John Mayer pissing off Jennifer Aniston’s friends

October 16th, 2008 // 70 Comments

Jennifer Aniston’s friends, particularly Courtney Cox, aren’t thrilled that she’s rekindled her relationship with John Mayer which is definitely a “go.” The two were spotted just yesterday leaving the Sunset Tower hotel together. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Their concern is focused on Mayer’s eternally roaming eye for hot women.
“Jen’s friends are just worried that she will again be hurt by John. … Granted, this isn’t as serious as what happened with Brad [Pitt], but it’s a shame she’s attracted to a guy you know is not around for the long haul,” said an Aniston pal, convinced Mayer “will have moved on to someone else by Christmas.”

Maybe John Mayer’s always bailing because he’s constantly compared to Brad Pitt. Did anyone think of that? He’s a tough act to follow: “Hey, Guitar Boy, why aren’t you dashingly handsome all the time?” Or “Hey, Quasimodo, can you make your face stop doing that?” Then there’s the worst one: “I didn’t say take off your mask! Now press play on Legends of the Fall and get back to work. And, remember, Brad-like thrusts like that video I showed you.”

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  1. John is the man. I would have Jennifer as a booty call for every!!

  2. I wish Mayer would go buy a horse and live in the mountains and stop bothering people. Personality like a dead moth.

  3. BigJim

    All I gotta say is that is some seriously fucked up fashion sense, and I wore pajamas to work today.

  4. tomm ysalami

    what a faggy haircut he has

  5. supersex

    is his head really that big?

    he looks like a bobble head

  6. OC Dee Rocks

    John is a handsome, tall, smart, humorous, sexy and very talented musician and I suspect he is a very talented lover too. John puts his heart and soul into his music and I suspect he puts his heart and soul into sex too when he is truly into his partner. This relationship can work if Jen accepts the fact that John is currently not marriage material and desires other women. Jen can enjoy incredible sex with John while looking for a husband that wants to start a family. John Mayer rocks my world!

  7. “her friends” bunch of C-blockers…never mind their own business…

  8. Deacon Jones

    @7 – Exactly

    John Mayer fucks a shitload of hot girls using his fame – he’s my idol

  9. RD

    nice horseshoe pattern of balding starting to develop there!

  10. luise

    He is handsome, Hey,I am a tall girl,because of tall,seems difficult to find a boy friend for me,I am anxiety sometime.Since I joined the club [__""__], I find many good tall admirers,tall guys,tall girls,even models,if you wanna make friends with us, please join us. Don’t let love pass you by.

  11. OC Dee

    John is a handsome, tall, smart, interesting, humorous, sexy and very talented musician and I suspect he is a very talented lover too. John puts his heart and soul into his music and I suspect he puts his heart and soul into sex too when he is truly into his partner. This relationship can work if Jen accepts the fact that John is currently not marriage material and desires other women. Jen can enjoy incredible sex with John while looking for a husband that wants to start a family. John Mayer Rocks!

  12. Richard McBeef

    Rough Daddy – You are right the fuck on. For once I don’t want to bash in your fucking skull. Have you been taking a coherent posting skills class at your local special education center?

  13. Tim

    #11 shows up and posts essentially the same comment for every John Mayer story. So…HI JOHN! LOVE YOUR SHITTY MUSIC YOU OVERRATED HOMO!

    As an aside, Aniston’s friends should realize that her feelings will always be hurt, 24/7. She’s a neurotic depressive. Sadly, those types seldom have the giddy-up to complete a suicide.

  14. Nana

    He looks idiotic with that haircut.

  15. SMLXL

    lol #2, you are a genius.

  16. Richard McBeef

    @10 – I am anxiety sometime too!!! We should fuck!

    @11 – Go chug some more cocks and get off the internet, ya jag off. Please kill yourself immediately.

  17. Mc Queeff? no one care about your opinion!! I got not time for your ramblings, besides youre as steady as a pussy fart…

  18. Karen

    I hate John Mayer because he puts such painfully obvious effort into being politically correct. Despite all the weepy limp-wristed stuff in his songs, the fact is he’s promiscuous because he enjoys hurting women.

    politically correct…politically…politics…BINGO! See, on topic – did anyone else see the debate last night and notice McCain’s repeated references to how Sarah Palin “especially” and “more than anybody I know” understands AUTISM??? He almost looked like he was getting misty-eyed over it. Did he have an extended senior moment and confuse autism with Down Syndrome? They’re nothing alike – Down Syndrome kids (like Palin’s son Trig) are among the most pleasant and social people you’ll ever meet. Maybe we should see what Denis Leary thinks about this.

  19. Hey Mcqueef? if youre “educated” then education is highly overrated…

  20. mamadough

    damn, if i was one of aniston’s friends, i’d be a little bit bitchier about it.

    “no one will ever love you.”

    “you’re too fucking needy. that’s why men leave you.”

    “his cock will never fill the void in your heart.”

  21. OC Dee


    You have a right to your opinion, but you do not state facts to back up your opinion. Eric Clapton who was ranked 4th in Rolling Stones 100 Greatest Guitarist of All Time does not just play with anyone. I love watching Eric Clapton and John Mayer play together on classic VH1. I also enjoyed reading Eric Clapton’s autobiography.

