John Mayer hits on Ricki Lake, sure, why not?

December 6th, 2007 // 62 Comments

John Mayer put the moves on Ricki Lake Tuesday night at a Christmas party for the Sunshine Sachs public relations company. Fortunately, publicists were on hand to aid the matchmaking, and ultimately report it to Page Six:

The two talked about Lake’s new documentary, “The Business of Being Born,” before Mayer confessed, “I’ve had a crush on you for two years.” Helpful publicists then herded the two to a back table, where they exchanged numbers.

I would say it’s nice to see John Mayer playing within his league, but that wouldn’t be fair to Ricki Lake. She’s had a rough week as it is. I mean, she did just get hit on by John Mayer. That’s like having the Phantom of the Opera come up to you in a bar. But without his little white mask on. Of course, Ricki Lake always figured she’d end up marrying the Emperor from Star Wars, so dating John Mayer would be close enough. Yeah, it’s a small step down, but sometimes you have to make compromises in life. Except for me. I’m totally going to marry Jessica Biel even if I have to have sex with a bunch of hookers until that day finally comes.

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  1. mkell

    Gotta love how these “celebrity” romances work. Need a bloody team of minders just to meet someone!

  2. Chauncy Gardner

    Did he ‘hit on’ her with the same ugly stick that ‘hit on’ him?

  3. We just keep taking baby steps up. Maybe by the end of the day, we will have something worth commenting on.

  4. veggi

    and jesus came over on the mayflower 100 years ago and discovered oregon..

  5. havoc

    Edward Scissorhands meets Hairspray……

    Cue the four horsemen………


  6. I have always been horrified by her dead fish eyes!

  7. Kim

    Omg. She is beautiful and gorgeous! I saw her profile on millionaire and celebrity dating site Charlie Sheen found his match there.

  8. So he’s both a tucked-penis chaser and a chubby chaser? Look out, Jimbo, it looks like you’re next.

  9. Anjhest

    John Majer is shockingly hot in person. Why does he always look like such a douche bag in photos?!

  10. mkell


    HA HA!! Excellent question!

  11. woodhorse

    I heard Drew Carey was done with the glory holes so John Mayer could try those next. Seems like the next logical step down.

  12. veggi

    oh, how I despise omg and lol..

    I do, however, enjoy romantic novels and long walks on the beach..

    no. no, I don’t. not at all..

  13. DA

    She looks like my Mother.
    I so want to fuck her, and eat that sweet cream-pie afterwards.

  14. She probably put a roofie in his drink. Wait until he wakes up. That’s gonna be funny………

  15. Sheva

    As if John Mayer wasn’t a big enough loser spending thousands of dollars on phone sex lines. He singlehandedly employed several girls in NYC working thos phones. When he left, many were put out of work.

    But now. How low can you go?

  16. Starchasm

    Oh how I hope these two get married and breed. Not because I give a shit about their happiness, but because I want to see what kind of horrible mutant spawn they could produce. It could be magical.

  17. Le Roi Est Mort

    Go Ricky! Go Ricky! Go Ricky!

  18. Bigheadmike

    NO way….. She has fat potential written all over her.

  19. mememe

    is he really that ugly? I mean…when he’s not looking deathly ill and pale, I think he’s an alright looking guy. Why does Superfish always pick on this dude?

    …wait, which one’s John Mayer??? ohhhhhh…


  20. robbie hawkins

    I want to be famous…………………..I’m going to mall.

  21. #8 was not me

    What kind of a person goes from Jessica fricken Simpson to Ricky fricken Lake??? Wide array of taste in women. At least you can hold a conversation with Ricky, but you also have to look at her face, which is, you know, pukeable..

  22. cha cha cha… new love…

  23. Party Girl

    #20 -

    Me too. I’m going to the mall and buy a giant Mrs. Fields’ birthday cookie. The clerk will think I’m having a party, but really I’m going to eat the whole thing myself. Then I can relate to JLH and RL. Why not, I want cookie……

  24. johnney

    She looks so old.

