John Mayer pissing off Jennifer Aniston’s friends

Jennifer Aniston’s friends, particularly Courtney Cox, aren’t thrilled that she’s rekindled her relationship with John Mayer which is definitely a “go.” The two were spotted just yesterday leaving the Sunset Tower hotel together. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Their concern is focused on Mayer’s eternally roaming eye for hot women.
“Jen’s friends are just worried that she will again be hurt by John. … Granted, this isn’t as serious as what happened with Brad [Pitt], but it’s a shame she’s attracted to a guy you know is not around for the long haul,” said an Aniston pal, convinced Mayer “will have moved on to someone else by Christmas.”

Maybe John Mayer’s always bailing because he’s constantly compared to Brad Pitt. Did anyone think of that? He’s a tough act to follow: “Hey, Guitar Boy, why aren’t you dashingly handsome all the time?” Or “Hey, Quasimodo, can you make your face stop doing that?” Then there’s the worst one: “I didn’t say take off your mask! Now press play on Legends of the Fall and get back to work. And, remember, Brad-like thrusts like that video I showed you.”

Photos: Splash News