John Mayer pissing off Jennifer Aniston’s friends

October 16th, 2008 // 70 Comments

Jennifer Aniston’s friends, particularly Courtney Cox, aren’t thrilled that she’s rekindled her relationship with John Mayer which is definitely a “go.” The two were spotted just yesterday leaving the Sunset Tower hotel together. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Their concern is focused on Mayer’s eternally roaming eye for hot women.
“Jen’s friends are just worried that she will again be hurt by John. … Granted, this isn’t as serious as what happened with Brad [Pitt], but it’s a shame she’s attracted to a guy you know is not around for the long haul,” said an Aniston pal, convinced Mayer “will have moved on to someone else by Christmas.”

Maybe John Mayer’s always bailing because he’s constantly compared to Brad Pitt. Did anyone think of that? He’s a tough act to follow: “Hey, Guitar Boy, why aren’t you dashingly handsome all the time?” Or “Hey, Quasimodo, can you make your face stop doing that?” Then there’s the worst one: “I didn’t say take off your mask! Now press play on Legends of the Fall and get back to work. And, remember, Brad-like thrusts like that video I showed you.”

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  1. Jack

    Quasimodo! So true. Jen has low self esteem.

  2. Carrie

    Mayer has become such a douche bag I can’t stand him any more. He is pathetic.

  3. Capers

    oh Jennifer, have some PRIDE for once, PLEASE??? The guy is SO unattractive (and yet somehow still manages to be conceited)….and so “yesterday”….move friggin ON……..

  4. chick

    he just seems so pathetic lately.

  5. Wendy


    Please tell me what other young musicians play the blues like John Mayer because I’m always interested in finding new artist that love playing the blues.


  6. Terrance Trent Darby


    Yes he seems pathetically rich, talented, and getting hot pussy!

  7. zagge

    So chilish. how old are you. let them be alone.

  8. I don’t care for his music, but I like everything else he does. Which, as far as I can tell consists of beautiful women, that skit on the Chapelle show and umm…. is that a flask in his pocket?

    p.s. Rough Douchie you still suck.

  9. Groucho

    Why does this story have pictures of Justin Timberlake with it? Either way, I like his new darker hair.

  10. Allen

    Desperation knows no pain…

  11. JimmyBachaFungool

    When a girl is addicted to a big cock, her friends can’t stop her. She is in a lust trance for this guy and what he says goes. I hope they enjoy their short time together until he drops her. The we’ll have to see that typical picture of the skank ho with a sad smirk on her face wearing black. It’s so fucking old.

  12. Mo


    Big cock is all subjective, but when a female gets addicted to incredible foreplay that leads to incredible orgasms and the lover knows how to use his cock to give his lover incredible orgasms; then the female gets addicted. It is a falacy that women just want a big cock. We want incredible foreplay first, so that we can enjoy what ever size cock the lover has.

  13. shannon

    i think John is trying to make Jen break up with HIM by wearing that outfit.

    typical passive-aggressive guy stuff.

  14. sweeper

    She is the one who made him all depressed and crapy. He needs to get away from Jennifer. He used to be fun loving and entertaining. DUMP HER NOW. I dont know what this chick did to him. JENN-GIVE HIM BACK HIS PERSONALITY!

  15. asdfg

    Quasimodo vs. Brad Pitt. hahaha, so TRUE.

  16. missywissy

    John missed doing his Brad Pitt impersonation and all the attention he was getting being with her.


    Look at this P.I.M.P right huuurrrrrr NIGGA ITS JOHN MAYER! look at how hes walking,its like one of those scenes in a movie where the cool guy is walking into a place like a club,etc. and they put it in slow motion…shit its fucking JOHN MAYER! this mother fucker gets to rail Jennifer whenever,and cap on her friends! this man is GOD!

  18. Rated X-files

    You guys have it all wrong…. Mayer does not have a roaming eye – he has a lazy eye which causes his eyes to look at opposite directions.

    Also, Jen’s not back with him – she just likes to use him as “hooded gimp” in her S&M sessions. Mayer’s ugly mug is best suited to be covered with a leather hood or a paper bag.

    Jen, seriously… What’s up with the row of losers you’ve been dating? You are a leading lady, who has lately been dating ugly, gimp-boys with no talent. Please, try to date in your own species…

  19. zagge

    leave them alone. you do not know them.

  20. zagge

    leave them alone. you do not know them.

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