John Casablancas is mad at Naomi Campbell

ncampbell_psix.jpgJohn Casablancas, the founder of Elite Model, is allegedly upset with Naomi Campbell because she told Page Six about a note he sent her apologizing for calling her “unbearable” in an interview with Complex magazine.

“I’m happy to see that my note to you allowed you to save face with the press,” Casablancas told Naomi via an email. “Too bad that it was also used to make me look like [bleep]. For the record, I don’t grovel (and you of all people should know that!) and I feel quite comfortable with my contradictory feelings about you: A+ as a person; D- for behavior with your bookers. I know you know what I mean. Love, John.”

Additionally, a representative for Casablancas stated that he wouldn’t apologize to Gisele Bundchen for calling her “an empty shell, one big void” in the same article. I guess that’s fair, since television and stereotypes have taught me that all beautiful people are ugly on the inside. It doesn’t matter if you graduated from Princeton and work at soup kitchens in your spare time, because if you’re a supermodel then you’re automatically a stupid monkey that only cares about makeup and money. Or, in the case of Naomi Campbell, a crazy psycho woman that beats up maids and head-butts personal assistants. Really though, who doesn’t head-butt personal assistants?