John Mayer designing engagement ring for Jennifer Aniston

January 15th, 2009 // 56 Comments

John Mayer is thinking marriage worked out so awesome for Jennifer Aniston, why not try it again? He’s reportedly designing an engagement ring while negotiating his own variety show with CBS, according to Star:

“Money’s no object for John,” an insider tells Star of the bauble. “He didn’t want to buy something that anyone else had, so he sketched it and is having it custom-made.”
Meanwhile, John’s professional life is booming as well as he’s in talks to create a music and variety show that will air on CBS.

While I’m 90% certain the custom ring is bullshit because Star has the journalistic integrity of Chunk from The Goonies, I know John Mayer is on the cusp of his own variety show. If you just thought to yourself “Ooh, I’ll watch that,” what’s it like in a coma and does that stuff about hearing people’s voices really work? More importantly, is there Xbox?

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  1. le fag



    John looks hot and he rocks!

  3. Jrz

    Could someone please tell me one song that this dude sings…maybe hum a few bars or some shit because, for the life of me, I don’t know one fucking song this dude has ever sang.

  4. Yuk JM is a minger. I don’t know what she sees in him. This post has just given me a flash back to early K-Fed. I think Jen should find her self a nice older man who already has some of his own sucess and won’t just piggy back her for the limelight!!!!

  5. Jake

    It’s a custom-made ring that represents the core of their relationship. The ring is a replica of his anus, and it fits over her wrist.

  6. @3

    Say What You Need to Say
    Say What You Need to Say
    Say What You Need to Say
    Say What You Need to Say
    Say What You Need to Say
    Say What You Need to Say
    Say What You Need to Say
    Say What You Need to Say
    Say What You Need to Say
    Say What You Need to Say
    Say What You Need to Say
    Say What You Need to Say
    Say What You Need to Say
    Say What You Need to Say
    Say What You Need to Say
    Say What You Need to Say

    he says it about a gazillion times.

    almost as annoying as Britney Spears’ Womanizer.

  7. Jrz

    never heard it. I’m not, for once, trying to be a douchebag…I really do not know one song. Probably better off that way, too, from the looks of him.

  8. E. Clapton

    What an assclown. The next Dave Navarro, but cheesier and not as good on guitar.

  9. I do not care what negative things people say about John because I think he is tall and hot, extremely talented, funny, entertaining, great personality, and I like his style. He looks fabulous in his fitted clothes. I am interested in anything about John. Thanks Superficial!

  10. Max Planck

    Tattoos suck! (They hide the tracks, though.)

  11. britney's weave

    this is bullshit. bullshit no one really cares about either.

  12. 6. Jake

    lmao!!!! !!!!

  13. I’m sure that ring will look like a block of ice, shaped like their bed.

  14. p0nk

    JRZ, i once heard about 30 seconds of him singing something about “your body is a wonderland” if that rings any bells. He’s basically the next Michael Bolton, a little douchier, slightly less gay.

    rumor has it that he’s well hung. only possible explanation i can see for Jen being interested in this boy toy.

  15. #15

    It is true John has a lot of pop hits, but he also plays great blues music. You need to broaden your radio stations. We need more current musicians playing blues and jazz and not just pop like John.

  16. Only two kinds of people wear ties with t-shirts:

    1) Douches.

    2) Keytar players from the 80s.

    Can you guess which one John Mayer is?

    Also, if you’d like to see a hilarious video about the MAN WHO GOT TRAMPLED TO DEATH AT WALMART, check out Digital Funtown:

  17. Strawberry

    You are a nobody and John is a somebody who experiments with style. All styles come back eventually. I just hope the baggie ugly ghetto low wearing prison style pants go out of style for good. I hate Wal-Mart and I hate watching people get hurt.

  18. duke ferlington

    @ TODDERS hahaha dood that shit waas hilarius! y wanst it john mayor who got trampled at walmart???

  19. John Mayer is the man.

  20. @18 — And you are Mayer’s publicist.

    @19 — Thanks.

  21. Robert Johnson

    John Mayer ain’t blues.

  22. Hot MYLF

    I love you #20 and I love John Mayer!

  23. Bob Loblaw

    Jesus, John Mayer looks like shit. Were these photos shot after a 48-hour coke binge or something? Or did he just finish having a good ol’ fashioned cry?

  24. testing

    I hope they get married, and then he cheats on her with Angelina Jolie (or mini-Jolie Megan Fox) ……….can you IMAGINE? That would be so funny

  25. Summer


    I do not think they are getting married, but perhaps John is making a special ring for Jennifer. John loves having sex with his fans and Jen knows it, but they can still have a blast together and hot pasionate sex!

  26. Andy

    Wow, John, you don’t look so good. Maybe fucking everything in sight (including dudes) wasn’t such a great idea. Let’s put it in song!

