John Mayer & Pete Wentz have a playdate

June 5th, 2008 // 44 Comments

Pete Wentz stopped by John Mayer’s house yesterday to do some jamming. They also played guitar. Hi-OH! Anyway, two observations on our boy Pete here: 1. Was it really necessary to bring his own yogurt? John Mayer’s rich. I’m sure he’s got some Yoplait, or a butler that can drive to the store. 2. Didn’t Pete just get married? Shouldn’t he be home having worry-free newlywed sex with Ashlee Simpson? I mean, she can’t get more pregnant. Can she? Please say “no,” or I need to stop hanging around the gynecologist’s office. And possibly move to Phoenix – tonight.


  1. My name

    HI – OH!!!!! classic!

  2. coco

    Pair of Tossers.

  3. Jason

    Can’t someone hit this douche bag with their car already?

  4. We all know John Mayer gets pussy, and this guy is/ has a HUGE pussy…

  5. mimi

    Who cares.

    What is Britney doing?

  6. Barack Obama

    “To do some jamming”… That is HILARIOUS!

  7. Racer X

    It must be freezing in California.

  8. spencer pratt

    Could P Wentz possibly look any more idiotic?

  9. Jimbollina Seville

    Is that a winter hat?
    I have never seen a winter hat worn in June

  10. Groucho

    Is it still winter in LA, or why is he wearing that hat?

  11. Amy

    I love that Phoenix is the place people go to be shamed.

  12. Ag 2

    Awesome Shirt!!!!!

  13. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    The reason he’s frowning and walking funny is because John Mayer reemed him out with his enormous genitals. Heck, he’s so shook up he forgot to wear his usual tinkerbell tennis shoes. I just hope his intestines don’t fall out of his manhole cover sized asshole and splatter all over the ground.

  14. wet newspaper

    @ 8 – Like you can talk – you vacuous, toffee-nosed, malodorous pervert!

  15. Easy money

    Note to pickpockets: he carries his wallet with the part of it in plain view in his right back pants pocket; pic #6. Easy money, easy money . . .

  16. havoc

    Could this guy be a bigger nerd?


  17. Maybe the yogurt is for lube.

  18. Lancy

    Mmmm, it is said he is dating online now. I saw him on “S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m ” last week. Good luck to his search.

  19. havoc

    #18….that’s great! Considering he just got married!

    Let’s put this in language you and your Vietnamese computer call center slaves can understand.

    You go now!


  20. snarky

    ok, I’m actually starting to feel sorry for this guy. It seems the paps just won’t leave him alone all of a sudden. I admit, I was a name caller/part of the douchebasher party…but now I just kind of pity the man because he seems kind of down to earth, harmless, and nice. Maybe I’m just in an “estrogen induced” nice mood. Or good God, maybe “The Randal” comments are rubbing off on me…ahhhh! Excuse me while I go throw myself over a cliff…

  21. Nexera

    Call a toque a toque, it’s not a bloody winter hat. Yankee morons.

  22. Malkin_is_a_vapid_cunt

    do you think Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson are now sharing the same gynecologist?

  23. wookielove

    @13 gross visuals, thanks

    Petey looks like a chipmunk

  24. Auntie Kryst

    @21 Whoa whoa whoa take it easy there. Little too early in the morning to be shotgunning Molsons. Don’t be a hoser, just relax. Lay back on the chesterfield and slowly count from A to Zed.. Feel better? Beauty.

    You damn FAGGOT!!

  26. Nexera

    24. Love it! Hilarious.

  27. abente

    iabente com do some t//

  28. Kasey

    I guess now Papa Joe is running Pete’s life and career.
    John is so trying to find out about Jessica, I wonder what happened to douchifer. Have seen her flanting with him lately.

  29. kittysanchez

    really dislike this northshore tool, but I covet that sweet vintageBulls tee. Horace Grant is all I have to say.

  30. kittysanchez

    I really dislike this northshore tool, but I covet that sweet vintage Bulls tee. Horace Grant is all I have to say. Oh yeah, Craig Hodges too.

  31. zuzuspetals

    I bet scientists would find that the room had the maximum concentration of douche-baggery ever achieved in human existence. If Chris Angell and George Clooney had showed up, I’m pretty sure we’d all be dead from douche-bag radiation.

  32. Spongebob Gangst

    Wentz probably prefers size of Mayers tool over Ashlees

  33. Grunion

    Short people got no reason to live…

    #24 I apologize for my countryman, he was probably all jacked up on bacon…Plus it’s NEVER to early to start shotgunning molsons. Shit , here in Canada we wake up in the middle of the night to pound beer.

  34. MrsWentz

    Luv you Petey…’re so smokin’ hot even though you are married. Best wishes in happiness. FOB rocks

  35. @33 No need to apologize Grunion. As a Minnesotan by birth, it’s my duty to translate and keep the peace along the border..

  36. Mississippi

    He looks scared.. He’s heard the rumors and he’s praying they’re not true LMAO!

    His poor poor bunghole :-O

  37. Ciara

    Little Petey is going to get his ass beat when Papa find out he went to the enemy house.
    LoL @douche-bag radiation level that was a good one.
    I love that name for John and Jen =Douchifer. Thats really good. I hope it’s ok if I use it.

  38. meee

    hahaha. the yogurt. what the fuck

  39. Mara

    So…Jessica’s brother- in -law visits her ex-boyfriend. Interesting.

  40. Sport

    Wow he looks like such a friendly, cool, fun dude to hang out with.

  41. Dorito Man

    She’ll get tired of him soon. I see it coming. He’s too goofy. Or is that poofy.

  42. Sarah

    stop picking on pete

  43. i actually is in love with petey and john mayer.they are both stickin rich but yea i would stop going because petey could end up pregnant lol…he cant but if he was still a woman…lol.. and he still had the female organs then yea buttttt nooo.well love yall

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