John Mayer hits on Ricki Lake, sure, why not?

John Mayer put the moves on Ricki Lake Tuesday night at a Christmas party for the Sunshine Sachs public relations company. Fortunately, publicists were on hand to aid the matchmaking, and ultimately report it to Page Six:

The two talked about Lake’s new documentary, “The Business of Being Born,” before Mayer confessed, “I’ve had a crush on you for two years.” Helpful publicists then herded the two to a back table, where they exchanged numbers.

I would say it’s nice to see John Mayer playing within his league, but that wouldn’t be fair to Ricki Lake. She’s had a rough week as it is. I mean, she did just get hit on by John Mayer. That’s like having the Phantom of the Opera come up to you in a bar. But without his little white mask on. Of course, Ricki Lake always figured she’d end up marrying the Emperor from Star Wars, so dating John Mayer would be close enough. Yeah, it’s a small step down, but sometimes you have to make compromises in life. Except for me. I’m totally going to marry Jessica Biel even if I have to have sex with a bunch of hookers until that day finally comes.

Photos: Getty Images