John Mayer can quit Twitter when he wants to

John Mayer trashed his Twittery God last night when asked about his obsession with the social networking service. He also claims to use at a highly intellectual level. Like that time he twootled about his mankini which was practically Plato-esque if you will. E! News reports:

“It’s inherently silly and it’s inherently dumb,” the singer told me last night at the One Splendid Evening benefit for the VH1 Save the Music Foundation aboard the Carnival Splendor cruise ship in San Pedro, CA. “If you really think that Twitter is the pathway to spiritual enlightenment, well…It’s one step away from sending pictures of your poop.”
So why does the Grammy-winner Twitter all the time?
“I’ve always communicated at a high level as best I can whether it’s Twitter, Napster or message boards or wherever,” Mayer said. “I don’t have a devotion to Twitter. I didn’t sell out to Twitter. You do Twitter until everybody gets off of Twitter and it’s something else you go and try out.”

“You do Twitter until everybody gets off of Twitter.” Funny. I said the same thing about cocaine – in 1983. *SNOOORT* But I’m not devoted to it or anything.

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