John Mayer made something I like… *head explodes*

May 8th, 2008 // 52 Comments

John Mayer got together with the folks over at to make a video that takes us behind the scenes of his song-writing process. And, here’s the kicker, it’s pretty fucking funny. Don’t get me wrong. John Mayer’s music still makes me want to eat a live grenade, but I actually started to like him as a person. I’m even willing to forgive that he’s able to score a chick like Jennifer Aniston. And, oh wait, the peyote’s wearing off. Where am I? Who typed these words? What happened to Lion-O from Thundercats? I could’ve sworn he was sitting right here next to me.

Thanks to Laura for making me realize John Mayer deserves to live – for now….


  1. OC Dee

    This video is funny. John is very talented, funny, smart, tall, sexy, and has full kissable lips. I look forward to seeing John in concert this summer in Irvine CA.

  2. John Mayer is so wonderful. He always annoyed me until that one song “Your body is Heaven” or whatever it was.

    He seems kind of geeky but also hot. Very interesting combination of traits.


  3. PLEASE!!!! Jennifer Aniston could do SOOOO much better than this tool.

  4. roshaa

    funny stuff

  5. whoever

    sir could you watch your language theres a fucking baby in the room

  6. havoc

    Um, where was the funny part?


  7. Chris the Fuzzy

    Why the LA Galaxy shirt?

    I mean I guess it’s good for the MLS, but seriously.

  8. pointandlaugh

    that was pretty funny. “people matter, but celebrities matter more.” LOL

  9. John looks sexy singing the song Daughters in this video and the lyrics are wonderful and heartfelt.

  10. dude

    OC Dee, are you allowed at Mayer’s concert? I thought the restraining order was pretty comprehensive.

  11. #1 you are a RIOT!!!!!

    So, unfortunately once again I cannot watch the video cause my work computer sucks ass, but I told you guys before that John Mayer has a really fricken great sense of humor. He was even on Dave Chappelle a few years ago, and when he is not contorting his face, he’s kinda cute. Oh wait, I forgot about the “sleeve”..


  12. my aching cleavage

    He’s the Donny Osmond of our generation.

  13. a day like any other

    HE’s the fucking untalented donny osmond of our generation.

    If his career is so hot that he can make it on his own talent, why is his publicist arranging photo shoots with aniston where they try to deceive a moronic public into thinking they’re an “item”?

  14. OC Dee

    I’m kinda pathetic, really.

  15. Sasha

    He’s one of those people think they are funny but fail.

  16. HuckyDucky

    It was funny, and makes him seem pretty cool. As far as untalented, you’re way off. I have none of his CDs, but the guy is a TREMENDOUS guitar player. Really, really good. Voice gay, guitar-playing spectacular.

    So it was funny, but not laugh-out-loud funny like “Automated Phone Sex” on FunnyOrDie. That was crying-laughing funny.

  17. #10 lol!

    I saw John Mayer in the Dave Chappelle video too and thought it was funny. If you want to see John singing without him contorting his face then check out this video when you get home.

  18. william

    the site is called funny or die… he should die.

  19. Danklin24

    Rofl Nice stuff. John’s a funny guy, i dont care what people say. Really talented too. And how hot was it to hear Kristen Bell drop an F bomb?

  20. LL

    Eh, he’s OK. Not a fave, but I don’t hate him with the white-hot intensity of a thousand bursting suns, either. As someone above mentioned, he was pretty funny that time on Chappelle.

    If you wanna trash someone as a douchebag with no talent other than self-promotion, Trump rockets to the top of that list, as far as I’m concerned. Not that I want to see that lizard-face on any website, so in stories trashing him, replace his normal uggo face with a smiley face or a “Picture Not Available” notice or anything, really, other than his actual face.


  21. OC Dee


    I guess people are trolling me like Randal. I would never call myself pathetic lol!

  22. Danklin24

    oh and #13 is a moron. How can you possibly call this guy untalented. Listen to his Try album, shithead

  23. Sammy

    #12 and #13

    You are obviously out of touch because John Mayer is very talented because he writes, plays, and sings his own great music. Donny and Marie never wrote their own music.

  24. OCDee, I have the Any Given Thurday DVD, it’s funny, I watched like half of it and took it out and accidentally stepped on it and it broke. But thanks for the link. Are you Laura??

  25. Chupacabra

    You want to know what’s funny? Everyone else on that video.

  26. OC Dee


    Sorry to hear about your DVD mishap. I am going to buy Any Given Thursday DVD; thanks. I am not Laura, I’m Dee from Orange County CA.

  27. ape tit

    the funniest video on FOD is CARS by Bobby Hacker

    “get out your fucking checkbook!”

  28. RENEE

    meh, didn’t find that very funny. He is so douchey too, and yet there’s something annoyingly sexy about him; I can’t put my finger on it. Unfortunately you can tell that he seems to think he’s mr. hottie too just by looking at his smug face.

  29. RENEE

    He looks like he has some cherokee indian in his blood. Why does it always seem like the hot guys have some of that? Weird.

  30. montysano

    I was never much of a Mayer fan (I’m a 54 year old white dood,after all), but his live album “Try” changed my mind.

  31. andie

    I like this guy. I think I like everything about him besides the fact that we’ve never met. He should fix that. Yeah.

  32. Guy

    Not funny.

  33. lolal

    lolz, that indian guy from the 40 year old virgin (the “go fuck a goat guy) is in the focus group….

  34. holy sh!t…the heading of this post read my mind! it was a pretty funny vid, i have to admit.

  35. meee

    haha that was pretty good. funny or die usually puts out good shit.

  36. Grunion

    Kinda funny, not Kurt Cobain funny, but funny.

    That guy was a fucking riot.

  37. kati

    and this is why i will marry him one day. the end.

  38. monkeyfightclub

    Sounds like he’s got everything figured out.

  39. Wow. You thought that was hilarious? That is actually how they make songs in Hollywood nowadays.

  40. Was I supposed to laugh some where?

  41. Beth

    I can’t believe that I recognize her, but I’m pretty sure the secretary/assistant in the video (chick with dark hair) is Ashley Parker Angel’s (one of the guys from O-Town – had his own TV show a few years back) Baby Mama. I don’t remember her name, but I’m almost positive that is her. Anyone?

  42. mrs.t

    Fuuuuuuuck. Now I have to get a different car.

  43. Love her

    I LOVE K-BELLS!!!!

  44. Lori

    Pretty funny! Mayer’s looking pretty hot with that tan.

  45. Vizzy

    See, this is why the boy pulls so much tail. Funny is the new sexy. And he’s got it.

    I’d do him.

  46. shoo

    He looks like Alan Alda.


  47. temp

    ahahaha, i love me some john mayer. :)

  48. EEEEEE

    haha, he has two blue tooths, thats funny stuff. I already knew he was pretty funny, he did this fake heist on the phone one time when the paparazzi were following him and that was pretty damn funny!

  49. Jerry Fartwell

    I thought that vid was funny. His music is kind of boring, but he’s very cute and has a great sense of humor. I would definitely do him.

    The SNL skit about John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews was pretty hilarious too.

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