    You should consider anger management classes.

    John Mayer Rocks!

  22. i_heart_randal!

    I’m sorry, but he literally looks mentally retarded in that pic. how is he considered sexy?

  23. Linda M.


    There are females like me that enjoy sex just as much as he does. I would love to be with John, but I am a very successful career woman who loves her privacy. Being with the same man for years is boring and variety is the spice of life. John just needs to find a female that feels the same way, so they can both enjoy each other, freedom, and sex.

  24. Matt

    #18 – I thought McCain was confusing the two, but he probably has to get a pass on this one because Palin has 3 autistic kids in her extended family. Of course, that plus recently adding a kid with Down Syndrome doesn’t exactly make me want to vote for her. I prefer the president and vice president to come from families that are free of mutant retards. It’s a modest requirement, really.

  25. Becky


    Sexy is not just about how you are dressed, but who you are and how you carry yourself. And of course being in shape is important too. I love seeing men in button down shirts and a tie. It is a classic look that is timeless. Of course I am female and a mans definition of sexy is totally different.

  26. pete

    full name = Large Linda M., undoubtedly

  27. Hulk Hogan's cocaine wrestling

    Richard McBeef for president!

  28. weird

    This is like the Kim Kardashian comments used to be – there clearly is somebody in John Mayer’s camp (fan? paid assistant? John???) who’s using multiple names of either gender but writing in the same style and content, to try to counter any negative comments. Insecurity is the ultimate turnoff.

  29. Andy

    With all due respect to Eric Clapton (one of the greats, unquestionably), the dude has never been personally opposed to making shitloads of money by using music in a highly commercial way (sometimes literally – remember how he altered “After Midnight” specifically for a fucking beer commercial? For fucking Michelob???). He plays with two types of musicians, those who are great talents, and those who sell great numbers of albums. Mayer is clearly in the second category.

  30. Wendy

    Look at the top pic, then glance to the right and look at the pic of Serena Williams. Now tell me: who’s the man?

  31. Deacon Jones


    You’re my mortal enemy. What city do you live in so I know not to go there?

  32. Conscience_Found

    The voices just whispered to me that John is looking like Micheal Stipe.

  33. He looks like Kevin Federline in these pictures. GROSS!

  34. Brad Pitt

    All I know is what Jen tells me about his penchant for being penetrated (she said he travels with an 18″ pink strap on he calls Pedro), his body odor issues, and the strange contortions his face makes during sex. Other than that she said he’s a great guy.

  35. RD

    did anyone hear perez hilton on howard stern? He said that supposedly Mayer used to like to screw jessica simpson in the butt while watching gay porn… or that can be perez’s fantasy…

  36. I’d do all three of them at once without even thinking twice about it.

  37. oh. when i read this headline i thought he’d be pissing them off by singing all whispery and stupid like.

  38. pat

    Maybe Jen just has the same attitude that John has – this isn’t my life-long partner, but it’s someone I enjoy being with right here – right now.

    Nothin’ wrong with that – no sense wasting years until Mr or Miss Right comes along. You only get one life – and it’s not necessarily a long one.

  39. #27=McQueef = lamer

  40. Mo

    My lover plays lead guitar in a band and has strong fingers. He can finger me and rub my clit for a long time and give me great orgasms over and over again. I bet John’s fingers don’t get tired for a very long time too! Jennifer enjoy your great sex with John!

  41. Patty Boyd


    The bottom line is John is an incredible guitar player and gives fabulous concerts and I bet he gives fabulous sex too. Eric Clapton is one of the greats and if he wants to make extra money in a commercial then it is his prerogative. I hate Michelob and prefer micro brew beers.

  42. Jackie

    John is cute, talented and beats Brad Pitt totally. If he and Jen enjoy
    being together, who’s business is it. They both seem smart and I’m
    sure they can make up their minds what they want.

  43. snore

    Oh look, the John Mayer assistants are at it again…


  44. Sid

    #44 – actually I’d bet it’s just one person. Hopefully not John himself, although he does seem needy at a homosexual level of intensity.

  45. Kiki

    I love tall attractive smart genuine humorous fit men and John is a talented musician which is a major bonus. Enjoy your hot and passionate sex with John!

  46. John Mayer is a douche bag. Always running around trying to be funny, desperate to be incredibly famous and liked, even though it will never happen because he is obviously a horrible person. And then running around, bragging about how he dumped Aniston. The only reason he’s with her is to be more famous. You’ll never be more famous, you are a loser. Your music is shit, and you are massively ugly and unlikeable. Live with it and move on, okay?

  47. MayerIsNoClapton

    Mayer for sure is good enough to stand on a stage with Clapton and be competent. He is not the successor to EC like he says he is. As a guitarist he’s not even close to the greats just competent player who don’t choke in front of a crowd. Lot’s of those around.

  48. Kay

    This douche bag is so ugly. Jen is so stupid.

  49. Lisa

    Douche bag believes his own hype.

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