  25. Britney Crotch Juice

    bet she’s a gusher.

  26. Shallo Val

    21 Frist, wassup girl

    He realized that stupid doesn’t taste that good. Maybe formerly fat is better in the sack. I really can’t see Jessica Simpleton being anything but AWFUL in bed.

  27. strawberry ricky

    she is 40.
    i think she looks pretty damn young.
    Go Ricky!

  28. DA

    I’d really love to meet a real gusher, and have her do that on my face.

    Who is a gusher here?

  29. Fred

    Wow! i dont know when this happened but riki is looking sort of hot

  30. Fred

    Wow! i dont know when this happened but riki is looking sort of hot

  31. Hey Val! You’re right. Formerly fat chicks still have that fat girl self esteem I bet. They are better in bed because they are so GRATEFUL that someone will finally do them..

    I know I am, but that has nothing to do with my esteem. I just love sex..

  32. Nicole Simpson

    #25 – I am! But I’d have to put my neck on your face.

  33. FTS

    They look like a white bread J Lo, and (good God, I never thought I’d say this) an uglier version of Marc Anthony. Maybe they’ll get married and convert to Scientology next.

  34. Ds

    Fat girls are easy, they fuck at the drop of a hat.
    I like to do them doggie-style and look at their big tits hanging down like a cow and flopping all over the place.
    Most of the ones I pick up also swallow.

  35. Ds

    And I bring lots of lube. I know the cows have a hard time taking my 3 inch cock. It’s huge. The cow that is. The only problem is when the neighbor finds me with my enourmous 3 inch cock inside his cow. I just hide behind the tractor. It’s not like cows talk.

  36. Ds

    Then I like to suck-off his horses too. Man, those horses have lots of jiz, makes it hard to swallow all of it.

  37. Ds

    One time, I tried to make the horse screw me. That’s a bit more complicated than you might imagine. Hoof indentations on your back are hard to explain. But it was worth it. Talk about horsin’ around!

  38. Ds

    Has anyone seen my penis? Oh, there it is. Inside this goat. Boy, that really got my goat.

  39. BunnyButt

    Isn’t she married. Jeez. I’m a bit upset wiht myself for possibly knowing that. Anyway, not like marriage stops people from dating.

  40. Being thin makes her look haggard!

  41. D. Richards (Loser.)

    See, one thing that people don’t realize about fat chicks is that fat girls have the tightest assholes. Jo-Jo’s just looking for a used-to-be celebrity that he can ass-plunder without fear of being found out by the public. Go, Ricki! This week: Ricki opens up about what ‘s it like to be used as an anal-whore. And that warm feeling (semen) she gets while being gang-banged by six-to eight of John Mayer’s roadies. Tomorrow!

  42. anonymous

    from jessica to ricki, what a downgrade. what is john mayer thinking?

  43. Riotboy

    John Mayer vs. Jack White

    //this xmas on Spike tv

  44. Laughing God

    Maybe if she stuck her ass out in pictures, like that potty mouth Sarah Silverman, I’d be able to classify her as a Jumbo Booty Judy.

  45. Do not like her. A guy disclosed her nasty personal life to which is a niche interracial dating site. It caused huge discussion there.

  46. Do not like her. A guy disclosed her nasty personal life to which is a niche interracial dating site. It caused huge discussion there.

  47. Do not like her. A guy disclosed her nasty personal life to which is a niche interracial dating site. It caused huge discussion there.

  48. jacknasty

    I love Ricki she is cute and funny. But this sounds made up considering John Mayor is dating the chick from Friday Night Lights

  49. rola456789

    someone saw John Mayer’s picture on a service site, has she joined the club?

  50. sam80

    I thought his type was cute and dumb. He doesn’t look pale, he looks jaundiced. By the way, it probaly wasn’t Mayer telling Ricki “I’ve had a crush on you for two years.” It was most likely Ricki telling Mayer “I could have crushed you two years ago.”

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