John Mayer is touching kids now

February 25th, 2010 // 63 Comments

Because children are our most precious gift – in PR disasters — white supremacist penis owner John Mayer invited a young boy from the audience to play onstage with him in Philly, according to PopEater:

New Jersey sixth-grader Austin Christy attended John’s Sunday night concert in Philadelphia with a sign reading “Can I play ‘Belief’ with you?” — and when Mayer spotted Christy in the crowd, he invited the youngster onstage to do just that, reports
Christy played for a crowd of roughly 25,000 fans and left with a guitar signed by the rocker himself, reading: “To Austin, You rock. Keep playing. See you at your show.”
Christy’s mother wrote a note to John’s management team, which read: “John made an 11-year-old’s dream come true. John gave him the guitar after the show and we needed security to get out of the stadium.”
“Everyone wanted a picture with [my son]. If you get a chance, watch some of the videos on You Tube, it is touching. As John said, ‘The kid pulled through.’ I just wanted to thank JM for pulling through for Austin.”

In fairness, this probably was an awesome moment for this kid. Until he grows up and realizes he just got a douchebag ridiculously laid and probably by his own mother. Then it’s more of a moment he tells his therapist after stabbing a family of kittens.

But thanks for pulling through, “JM!”

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  1. Britt

    Sounds like a great moment. I don’t care what people say, John is the real deal… A great musician, and a great guy…

  2. Jammy

    “White supremacist penis owner”, im LMAO at that one! and FIRST!

  3. Britt

    Second, Jammy. You’re second. ;-)

  4. Daria

    Damn I wanted to be the first one! haha
    but yes
    John mayer rocks!
    “belief is a beautiful honor…”

  5. Pete Wentz!? LMAO!

    Summer Tour Just Announced:
    Two Douche Bags One Stage

  6. Red

    He’s going to spill his drink and he looks like Edward Scissor hands!

  7. bladerunner

    I’m with Britt on this one. Great guy, great moment. There’s plenty of musicians who wouldn’t have done that.

  8. kels

    he is NASTY looking..don’t see why people are drawn to him physically. he also looks like there is something wrong with his eyes..wonky eyed.

  9. Fabulous

    John Mayer should be touching me.

  10. dubba

    hate the music, dont like the guy… but this was indeed awesome for that kid. john gets respect on that.

  11. Gemma

    Actually it’s ‘belief is a beautiful armour’ fail.

  12. Brittany

    Luckily, I was one of those roughly 25,000 fans who attended that show in Philly the night Austin got on stage with JM. I must say, it was such an awesome thing to see! John screws up a lot with his stupid mouth and the dumb things he says but you have to give him some credit… what he did Sunday at the show was believed to be be completely genuine and very sincere. If only you could have seen the faces on Austins family members……. it was amazing. I felt so much pride coming from that little boy while he was up there with John and the band……. and just for the record, it seems to me like it doesnt make a difference what negative things people and/or tabloids have to say about John Mayer as a person OR as a musician………… I think he’s going to be just fine despite all the hate he’s been getting — just listen to the crowd, people are still clapping.

  13. rodgerj

    That guy looks like Pete Wentz

  14. JR

    This would be a fantastic act by Mr. Mayer if I didn’t smell the reeking stench of trying to clean up his rep at work. Everybody knows that if you want to be loved by the public despite being a horrible human being, you have to direct Oscar-winning movies.

    Roman Polanski knows what I’m talking about!

  15. Josh

    He’s an awesome dude. He says some dumb shit just for fun, but that’s just him being 100% honest about what he thinks, rather than these celebrities that give completely neutral answers to absolutely everything. I don’t think he ever means to offend anyone. I like black people, but it’s rare to find one i think is super hot. It’s not racism, just nature. You’re supposed to have sex with things that look like you, otherwise people would be fucking horses and mailboxes all day.

  16. WTF?

    Is that what sixth graders look like now?

  17. WTF?

    Oh, I get it now. The kid’s in the video I didn’t bother watching. Whatev

  18. Flower

    Ditto, #16. That doesn’t look like any sixth grader I have ever known.

  19. Nuke

    I don’t understand – Why did he bring Jeremy Piven on stage?

  20. Flower

    Oh. Well, who’s this guy, then?

  21. God of Thunder

    Whos the Pittsburgh midget thats standing to his left?

  22. TUBBO

    This guy looks more like edward scissor hands every day.

  23. whatever

    he is so hot. no matter what he does, its sexy. women love him…so men hate him.

  24. Kim M

    He’s a cute little guy, and I think it’s was nice of his mum to dress him in a shirt and tie to come to John’s concert. His mother is obviously concerned that her son finds appropriate role models.

