John Mayer meets Jennifer Aniston’s dad

John Mayer was reportedly introduced to Jennifer Aniston’s father 75-year-old actor John Aniston Wednesday night. The couple dined with Jen’s dad and his wife Sherry Rooney at the Beverly Hills Hotel where the “Minstrel of Douche” apparently impressed Mr. Aniston, according to Star:

After starting with a round of cocktails, John and Jen shared a salad, followed by a fish entree. She was even seen feeding him a vegetable off her fork. As for the conversation — led by Jen’s step mom, who was much chattier than Jen’s dad — it ranged from music to… Tom Hanks.
“John spent a lot of time talking about his music philosophies — why certain decades have better music,” says the eyewitness. “He discussed his experiences with Aretha Franklin and made a joke about Tom Hanks.”
His nerves showed when Jen hit the powder room. John charmingly asked the table: “How am I doing?” Then cracked, “I am a wreck.” Everyone laughed and Jen’s stepmom, whom Jen referred to as “mom” throughout dinner, said, “Should we get our score cards out? Like on Dancing With the Stars?” John replied: “Exactly. It feels like Dancing with the Stars.”
When Jen returned, her stepmom outed John for being nervous and told Jen that he said it felt like he’s on an audition for Dancing with the Stars. Jen laughed and rubbed his thigh.

Afterward, everyone retired to the parlor for figgy pudding and a ribald game of Charades where young Master Mayer imitated the operation of the new horseless carriage. Huzzah!