John Mayer just came

March 5th, 2010 // 63 Comments

Here’s Taylor Swift kicking off her Fearless tour in Tampa last night and, yes, I might have included a deliberately cropped panty photo from the show. But only because I respect Taylor Swift as a person so much. I mean, just the sheer artistry of her pop-country music touches me in- PFFT! Hahaha! I used artistry and country music in the same sentence. Still got it!

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  2. jumpin_j

    You sure that’s not Nicole Kidman? (snark)

  3. Volcanoes (AGAIN!)

    WHAT kind of panties are those supposed to be?!

  4. zuzuspetals

    And by “Fearless” she means not afraid to sing off-key.

    She’s adorable- I hope she gets the fuck away from John Mayer asap- he’s the douchiest douche of them all. He’s Douchy McDouchyton, Mayor of Douchetown, on the douchiest day of the year.

  5. dk

    @3 Pantinators.

  6. Mr. T

    I would love to have those panties after that show and boil them in hot water to make a nice soup. Yum!

  7. Alex

    Why is she always so awkward looking?

  8. Maybe Taylor is the one with the cock. Those giant panties of doom are definitely holding something in.

  9. Dweezel

    They’re the kind of modest panties that you wear when there’s a chance that someone’s going to get a shot up your skirt. Only Paris and Britney don’t mind if their labia are showing.

  10. Richard McBeef

    @ the superficial writer – i see you have been learning from the commenters on what is and what isn’t a vag, hence the lack of pink stars.

    one does have to give the girl some credit 1) she wears undies when upskirts are an inevitability 2) she wears the least attractive undies ever to discouraging the fapping.

  11. Lala

    What’s with the “13″ on her hand?

  12. Freebie

    She’s wearing Spanx, although at her age and weight, I don’t know why.

  13. Danklin

    #11…it’s her favorite number apparently and a good luck thing.

  14. terry

    she is a very hot young lady…I’d drink her bathwater after sucking her hot sweat out of those panties

  15. Michelle

    Those are freakin spanks people. NOT SEXY.

  16. Wow, what a disrespectful picture of such a respectable girl. Give her some credit, at least she’s covering her shit up. It’s sad that pictures like these are even posted. Leave this shit to Paris Hilton.

  17. HLM

    She’s got to be all of 90 lbs while wearing a suit of armor in a rain storm. Why does she think she needs to wear spanx?? I guess maybe Mr. McBeef is correct.

  18. #4 zuzuspetals: Unashamedly singing off key is Taylor’s and Katy’s and Ga-Ga’s way of stickin-it-to-the-man as Jack Black stated it in “School of Rock”. In this case, the “man” is baby-boomers who at least tried to hit the notes in the middle.

  19. Jimbo

    She’s probably terrible in bed judging by how awkward she is on stage and everywhere else.

  20. Alice Williams

    It looks like she’s wearing plastic panties and a incontinence pad…OMG! They are a bit high cut for spanx and look see thru. They definitely look like an incontinence pad and plastic pants over the top, look at the cut of the panties and the pad in the middle. Not sexy but useful.


  21. me

    maybe it’s that time of the month. no big deal, unless your mom or dad hasn’t given you “the talk” yet.

  22. Alice Williams

    Well yeah that could be true, but then why the plastic panties over the top of the pad. I’ve been unlucky, and have had continence problems most my adult life, they look like bikini cut plastic panties, rather odd for a woman her age I think. But I’m not condemning her for it, just mentioning what I think :) Taylor is still very awesome!!

  23. Jennica Stein

    I love her and her panties.

  24. Jack Butt

    11. Lala – March 5, 2010 12:27 PM

    What’s with the “13″ on her hand?

    she is dating A-rod from the Yankees, his number is 13 !

  25. SATAN

    i got a feeling that before too long, people are gonna realize that Taylor Swift has a monotone singing voice and her looks are ridiculously overrated.

    she only burst on the scene cuz she was jailbait and could play guitar… well guess what, one of those things went out the window and the other can only carry you for so long as a pop singer. remember ashley simpson? she too was a one-note singer… totally limited vocal range, and right around this same age she became totally irrelevant.

    what i’m trying to say is, she should get implants and get into porn before all is lost.

  26. Parker

    I am proud to say I would have anal sex with her no matter what color panties she was wearing.

  27. Damn, that’s a nice guitar in pic #3 – custom Yamaha? If that other bit could move out of the way, we might get a better look at it …

  28. John

    Totally agree with Alice’s comment, they’re Plastic Panties for sure! Why the heck is she wearing them? The crinkle in them and the elastic edges give it away. That is either a heavy monthly pad or a Incontinent Pad thing. Whats going on with our lovely Taylor!?! Old people wear them Plastic Panty things! Does she have a problem??!

  29. iola

    Thats just weird. Not the panties but the fact that its her. Cant picture her sexy at all. (Even with the panties showing) Soooo weird.

  30. Problem solved – like her acoustics, that guitar is also by Taylor. The company of that name, that is. She didn’t make it, it’s just a coincidence … or is it?

  31. MissZ

    She’s wearing a body shaper. It looks so funny because some of those body shapers have an open-crotch for peeing. So you don’t have to take the whole thing off, you just squat, spread the flaps of fabric, and pee. I know this because I worked in a lingerie dept. for years (uh, not cause I wear one). :)
    But why in the world a girl who weighs 80 pounds needs a shaper is beyond me.

  32. Oppa

    She rockin’ the granny panties.

  33. Oppa

    “But why in the world a girl who weighs 80 pounds needs a shaper is beyond me. ”

    Joking aside, she’s probably having her period. Some women wear girdles to relieve menstrual cramps.

  34. Sam

    Taylor Swift: What happens when you have overly supportive parents who don’t have the ability to tell their kids the truth about their abilities.

  35. John

    She’s pretty, but there is just something so unattractive about her, I just can’t put my finger on it. Awkwardness? I dunno… it just makes her seem kinda gross

  36. vdls

    For Heaven’s sake she does NOT weigh 80 or 90 pounds. She’s 5′ 10″. She probably weighs 120.

  37. Lindsay

    Definitely spanx, I’ve seen those that are cut like a bikini bottom. We forget that she’s so young and obviously self conscious of the 2 pounds she thinks she needs to lose. She is absolutely gorgeous as is though, she definitely does NOT need them

  38. Jeff

    no fish you do not “still got it” and im not saying that cuz im some redneck fuck who likes country i fuckin hate it just as much as the next man whos not a redneck fuck

    but seriously you have really lost it

  39. Jeff

    god this bitch is so funny looking, but hot? sometimes i cant honestly tell. and no boobs? i nener noticed that before. and nice fucking diamond guitar, leave diamond encrusted whatevers to the nigs

  40. lola

    She is wearing spanx so there are no panty lines, not to make her look thinner.

  41. Jon

    Those are not panties and those are not attractive.

  42. captain america

    and went home again…………………………………………….ALONE!!

  43. dude


  44. Taylor takes those industrial bloomers up a notch.

  45. Bianca

    They cant be spanx, they sit to high on the thigh!?! I’m with the people that said they are pvc pantys, she must be on a ‘heavy month’ wearing a pad that size and the pvc pants. wow taylor. Are pvc pantys ‘in’ now? and does anyone else where incontinence pantys with a pantyliner? Great photo! :)

  46. Definitely spanx, I’ve seen those that are cut like a bikini bottom. We forget that she’s so young and obviously self conscious of the 2 pounds she thinks she needs to lose. She is absolutely gorgeous as is though, she definitely does NOT need them

  47. You people are dumb
  48. I love her and her panties.

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