John Travolta’s Baby Flies Planes Already. Why Not?

January 24th, 2011 // 37 Comments

John Travolta‘s new son Benjamin might only be two months old, and possibly possessed by the spirit of his late brother Jett, but that hasn’t stopped him from flying an airplane like a normal infant. In fact, here’s John Travolta saying nine words to People that I never want to hear in reference to a baby:

“I’ve already taken him in the cockpit with me.”


Check, please.

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  1. In class checking the Superficial again. Good morning, Monday.

  2. Michael Jackson

    “I’ve already taken him in the cockpit”

    I know what this means…

  3. jim

    it’s clearly not a slow news day, why am i reading about travolta and the by-product of his vagina?

  4. Lady Blah Blah

    As long as he doesn’t take the baby to the baths with him.

  5. Sweathog

    Love means never having to hear i’m pregnant – Vinnie Barbarino

  6. Happy Spillmore

    Off my case, toilet-face!

  7. Old Mother Hubbard

    Has the baby had his first audit yet?

    • Knowing how parents are with thinking their kid is somehow better than every other one, Travolta probably has this kid pegged at an OT VIII already.

    • Lady Blah Blah

      Sort of OT, but Charlie Manson was audited when in prison in the sixties (before he founded “the Family”) and tested “Clear,” a very high level of spiritual development in Scientology.

  8. Travolta treats jumbo jets like the average soccer mom does a Kia sorento, so this isn’t really news.

  9. Mortimer Duke

    At least the kid can play dress up with daddy’s wigs.

  10. Satan's bitch

    Those e-meter shock treatments must be good shit in order for Kelly to forget she has to be with this guy.

    Or is it the money? Naw, it’s gotta be the shock treatments.

  11. John Travolta Kelly Preston
    Mortimer Duke
    Commented on this photo:

    Holy pointy boobs, BatMan

  12. Nero

    Ya right, that sounds like an excellent idea.

  13. freaky

    Damn! When Travolta says the words “cock pit”, I feel dirty and ashamed. Or is that just how he refers to his rectum these days?

  14. Colin

    Cockpit? I don’t think he’s talking about planes.

  15. John Travolta Kelly Preston
    Commented on this photo:

    Millions of Milkshakes…

  16. S'up Bitches

    I hope his boy is smart enough so John and Kelly don’t kill it like the last one…

  17. GravyLeg

    Seriously. How did people get so mindfucked? L. Ron is the same douche who wrote Battlefield Earth and claims that a drug store Love Meter can clear you of possession by magical alien ghosts from Xenu. That is almost as fucked up as Mormonism.

  18. I hope John Travolta doesn’t decide to react the scene in Airplane with the automatic pilot.

  19. umm..

    the words “die jet” behind him… was that a joke? or bizarre coincidence?

  20. mamamiasweetpeaches

    “Ive already taken him in the cockpit with me”

    “The Cock Pit” is the name of the gay bar he hangs out in! ZING!

    By the way, was his head always that HUGE?! WTF?!

  21. John Travolta Kelly Preston
    Commented on this photo:

    Well, at least Kelly Preston is still incredible-looking.

    Xenu is pleased.

  22. Kodos

    Well, at least Kelly Preston still looks incredible.

    Xenu is pleased.

  23. Derek

    Relax! That’s just the code name for his basement.

  24. Lorenzo

    Finally he’s wearing a natural looking hairpiece. :D

  25. John Travolta Kelly Preston
    Commented on this photo:

    I was gonna say! I don’t remember Kelly Preston having a balcony you could do Shakespeare off of!

  26. He took his baby to a pit full of cocks? Fucking Scientology.

  27. Aussie Mama

    Jett never had Kawasaki Syndrome, he was maimed as a child. Keep Travolta and his pedo mates away from the baby!

  28. MS

    I can spot five areas of MAJOR (and very amateurish) PhotoShopping in this pic. Not to mention the makeup stain on his collar. Tacky.

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