John Mayer is touching kids now

Because children are our most precious gift – in PR disasters — white supremacist penis owner John Mayer invited a young boy from the audience to play onstage with him in Philly, according to PopEater:

New Jersey sixth-grader Austin Christy attended John’s Sunday night concert in Philadelphia with a sign reading “Can I play ‘Belief’ with you?” — and when Mayer spotted Christy in the crowd, he invited the youngster onstage to do just that, reports
Christy played for a crowd of roughly 25,000 fans and left with a guitar signed by the rocker himself, reading: “To Austin, You rock. Keep playing. See you at your show.”
Christy’s mother wrote a note to John’s management team, which read: “John made an 11-year-old’s dream come true. John gave him the guitar after the show and we needed security to get out of the stadium.”
“Everyone wanted a picture with [my son]. If you get a chance, watch some of the videos on You Tube, it is touching. As John said, ‘The kid pulled through.’ I just wanted to thank JM for pulling through for Austin.”

In fairness, this probably was an awesome moment for this kid. Until he grows up and realizes he just got a douchebag ridiculously laid and probably by his own mother. Then it’s more of a moment he tells his therapist after stabbing a family of kittens.

But thanks for pulling through, “JM!”

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