off

  30. Gueibor

    So much for the Mandingo myth: he just single-handedly proved that if white guys are not prone to HAVE bigger dicks, they sure can BE bigger ones.
    Suck that, Kanye!!!

  31. Do_Freebird

    So he acts like a crybaby emo douche. He also makes hot monkey love with the hottest, richest, do-able babes in the world.

    why would he stop?

  32. Ed Younger

    John who?

  33. Nichols

    How can someone who hasn’t had a hit in years be banging whatever celebrities he likes while doing absolutely nothing. I hate this shit.

  34. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Probably he was high

  35. suckit


    I’m no fan of john mayer, although I can appreciate that he actually is pretty musically accomplished (no, I can’t stand “body is a wonderland”), so…

    John Mayer is pretty funny when you think about it. Quit having double standards people. If he was a comedian instead of musician you would think he is funny. Quite boxing people in. Truthfully, he is funny in exactly the same way that Fish of is. Shit, they share each other’s jokes. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure that John Mayer IS Fish. Think about it.

  36. huh

    steal my fried chicken! lol dis nigga is too funny

  37. NYC

    What a putz!

  38. cordell walker

    what a little attention dbag. but nothing new here.
    has tendency to say ridiculous stuff that gets him headlines, and sometimes blows up in the face here and there, but nothing huge.

  39. Hitler

    Why didn’t i got to know this boy 65-70 years ago?

  40. queer

    Awww! How cute!

  41. Nero

    Does this jewish queer like some attention?! How about getting crucified in front of his mom?! At least his mom will watch!

  42. Galtacticus

    Since when do jews consider themselfs white?

  43. jennifer anniston

    barack obama and john mayer have the same voice… that’s creepy

  44. Nameless

    Bah…a douchebag who blames the media for his own douchebag statements.

  45. Hollandaze

    @ # 42

    I don’t know when Jews started considering themselves white,
    but as a white Jew,

  46. kim

    apparently he is half jewish. but his face is fuglier than that.

  47. silverduece

    Fuckin Jewish Pussy can’t stand the heat.

  48. Boogeyman King Dong

    WDF?! Mine is way bigger than yours! Just accept that!

  49. edweird

    i would rather he gave up playing the guitar… and singing… that would be good…

  50. Tanya

    the blacks are not pist, hell listen to all their music. full of the n word, bitch, ho, pimp etc.
    you surely can’t have it both ways guys?
    john mayer… he’s a genius, don’t go bagging him if you haven’t seen him live. the guy is different, eccentric, on another level all together.
    the stupid one’s will never get him. the old blues ledgends think he’s amazing and i’m with them.
    he shouldn’t have appologised…some of his best bud’s are black and don’t give a toss about what he said.
    look around at real issues people and stop dribbling shit about comments that are like the wind, nothing!
    we don’t all have the same sense of humor, how boring would that be!

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