  25. Hecubus

    This is cool, it’s sure to be this kid’s most cherished memory until he grows up enough to realize how lame John Mayer is, at which point it’ll become his most embarrassing secret and he’ll live in constant fear that his childhood friends will one day get too drunk and tell his new cool college friends about the time he cried because some lame cheeseball pop rocker gave him his guitar.

  26. noodles

    Hope the little guy got laid for his effort – not by John Mayer, though. That pic threw me though – 6th grader with a 5 o’clock shadow – was thinking “bullshit”

  27. Rock on, morons

    All of you people supporting him with your “he’s a great guy” and “love his music” are making me sick. Seriously, how lame and fucking tone deaf do you have to fucking be to think this guy makes good music? I dont get it, I dont get you and I hate you.

  28. munchie

    That’s a really sweet gesture! John Mayer is really talented and good-hearted…just a little lost at the moment. Hollywood does that to people!

  29. Kangaroo

    The 35 year old looking ‘kid’ is freaking me the fuck out.

  30. Jon

    I don’t care much for him. But he’s one of the only guys out there holding a guitar in the pop world. And he is keeping Steve Ray Vaughns type of blues style alive. Don’t care much for his singing but he’s a good guitarist.

    The person talking about ‘tone deaf’ don’t even know what that term means. Do you play music? Didn’t think so. Go listen to some phat b33ts and talk your shit over the top of it.

  31. Dank24

    Lol like the pic of him with Pete Wentz as the little kid. Actually it was pretty sweet that an 11 year old got to play with him and played pretty good for his age.

  32. Dank24

    #27 is retarded because he doesn’t know what tone deaf means. Have you heard this guy actually play or are you just basing you opinion off what other haters say and John Mayer’s ramblings in interviews? Because the guy really is a great guitarist.

  33. Albin Bainbridge

    Why are people saying Mayer is such a good guy? Many musicians in his position would have let the kid play, especially a musician in desperate need of positive PR like Mayer.

    Also, Mayer sucks. His songs are horribly insipid. He is a good guitar player, but he’s nowhere near Stevie Ray Vaughn’s league.

  34. PunkA

    #10. Summed up perfectly.

    I was at a U2 concert years ago and they pulled some college student out of the audience, and he jammed on keyboard for a song. Was awesome. Great way to interact with your fans and let those in attendance feel part of the show.

  35. abby

    What 6th grader has that much stubble or what ever you call it…

  36. AmeriCanadian

    Words cannot express how much I hate John Mayer…

  37. Kyle Bradley

    Aw man I was there, this was really an awesome moment to experience.

  38. Damage control

    This is damage control. This is how you know he is not sorry. They just want this all to go away so this turd can start collecting the money he is use to getting.
    This nut job pay a pr team to clean up his crap. They get a kid to come on stage. So douche bag can come off looking good. Then get the fake paid posters to compliment this douche. Mayer fans are walking out on him. This is damage control to clean up Mayer’s droppings. Mayer is a douche bag

  39. Liam

    Using kids now. What a cheap douche bag thing to do.

  40. Danny

    Mayer sucks big time pulling a kid on stage will not fix his image. Ugly bastard believe his own cracked up hyped.

  41. Ree

    Are we sure that’s not Pete Wentz. I thought that was Pete Wentz.

  42. Alex

    that isn’t pete wentz. we have to remember that he doesn’t play crap, and the kid is playing perfectly.
    but to all the people saying that john mayer is the man for doing this to a fan, well, green day, the rock band, has done this from 2000 up until 2006 on every single concert they made. picking fans to play with them and giving guitars away after. and even nowadays sometimes they pick people from the audience. so it’s not something new. but congrats on john mayer for doing this kind of thing. making the audience a part of the concert even more.

  43. Yooo great job with this post! LOL it did something for me.

  44. bbw28sd

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  45. cattitude

    Is it me, or does John Mayer resemble Edward Scissorhands a tiny bit here? No offense intended to the wonderful Johnny Depp….

  46. captain america

    ………………………….TWO DESPERATE FAGGOT-WEASELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Britt

    Mayer’s done stuff like this before… long before his rep got smudged. A few years ago, there was a girl in the audience who had a sign that was something like, “It’s my 18th birthday, will you give me my first kiss?”… or something like that. And he totally did it.
    I mean, I hate that bitch who got to kiss him, but it was nice nonetheless.

  48. Rachel

    That photo is Pete Wentz… It just is. The kid in the video looks totally different and looks like a fucking kid, not an emo rocker.

  49. sofia

    that’s pete wentz, not a fucking 6th grader… he’s got a mustache for christ sakes!

  50. sofia

    that’s pete wentz, not a fucking 6th grader… he’s got a mustache for christ sakes!

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