    You have AIDS
    Yes you have AIDS
    I hate to tell you boy that you have AIDS
    You’ve got the AIDS
    You may have caught it when you stuck that filthy needle in here
    Or maybe all that unprotected sex you adhere
    It isn’t clear
    But what we’re searching for is you have AIDS
    Yes you have AIDS
    Not H.I.V. but full blown AIDS…

    Be sure that you see
    That this is not H.I.V.
    But really full blown AIDS…
    Not H.I.V. but really
    Full blown AIDS

    I’m sorry I wish it was something less serious…….
    You’ve got the AIIIIIIIIII—-IIIIDS..

  27. mimi

    I really don’t care much about this guy or any other sub-humans featured on this site because all I care about is the AMY WINEHOUSE!!!!!

    That should be all you guys care about too! She has more talent than all of them put together! Who cares about war and wall street and the petty problems of the world when Amy walks among us!!!!!

  28. Amy and John Rock!

    Amy Winehouse and John Mayer are current artist doing blues and jazz. I wish there were more like them.

  29. Ummm...yeah...

    mimi will you STFU about that asslicker Amy”theshiteater”Wastehouse?
    I don’t see how anybody could give a shit about that useless skank (Aniston)and that talentless whore(Mayer)
    What a stupid fucking tattoo, what a fucking loser!

  30. authorego

    Leave Chunk from the Goonies the fuck alone. I’d like to see Fish take on Mama – yeah, without the laser peen.

  31. yawn

    it looks like his feet are abnormally large for his height.. maybe its true what they say….

  32. Banquo

    No matter how much this guy cleans up he always looks like something I just scraped off the bottom of my shoe.

  33. p0nk

    #16 John Mayer is to the blues what Michael Bolton is to rock. Yes, i’ve seen him try to pass himself off as a blues guitarist (Eric Clapton Blues Festival). Yes as a matter of fact, i could do better.

    still praying for mimi

  34. BM

    She is way too good for him. I feel like the only reason they are rushing marriage is because she wants kids before she gets too old to have them. They will get divorced because he is such a douche. And she deserves someone so much better.. Vince was even better than him!

  35. Zed

    lmao@”John Mayer is a blues guitarist.” Just like Justin Timberlake is a soul singer.

  36. @35

    since when does anyone in Hollywood (or anywhere else) wait to get married to have kids?

  37. Amy


    You obviously have never heard all of his music but only his popular pop music. I would have never believed it either until I heard it for myself. I had to take my wife to a John Mayer concert and he can jam on the guitar. US needs more jazz and blues singers. I love the classic jazz and blues music but we need new jazz and blues music.

  38. bromantic

    John Mayer is human equivalent of a tampon soaked in hair conditioner.

    @ 17 yur video was cracking me up, man!! keep it up.

  39. @21

    your comments are funny but that stupid video was just stupid.

  40. Erica

    I really like his music. Especially “Your Body Is A Wonderland” and “Why Georgia”. It’s my “chill mood” music. I usually listen to stuff like Underoath and The Devil Wears Prada. I doubt any of you have heard of those bands, but whatever. So his music is a change from all that.

  41. Erica

    @ 41. Oh and Dave Matthews band is my chill music too. I love that music.

  42. Jrz

    your body is a wonderland? c’mahn… just made that shit up p0nk.

  43. gross

    Uh Brad designed Jennifer Anniston’s butt ugly engagement ring (it looked like this the at symbol see here if youa re retarded—> @ ) and that didn’t work out so well so I don’t know, but I would want to do everything differently after a trainwreck like that. Plus what kind of ring could this goober possibly design, I bet my 3 year old cousin could “design” a better one with crayons and an Denny’s napkin than whatever assface here will come up with. I don’t now what it is about this guy, but I just want to punch him in the face whenever I see him and I’m a girl so what ‘s that about. Oh now I remember it’s because he’s John Mayer… and that’s reason enough.

  44. Angie


    Erica, hate to break it to you (actually no, I don’t) but you have no taste in music whatsoever. Your “I doubt any of you have heard of those bands” comment gives away a baseless hipper than thou air, revealing that you recently had drunken dorm room sex with the bass player from a cover band that just played at the Student Union Building. Probably while listening to “Your Body..” and “Why Georgia”.

    So, the sex lasted for two whole songs this time?

  45. Babydoll

    #7 RIOT!!!!

  46. kate

    Someone saw his profile with some photos on ****kisscougar. c om*** , where celebrities and singles hook up. He feels lonely, and wants to find a matural lady, doesn’t he?

  47. I almost feel sorry for this TATTOOD-FAGGOT-FREEK!!

  48. Starby

    Dang, he’s ugly! He joins the ranks with Justin Bateman (Christina Auguilara’s husband), and Marc Anthony (J Lo’s hubby) — ugly guys with hot women!


    Oh, and those ugly Madden brothers, especially the one that was with Paris Hilton, although I suspect that was just for show and for some street cred for him or something . . .

  49. Shannon

    How does he get so much poon? He’s ugly as sin!

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